A Collection of Mountain Landscapes

Hello friends!

I had too many beautiful landscape shots from our vacation to fit into the last post, so today I’m going to share them on their own. Mountain views and rolling hills are one of my favorite things. All this scenery made me so happy, ah.

A lot of the pictures are taken out of car windows as we drove around, a few are from hikes we went on, and each is beautiful in its own way. Enjoy!

featured image 295

I actually took this one near the end of the trip, but it’s a good foretaste of what’s to come: picturesque old sheds and barns, rolling pastures, and mountains in the background. ❤

scenery & landscapes (1)

We drove to our destination in rainy, cloudy weather. The birds didn’t seem to mind though.

scenery & landscapes (2)

The view from our hotel when we reached it.

scenery & landscapes (3)

I couldn’t snap pictures of half the barns I wanted to – they were everywhere! I love the aesthetic of old buildings like this.

scenery & landscapes (4)

This one looks serene to me, with the open sky, tiny birds, and fluffy hills over water.

scenery & landscapes (5)

I loved this scene so much that I sketched a picture of it when we got back to the hotel. It was better in real life…

scenery & landscapes (8)

We saw a few flurries at the beginning of our trip, and the next day there was snow on the mountains! I like the ombre effect here.

scenery & landscapes (9)

Snowy mountains looking like they’ve been dusted with powdered sugar.

scenery & landscapes (10)

The light through the clouds here!

scenery & landscapes (11)

This was also much better in real life, but there was a house on top of a VERY steep and somewhat random hill.

scenery & landscapes (12)

Mountain overlooks are just… ah. ❤

scenery & landscapes (13)

This spread looks like something from a movie, doesn’t it?

scenery & landscapes (14)

A rare patch of not-brown grass against the blue mountains and sky.

scenery & landscapes (18)

Sully’s favorite views usually included rivers or creeks – and there sure were some charming ones.

scenery & landscapes (19)

The blurry fence posts and birds kinda bother me but give the picture an authentic feel, so… *shrugs*

scenery & landscapes (20)

One of my favorite views from a hike we went on was this Hill of Cows. Sully was pleased because cows are another of his favorite things. I’m more about the hill they’re on, myself. Hehe.

scenery & landscapes (22)

Another view from a hike, and another quaint old barn.

scenery & landscapes (23)

I thin this is the same Hill of Cows but from a different viewpoint. I loved how you could see so far into the distance!

scenery & landscapes (24)

A couple of phone pictures to end the day: this moody pine forest following our road.

scenery & landscapes (25)

And one last hotel view featuring a sunset.

scenery & landscapes (26)

Ah, such lovely views. I hope you enjoyed them too! Thanks for coming along with me. 🙂

Hills or plains? Hills or… cows? 😛

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!



22 thoughts on “A Collection of Mountain Landscapes

  1. So beautiful! I love both mountains and plains, and having them both together is near perfection. I also love cows AND hills, haha! I have cows for neighbors where I live, and I’ve given them names. 😉
    Enjoyed these photos very much! Thank you for sharing them with us, Allison!
    God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Haha yes, good choice. That’s cute. What are some of the cows’ names? 😛
      So glad you enjoyed, Valentine! Blessings to you as well. ❤


      1. Rose, Gracie, Minnie, Snow White are the ladies. The 3 calves are Gabriel, Daniel, and Samuel. Oh, and of course Grandpa Bull (or as my brother calls him, Grape) and Duke the steer! Haha! I’m a name fanatic!!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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