Chessie & Logan {Couples Photoshoot}

Hello friends!

I have a super cute photoshoot for you guys today featuring my brother Logan and his girlfriend Chessie. Logan asked me to take pictures of the two of them for a gift for Chessie, which I thought was such a sweet idea! It makes me so happy seeing my brother and my friend together, especially because THEY ARE ADORABLE. I think you’ll agree once you see the pictures. 😉

Enjoy some golden hour goodness!

featured image 265

I’m going to post the photos I took in backwards order of when I took them because that’s just the way they uploaded. 😛 Let’s start with Logan and Chessie in a sea of green wheat. Ah, so pretty.

Look at the gorgeous golden glow, when the sun finally came out!

Hehe, isn’t this one so cute?

I had the best time capturing all the laughter that occurred. 😛 Chessie’s laughter is contagious.

Chessie is studying to be an agronomist and Logan is a farmer, so it just felt right to take pictures of them in the field.

This was Chessie’s expression when I started squealing about the pretty lighting. She was like, “OH MY, Allison…!” HAHA.

But see, being a slightly dramatic photographer is a good way to make people laugh. 😉 Speaking of… I LOVE THIS ONE.

I told them they had a bit more of a height difference than Graham and Samantha did, heh.

I kept having to remind them to stand up straight because one of them would lean into the other and look like they were about to fall over, my goodness! It cracked me up.

Me: *asks to take pictures of their hands*

Chessie and Logan: But- *lists off various cuts or scrapes or smashed fingernails on hands*

Yup, they’re farmers. 😛 But look guys! Your hands are fine and I didn’t even have to Photoshop anything!

One convenient thing about this amount of height difference is that they can do… this!

I just love the ones where they’re smiling up/down at each other. 😀 So cute.

This background is surprisingly quite nice despite the trees still being gray. I really like the way the path draws your eyes to them and beyond. Nice leading lines, you know?

Ooh yes, now for the pictures we took at the pond, on the dock!

Taking these pictures felt a little strange because AH HELP MY BROTHER IS GROWING UP. I mean, he usually acts older than I do even though I’m the firstborn, but still. He has a girlfriend! And a beard! This is strange! Hehe.

I gave them plenty of poses to do, but I also took a bunch of pictures while they were in-between poses, talking to each other or whatever. I feel like that adds a lot more authenticity to a photoshoot.

This one just needed to be black and white. *nods*

Their joy in these photos makes me smile too, going through all these pictures.

Love this one!

My pretty friend. ❤ (Also can we take a moment to appreciate Chessie’s gorgeous curly hair?! Ah!)

We’ll end with one last black and white I snuck in when we finished the photoshoot and they went running off to go back to the house. 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed looking through those as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them! I’m so happy for Chessie and Logan, and I’m sure they will feature in more pictures on my blog in the future. 😉

Which picture(s) did you like best?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 50mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


58 thoughts on “Chessie & Logan {Couples Photoshoot}

  1. These are so gorgeous! I love the sixth photo (the one where Chessie’s laughing about the pretty lighting) and the second last one. I’m really enjoying your blog! Thank you 🙂


  2. Hi Allison;
    The pictures are great and very enjoyable. The last one is our favorite. They are unaware of you taking their photo.
    Marilyn and Marion


  3. These are all so pretty! I love how natural they look in all of the photos. You did a great job of capturing their personalities, I think!
    Also, YES, that golden hour light is absolutely perfection!


  4. Ooohhh they are adorable together🌻. I like the first one especially. The sea of wheat with them in the middle just look good🌹. They both have really beautiful smiles and yes let’s take a moment…… *moment taken* her curls are beautiful🌈. The height difference does allow for some really good poses🌚
    My brother acts like he’s older than me too. Even though I’m the oldest. And yes, they grow up so fast. Soon they won’t be *little* brothers anymore.
    That picture does need to be in black and white *nods with you*.
    As always, beautiful pictures Allison🌺.


    1. They really are! Ooh yes, I like the first one too. HAHA yay, you took the moment. XD
      So you can relate, huh? Yes, well I suppose my two little brothers haven’t been “little” for a long time now. They’ve both been taller than me for years! So sad. 😛
      Thanks for the lovely comment, Sabrina!


      1. Yes I had to take the moment😂. Relate? What do you mean by relate🤭?
        I made a rule with my little brothers. As long as they’re not yet taller than me, they’re still little. Don’t matter how deep their voices get.
        Always a pleasure Allison🌻


        1. Oh sorry, when I said you can relate I meant you can understand about brothers growing up too fast. 😛
          HA. That’s pretty funny. So none of your brothers are taller than you yet? Nice. 😛


          1. Ohh yes, yes I can. I was literally talking about it with a friend today. They grow up so fast and here I am thinking I’m young😂😅.
            Yeah, but my brother who is a year younger than me is getting dangerously close to my height😂😅. It’s a silly thing to worry about but I am worried😅.


            1. I know right? XD
              I FEEL YOU THOUGH. I was worried when that happened to me! But it’s something you can’t really control… *shakes head sadly* How tall are you?


                1. Oh dear, I forgot you use the metric system and I don’t. (I wish we did, though.) I’m 5 foot 11 inches, or according to a Google converter, 1.8 meters. That was fun! 😀


  5. Nice work Allison. It’s always difficult to get great shots of family and you managed to get images that look really natural. I have a couple of in depth documentary photography projects featuring members of my own family over on my website it you are interested, they are in the personal projects section.
    Keep up the great work, I reckon your brother must be really pleased with these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you! Documenting your family sounds really neat – I’ll check out your blog!
      Yes, I think they both enjoyed the photoshoot and resulting images. 🙂


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