Let’s Play a Little Game…

I was out taking pictures of the garden this morning when I had an idea. It’s garden season, so let’s play a little garden game…

The Rules:

Your job is to match 9 different flowers to the 9 different vegetables they produce. For instance “tomato and __ (insert number)” match, or “#1 and #__ ” match. One vegetable can match a flower from either collage. BUT! I’ve included one extra flower that does not match any of the vegetables to make things more interesting. 😛 Next Monday I shall reveal the answers and the winners (see below). It’s kinda similar to my sister’s “Name that Flower” game. As in Mystery Pictures, I won’t approve guess comments until I reveal the answers.

*Update* Oops! The 4th and 8th flower pictures were actually the same. Sorry about that! I fixed it, though. Thank you for telling me, Rapunzel!

The Points:

  • 1 point for each pair you match correctly
  • 1 bonus point for correctly telling me which flower is the trick flower
  • 2 bonus points for correctly identifying the trick flower
  • And no going outside in your garden to check your answers! (Or looking them up on Google. (Or Bing, Megan.) *Shakes finger*)


I’ll tell you the vegetables, and you tell me their matching flowers:

  1. Okra
  2. Cucumber
  3. Green Bean
  4. Tomato (I hope you knew that already)

Garden Game 2 (845x1280).jpg

5. Lima bean

6. Lettuce

7. Asparagus

8. Corn

9. Butternut Squash

Garden Game 1 (621x1280)

And here’s the extra flower which may either match one those vegetables up there, or it may be the trick flower. Who knows?

-Allison(garden game) 016 (1280x960)

I hope you enjoyed this slightly strange, random game; I know I’ll enjoy reading your guesses! 😀

Do you have a garden? Do you like gardening? What is your favorite of those veggies up there?



20 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Little Game…

  1. Here are my guesses!
    1. Okra and #7
    2. Cucumber and #5
    3. Bean and #1
    4. Tomato and extra flower
    5. Lima Bean and #6
    6. Lettuce and #9
    7. Asparagus and #8
    8. Corn and #4
    9. Butternut Squash and #3
    My guess is that #2 is the extra flower!
    ~Christian Homeschooler
    P.S. Are number 4 and 8 really not the same plant? They look so similar!


  2. Okay, let’s try this…
    Okra — flower #7
    Cucumber — flower #5
    Green Bean — flower #1
    Tomato — extra flower
    Lima Bean — flower #6
    Lettuce — AGH! No idea. Flower #2, just for kicks.
    Asparagus — flower #4 or 8?!?! I’ll pick #8
    Corn — AGH! No idea. I’ll pick Flower #4, because #9 can’t be a corn flower.
    Butternut Squash — flower #3

    So, I say that flower #9 is the one without a match. Don’t ask me what it really is. And thus concluded my terrible guessing! 😛



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