Random Photography Part 1

I had so many random, homeless photos I had to divide them into two posts! I’m going to do two sections today: pet photos and completely random photos.

Let’s do the completely random photos first. 🙂

Really, Allison? You took a picture of your ice cream cone? Yeah but it looks so pretty! XD


Here’s a (super hard) mystery photo for you. Guess what it is in the comments, and I’ll tell you if you were right or not. (Hint: this substance is not in its natural state. I modified it before taking the picture.)


One warm day I took pictures of the hose. XD


The reflection is me trying awkwardly to hold the hose and take a picture at the same time. XD



I also took a bunch of photos of one of my aunt’s old sheds. I was going to enter it in BIBPC, but I ended up entering a baby bunny photo. 🙂





And now for a few pet pictures. YESSS!

Ohhhh I love this picture so much! Lily looks so beautiful and stately next to the flowers. ♥
Ha ha! Olaf was washing herself after we gave her a bath, and I got a picture of her flinging water everywhere. XD
I love this picture too! Look at the neat reflection in Lily’s eye – not to mention bokeh in the background!
“Oh, hello human? Can I help you?” *Wag, wag* HA HA HA ISN’T THIS HILARIOUS?! Maggie, you are a funny puppy. XD


And that wasn’t even half of the random photography. Oops.

What photo(s) did you like the best?


P. S. Speaking of pets… we sold all our baby bunnies. *SNIFF!* It’s so sad, but thankfully we sold them all to very good, loving homes. We sold two of them (Lilac and Hank) to my aunt’s family, and the three others (Blackberry, Higgledy Piggledy, and Drover) to a lady who owns a petting zoo. Drover (renamed Pearl) already got to be in the petting zoo, and everyone loved her because she was soooo friendly! That’s our baby bunny. XD ♥ So now we are baby bunny-less. 😦 Oh well, I suppose we’ll just have to do it again!


Photography Prompt #2

Hey, guys! Clara alerted me to the very important fact that this is National Photography Day. Of course I had to do something for such a day. So instead of a planned recipe post (which I think you’re going to like, girls and book lovers), I’m going to do a photography prompt to get your creative juices flowing. If you have a camera, this is the day to use it! XD

Photography Prompt 2

Here is that bubble picture that I’ve put on my blog I-don’t-know-how-many-times. XD

bubbles (1280x960)
Look at these reflections! I’ve never quite figured out what the reflections were…
-Allison(pond, geese) 014.JPG
I was so excited when I got this almost-perfect reflection of a Canadian goose at our pond.



Rural Rockingham (1280x960)
Water is a really fun reflective thing. Especially mountain lakes, or ponds at sunset.


2014-8-4-Allison 041 (1280x960).jpg
This is a picture of my Dad’s eye. You can see the reflection of my camera lens and finger poised to click the button. You can even see the scene from our window! (I think there’s the cornfield and the leaves of a walnut tree.)


-Allison(garden game) 045 (1280x960)
I just took this one recently. You can see a distorted reflection of our house and me sitting awkwardly on the steps holding the sprinkler between my knees. XD
mallory 3 (1280x960)
I really love this one! I took this picture of my friend on our Amelia Island vacation. I edited it (if you haven’t noticed) to make her hair and the reflection in the sunglasses stand out.


Which was your favorite reflections photo? Are you going to “celebrate” National Photography Day? Do you think you’ll use this prompt?


P. S. The baby bunnies are one week old! They are also THE CUTEST THINGS THAT EVER LIVED OH MY GOODNESS HELP! Don’t worry, I’ve been taking lots of pictures. 😉

P. P. S. You only have two days left to do the garden guessing game!

Beach Sunset + BIBPC #3

We went to a Lake Eerie beach on our vacation right as the sun set. It was absolutely gorgeous!

-Allison(Vacation) 083 (1280x960)

-Allison(Vacation) 082 (1280x960)
I love this picture with the lighthouse and the orange sky!

-Allison(Vacation) 080 (1280x960)-Allison(Vacation) 077 (1280x960)

-Allison(Vacation) 076 (1280x960)
Whoa! I don’t think the sunset was quite THIS bright in real life.

-Allison(Vacation) 074 (1280x960)

-Allison(Vacation) 071 (1280x960)

-Allison(Vacation) 088 (1280x960)

I love sunsets and beaches, so a sunset on the beach equals twice the love! 😀

Now for my BIBPC entry. The category this time was “Worth It.”


Story Behind the Photo: My friend is posing for a picture after we had a big shaving cream fight with her and her siblings. It was so. Much. Fun. Even though we and the lawn got super messy (we had to take showers and change, as you can imagine), and the smell of shaving cream was everywhere for a while, it was definitely worth it!


P. S. Oops! You guys were right! Two of the flower pictures in the garden post were the same. I changed it now. 😉 If that affected your guess, please feel free to guess again!

Vacation, Part 1: Niagara Falls

The first day we drove up to our campground and that’s about all. (We had some car trouble unfortunately, so it took us a few hours longer than we thought. 😦 ) The second day we actually got to see Niagara Falls! We took the Maid of the Mist tour, and guys, it was AMAZING! I loved it so much! If you ever go to Niagara Falls, you have to do that. When you’re down there in the boat you can really feel the wind and mist and power of the falls. Be prepared to get wet, though – they give you ponchos but you still get very soaked! I was afraid the mist would drown my camera, but it didn’t, thankfully. 🙂

Look at the tiny blue people!

On the Maid of the Mist
Fluffy water!

A rainbow over the observatory area

After that we went over to the Canadian side and looked at the falls from there. I would have been fine with just being on the American side, but oh well. It was neat to see it from a different perspective.

A bird was getting buffeted about by the waters, but it didn’t seem to mind.


Verdict: LOVED IT!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?


P. S. This is the first time I’ve used Google Drive for my post! (You know, from Clara’s free space tutorial.) It certainly took longer than normal, but I’m getting the hang of it. Thanks again, Clara!


I had a lot of fun taking these pictures on one of our trips to our neighbor’s pool. I love swimming! (And photography.)

My siblings and cousins were trying to throw each other off the inner tube. XD Very splashy indeed!

-Allison(pool) 100 (1024x768)

-Allison(pool) 098 (3) (1024x768)
I love this one where my cousin is falling back into the water. It looks so neat!

-Allison(pool) 097 (1024x768)

-Allison(pool) 096 (1024x768)


Pool water is so pretty.

-Allison(pool) 002 (1024x768)

I love these next pictures! I dripped water into the pool and took pictures of the splashes. Aren’t the bubble-pockets so neat?

-Allison(pool) 106 (1024x768)
Look at that perfect bubble in the middle! LOVE IT!

-Allison(pool) 103 (1024x768)-Allison(pool) 102 (1024x768)


I also really like this picture of my brother swimming.

-Allison(pool) 094 (1024x768)

Here are some more action pictures:

-Allison(pool) 060 (1024x768)
Junior synchronized diving? XD

-Allison(pool) 004 (768x1024)-Allison(pool) 056 (1024x768)


Last but not least, one of our neighbor’s dogs! I think his name is Biscuit.

-Allison(pool) 107 (1024x768)

There you are, folks! Which photo was your favorite? Have you ever taken pictures at the pool? Do you like swimming? (That was kind of a “duh” question. XD )

P. S. Are you getting tired of photography posts yet? I take lots of pictures and love sharing them with you, but I also want to post about more than one category. If you are getting tired of one kind of post or have suggestions for my blog, I’d love it if you’d take my blog survey! I’m not promising anything drastic, but perhaps the survey will tell me how I can up the enjoyment level just a bit for you. 🙂 (By the way, this is the same survey as I did a while ago, just so you know. 😉 )

Waterfalls and Bear Paws

Last week we went on a gorgeous (and rather tiring) hike with some friends. It included lots of water and waterfalls. Perfect!

Note: I edited some of these pictures. 😀 Just making sure you weren’t like, “WHOA, how does Allison take that good of pictures in a badly lit-forest?” Well yeah, I don’t. 😛

waterfall 4 (1024x768)waterfall 8 (1024x768)

waterfall 9 (1024x768)
Ooh, so shiny.
waterfall 7 (768x1024)
I love this one!

Along the path there was this gorgeous waterfall hidden away in a little hollow. It felt like a private picnic spot or something. So pretty!

waterfall 5 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 103 (768x1024)-Allison(hike) 105 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 103 (768x1024)-Allison(hike) 065 (768x1024)

waterfall 3 (768x1024)
Mini waterfall off to the side

Look at all of this liquid energy! Churning, frothing, bubbling water. Ahh…

-Allison(hike) 077 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 080 (1024x768)waterfall 6 (768x1024)


I really like this picture of mountain laurel. BOKEH! XD

-Allison(hike) 119 (1024x768)

Meet our friends’ dog, Penny, who swam around in the river a couple of times. She was awfully hard to get a picture of. XD

-Allison(hike) 127 (1024x768)

Guess what? We saw THREE black bears on our hike! There are bears where I live, but it’s very rare (for us at least) to see one. So we were super excited to get to see three on one hike! They were pretty cute. 😀 They didn’t even seem to notice us, even though the first one was fairly close to the path. I got some rather bad quality videos and pictures, but at least you can see the bears on them.

-Allison(hike) 010 (1024x768)-Allison(hike) 008_Moment (1024x576)

-Allison(hike) 148 (1024x768)
I’m pretty sure the cub is drinking milk from its mother in this photo. Isn’t it funny how the mama bear is sprawled out all nice and comfy (or not) on the ground?

I was going to add a GIF, but it took too long and wasn’t very good anyway. Heh heh, so much for that. XD I might show you some bear videos in a post later.


Have you ever seen a bear? Do you like hiking? What was your favorite picture in this post?


P. S. CutePolarBear, it’s your turn for WordCrafters! Visit the WordCrafters 2 page to read the story so far. GO WORDCRAFTERS! 😀

P. P. S. Wanna hear something funny? You know the Baby Changing Station thingies in public bathrooms? Once I saw one where the “C” had been scraped off the sign, so it read: “Baby hanging Station.” How awful! (But you have to admit, still hilarious. XD )

Birthday Hike

Hey guys! I took gobs of pictures on the hike I went on for my birthday. Lots. Of. Pictures. I’m going to be showing you only some, but still a ginormous amount. 😀 Are you ready for this? Okay. Blastoff in 3… 2… 1… 1/2… 1/4… 1/187,990… okay, okay. XD Now!

When we went on the first trail, it was really foggy and rainy. We decided to come back to it later when it was sunny, but I got some neat pictures before we left.

hike (2) (1024x768)
Ooh, spooky. Just kidding! 😀

Doesn’t the next one seem sort of like a writing prompt? (I edited it.)

picture prompt 1

Next we went on a hike that was lovely and beautiful on the way down, but exhausting on the way up.

Flower pictures. 🙂

hike (9) (1024x768)hike (12) (1024x768)hike (5) (1024x768)

hike (33) (1024x768)

hike (48) (1024x768)

I love this dewdrop picture:

hike (11) (1024x768)

hike (16) (1024x768)hike (17) (1024x768)hike (18) (1024x768)

I have no idea what these weird corncobby fungi things are, but they’re neat looking!

hike (13) (1024x768)

One tree had all kinds of different fungi on it.

hike (22) (1024x768)hike (21) (1024x768)hike (24) (1024x768)


hike (36) (1024x768)hike (35) (1024x768)hike (34) (1024x768)

hike (28) (1024x768)hike (29) (1024x768)

The next trail was really rocky and mossy. I love rocks and moss! 😀

hike (65) (1024x768)

hike (53) (1024x768)
This looks like an action shot even though it isn’t.

Sometimes you had to climb over boulders like this:

hike (74) (1024x768)

I made collages of the many pictures of moss and fungus I took, because otherwise you would be here all day. XD

collage 1 (930x1024)

collage 2 (1024x1024)

Aren’t they so pretty? (And sometimes weird?)

Views from an overlook beside the path:

hike (57) (1024x768)

I really like the rocky ones.hike (58) (1024x768)hike (59) (1024x768)

hike (61) (1024x768)hike (62) (1024x768)hike (67) (1024x768)hike (68) (1024x768)

At the top it was kind of scary because there were drop-offs on every side of you, and the path was really narrow. You had to climb over boulders that were less than two feet away from the edge to get to the top! *Shiver* 😛 But the view was amazing!

hike (78) (1024x768)hike (86) (1024x768)hike (85) (1024x768)hike (82) (1024x768)

On the way down we made a little fairy house, or rather fairy bedroom.

hike (90) (1024x768)

My friend spotted these perfect, tiny spiderwebs. She got way better pictures than me. 😉

hike (93) (1024x768)hike (92) (1024x768)

Are you photo-weary yet? XD Did you have a favorite picture?



BIPBC #6: Epic Puddle Splashing + Random Pics

Howdy, and welcome to Allison’s BIBPC entry #6! XD The theme this time was “Action”! Behold, action! (I’m entering the first picture.)

Allison- 2014-05-06 004 (2) (1280x960)Allison- 2014-05-06 001 (1280x960)

Ha ha, isn’t that great!

Story behind the picture: I took this a couple of years ago after there was a flash flood which resulted in ginormous puddles near our creek! (Another time, I don’t know if it was that time, we floated down the flash-flood-swollen creek in an inner tube. Which proceeded to pop. XD XD XD ) My siblings thought it would be neat if I could take pictures of them splooshing through the water, and they were right! In the picture I’m entering, Megan and Jefferson are glorying in mud-puddle bliss. Look at the expression on Jeff’s face! (If you can see it.) Pure joy. 😀 Oh, and I think it was this same flash-flood when the boys drove our three-wheeler through the water. XD Ahh, good times.

Since this is a pretty short post, I thought I’d add a few more random photos I took recently.

003 (1280x960)
Maggie rolling her cares away. XD She looks like a headless dog. O.o
-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 032 (1280x960)
A random picture of gone-to-seed asparagus. XD
-Allison(cardboard roll shelf, Willow) 016 (1280x960)
Willow my adorable fluffy rabbit! ♥
009 (1280x960)
Dandelion in the golden sun
005 (1280x960)
Gorgeous spring-green leaves!

Which picture was your favorite?

Have a good great amazing STUPENDOUS day! 😀 ♥


Gone Fishing

On Friday we went fishing at our uncle’s pond with some friends and family. Here are a few pictures of his pond:

-Allison(arboretum) 052 (1280x960)
It’s a lot bigger than this, but my camera only fit this much from where I stood.
-Allison(arboretum) 057 (1280x960)
A zoomed in picture of sheep on the hillside. Aren’t the little lambs so cute? ♥
-Allison(arboretum) 054 (1280x960)
My sister kayaking (with a dog in the background). 🙂

I love fishing! I caught two fish (a bass and a perch), but the bass was too small so we had to put him back and let him grow. 😦 But my brother got a nice big bass, and my grandaddy got a humongous catfish! It was so exciting! It took a long time to reel him in, but we finally did (with the help of a metal rake since we didn’t have a net XD ). And guess what? He was almost two feet long!! Seriously, he was about 22 or 23 inches! Catfish may get a lot bigger than that, I don’t know, but it was sure huge to us. We normally just catch little 6-8 inch perch.

And now you’re waiting for the fish pictures, right? *Sniff* I didn’t take any pictures of the fish. WHAT?! I know, I know, I’m with you there. But it we were so excited when we got the catfish, and by the time we thought of taking a picture, he was already cut up and cleaned. Megan got a picture of the fish head just for proof, but it wasn’t too pretty… so… okay, let’s move on, shall we? XD XD

I DID get some pictures of the pond at sunset, however.

-Allison(arboretum) 062 (1280x960)-Allison(arboretum) 063 (1280x960)

-Allison(arboretum) 059 (1280x960)
My bobber photobombing. (Try saying that three times fast. XD )
-Allison(arboretum) 065 (1280x960)
The poor little thing has drifted out into the sunset pool of no return. XD
-Allison(arboretum) 064 (1280x960)
The water was so gorgeous!


And these are two edited versions – I especially love the first one:

edited 1 (1280x961)edited 2 (1280x961)

Ahhh… sunsets are delightful, aren’t they?


P. S. I have so many photos I want to post, but it seems that’s like all I’ve been posting about lately. That’s okay with me because I love photography… but I don’t want to post photos so much that you start yawning from boredom. 😉 I’m working on a survey so you can tell me which your favorite kind of post is. Until then! XD ♥