Fields & Forests Sisters Photoshoot {Part 2}

Part two of last week’s sisters photoshoot includes blurry smiles, a pocket full of posies, a forest-made flower crown, and the fluffy vine that’s eating our porch. πŸ˜› It also includes, you know, Megan and I – we’re the sisters part of the sisters photoshoot thing.

As always, Megan took the photos of me and I took the photos of her as well as editing all the pictures you see in this post. Alright, that should be enough information to get started. Let’s… get started!

featured image 235

We’ll start with some pictures Megan took of me again. I must begin a new pose with adjusting the blanket and my dress, apparently. *nods*

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This one got cut off a little too close to the bottom, but I ended up liking all the white space at the top once I cropped it.

photoshoot posts (69)

Heh, Megan tried getting some pictures of me from above but several of them ended up cut off or with blurry smiles. I kinda like this, though. πŸ˜€

photoshoot posts (75)

Haha, I love this one! Not sure what I was laughing about… probably Megan standing on tiptoe dangling a camera over my head.

photoshoot posts (74)

After a while, she decided it would work much better to pull up the Mule (it’s like an ATV, not an animal πŸ˜‰ ) in lieu of a ladder. Ah, much better.

collage 13

Sometimes this hand-pose-thingy looks good and sometimes it doesn’t. I think it worked here. We’ll say so. πŸ™‚

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Now on to pictures of Megan! We found a bunch of the cutest little white flowers along the path, so I picked one for her to use as a prop in photos. (I love the B&W shot on the right!)

collage 11

Guuuuys, isn’t this so aesthetic? Megan’s cute dress looks like it was made for flowers in the pockets! (Oh yeah, I linked our dresses in the last post, so click here to see where we got them.)

collage 10

I LOVE THIS ONE! Honestly as much as I love capturing smiles and faces with portrait photography, I have the most fun shooting details like this that help tell the story of the photoshoot or describe the person. This kinda does describe Megan: cheerful, bright, and she loves yellow and flowers.

photoshoot posts (63)

See, here’s the Mule I was talking about. No ears or tail or anything. It makes for an epic jumping picture though! Megan said it looks like she was badly Photoshopped into that right photo but I promise it’s real. HAHA.

collage 12

Megan the superhero! Sadly we have yet to discover the secret of flying. We’ll just stick with holding onto Mule windshields I suppose.

photoshoot posts (80)

Okay so I really like negative space in photos…? The white space on top along with the unusual cropping composition and black and white filter adds a lot of interest to an ordinary photo. And it adds weirdness. But I like it!

photoshoot posts (81)

Back to me again! You know I was talking about those white flowers along the path? Well, I decided to pick more of them and make a flower crown. I found a nice, mossy seat in the woods on which to construct my masterpiece.

photoshoot posts (87)

Usually I make flower crowns by slitting a hole in each stem and sliding a new flower through to make a chain. But these stems were so thin and tough that I had to figure out another way.

photoshoot posts (89)

It would have worked much better with wire or string, but since I was in the woods and didn’t have either, I may or may not have destroyed a small clump of grass beside me to tie the stems together instead. Oops. πŸ˜€

collage 15

HAHA THIS PHOTO. So dramatic. It looks like I’m about to put on some powerful crown that will let me control the world. But nope. It’s just some weeds and grass.

photoshoot posts (91)

Eh, I’ve made better flower crowns in my life. But I think the pictures are pretty. πŸ™‚

collage 16

I was going to clone out those grass pieces in the crown, but decided to leave them in for authenticity. πŸ˜‰ This photo has sort of a fairytale feel to it with the flower crown, moss seat, forest background, and long dress.

photoshoot posts (95)

Okay, let me take off the flower crown and find the blanket again so we can do some upside-down pictures!

photoshoot posts (103)

I was remembering the zinnia photos in this post, but… my hair is not as long as it used to be. (Right now it’s even shorter than in the picture because I got it cut a few days ago.)

photoshoot posts (104)

Haha, this one was taken before Megan noticed that my earrings were trying to fly away. :’D

photoshoot posts (102)

Okay, that’s it for the pictures of me! Now back to Megan. Here’s a series of photos in which Megan was seriously contemplating a flower, picked said flower, and then grinned after I reminded her of another photoshoot when she tried to pick a flower but uprooted the whole plant instead. Hehe.

collage 14

Did anyone else realize how many photos in this post have flowers in them somewhere? It’s a lot. Megan and I do like flowers.

photoshoot posts (99)

Why is black and white so much fun?! I love the artsy, serious mood it gives to photos like this one.

photoshoot posts (100)

This looks like some classic senior pose, doesn’t it? But we’re both already graduated, so too late for that.

photoshoot posts (101)

We’ll end with a few spur-of-the-moment pictures I snapped of Megan when we got back to the house. I thought her dress would go nicely with this luxuriant black-eyed Susan vine.

photoshoot posts (107)

It’s a little concerning how enthusiastic this vine is about covering our railing. If not for winter, it would probably consume our whole porch by next year, yikes.

photoshoot posts (105)

Once again, we shall end this post with a smile. πŸ˜€

photoshoot posts (108)

I hope you guys enjoyed these two photoshoot posts as much as I enjoyed making them! It was good to do another photoshoot with Megan after a whole year’s break. πŸ™‚

Which photo(s) did you like best? Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.

45 thoughts on “Fields & Forests Sisters Photoshoot {Part 2}

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yayyy I’m glad you liked those pictures and YES, I’d rather fly too! I mean sneaking up on people while you were invisible would be fun, I guess, but flying would be so much better, right? πŸ˜›


  1. I must say fabulous job ladies! Looks like it was a load of fun taking all of those well composed shots, and you can’t go wrong with the backdrop! Most of all you both photograph so well!
    God bless you.


  2. Wow those are some great shots! So awesome that you two get to share these wonderful moments together, making sweet and beautiful memories… 😊 Thank you for sharing them with us!


  3. ahh those are so aesthetic (what else is new though?)!! 😍 I think I’d rather turn invisible than fly, since I’m afraid of heights, but honestly both would be incredibly cool, afraid of heights or not. What would you choose?


    1. Haha you’re so sweet. XD Oh yeah, that makes sense. I’m not really afraid of heights and I’ve always wanted to fly, so I’d choose flying. It’d be so fun to surprise people with being invisible but you might get more than you bargained for. :’D And if I could fly, I could get places much faster. You’re right, though, both would be amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah I love them all but really the close-ups of the flowers in Megan’s pocket are my fave. 😍
    Oh and I’d turn invisible. πŸ˜‰


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