Chessie & Logan {Couples Photoshoot}

Hello friends!

I have a super cute photoshoot for you guys today featuring my brother Logan and his girlfriend Chessie. Logan asked me to take pictures of the two of them for a gift for Chessie, which I thought was such a sweet idea! It makes me so happy seeing my brother and my friend together, especially because THEY ARE ADORABLE. I think you’ll agree once you see the pictures. 😉

Enjoy some golden hour goodness!

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Fields & Forests Sisters Photoshoot {Part 2}

Part two of last week’s sisters photoshoot includes blurry smiles, a pocket full of posies, a forest-made flower crown, and the fluffy vine that’s eating our porch. 😛 It also includes, you know, Megan and I – we’re the sisters part of the sisters photoshoot thing.

As always, Megan took the photos of me and I took the photos of her as well as editing all the pictures you see in this post. Alright, that should be enough information to get started. Let’s… get started!

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Fields & Forests Sisters Photoshoot {Part 1}

Hello, my friends!

Remember sisters photoshoots? It’s only been, like… a year since we did one! 😛 Megan and I finally got around to taking more portraits and I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. As usual, Megan took all the pictures of me and I took all the pictures of her + edited all the photos I used. We got so many good ones that I decided to post the photoshoot in two parts. This is mostly the “fields” portion. Stay tuned for part 2 next week with some forest pictures! 🙂

I hope you guys enjoy scrolling through these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

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