The Magical Mushroom Path

Hello, dears!

A little while ago, I took a walk in the woods which I will never forget. I found a trail of mushrooms leading me into the forest, where I found more mushrooms with more variety than I have EVER seen before! I can’t wait to tell you that story and show you some of my favorite pictures. Continue reading


Expeditions & Discoveries {Spring Walks}

featured image 12

Hello, dears!

We’ve been going on exploratory walks around our farm almost every Sunday lately and it is SO much fun! Also I’ve taken SO many pictures! XD I seriously have way too many post ideas to keep up, so I’m going to combine a few walks into one post. Enjoy the virtual sunshine! 😀

On the first walk, we explored the woods beside Dad’s shop. Fern fiddleheads were unrolling everywhere and bright little violets popped up by tree roots covered in moss… ahh, I loved it. ❤ There were also carpets of mayapple plants, which I’d never seen before. Interesting.

spring walk (1)

This was about a month ago, when leaves and buds were just starting to come out.

spring walk (3)

Aren’t fiddleheads adorable? 😀

spring walk (5)

HA HA for some reason this just looks really funny to me. XD It’s like the tree has a tiny nose. Maybe I should draw a face around it. 😛

spring walk (6)


spring walk (7)

Ooh, I really like this picture, particularly the lighting! The violet is a little blurry, but I love the golden light. I don’t exactly know how I got this one, but I do know I didn’t edit it.

spring walk (8)

The roots are so neat, don’t you think?

spring walk (11)

As you can see, the leaves were DEFINITELY not out yet.

spring walk (13)

While walking back we saw a deep puddle that was literally TEEMING with tadpoles! There were hundreds if not a thousand. O.o I have never seen so many tadpoles in one place in my life!

spring walk (14)

The puddle nearly dried up a while ago and left a lot of dead tadpoles in the sun, but it rained just in time to save the rest. 😛 I should go check them again… last time I saw them they looked pretty much like this:

spring walk (15)

Next we have the walk in which we went down to our bigger stream and Carmen, Jeff, and Megan all swam even though they had regular clothes on and it wasn’t exactly hot. XD

spring walk (20)

HA HA I love this. XD

spring walk (21)

They seemed to be having a pretty good time, but I decided against joining them. 😛

spring walk (23)

Wow, that was a short walk. Anyway, the next one is at our smaller pond. We got a canoe at the auction after we bought the new farm, but it kinda leaked. So Dad and the boys patched it up, we got oars, and ta-daa!


This woods had some lovely beeches, and everything was SO GREEN!



This tree was huge and gorgeous. ❤ We came back to this spot for my birthday and had a dessert picnic with chocolate pecan pie. 😀 Yep, it was DELICIOUS. And then Carmen and I worked on a fairy house in these roots because I’d told her I would. 🙂 It was fun, but got dark really quickly. (Also I don’t have any pictures of that night, sorry. :/ )


We also want to make a fairy house here sometime. 🙂


Now, onto the next walk! This is the most recent. Last Sunday, in fact. I think these flowers are called phlox, but whatever they are, they certainly made the side of the trail pretty! ❤


I brought my sketchbook and some drawing utensils along but didn’t end up using them that much. I did get a little sketch done, though. (Also this picture was super hard to get, but I like how it turned out.)


I’m fascinated with reflections and light and water, together or separate. 😀


Mom and Carmen and I (and later Dad) wandered along the smaller creek that we call Little Runny. The air was hot and muggy, so the shade and water felt amazing.


Mom found a few tulip-tree blooms and wanted me to take a picture of it for our house. I was quite happy to oblige, of course! 😀 Tulip-tree flowers are strange: green and orange and lily-shaped, with maple-like leaves. Certainly unique.


Carmen wanted to show me a “swimming hole” she’d found, which wasn’t actually quite deep enough to swim in. XD


While we were there, I saw a little water strider and the ripples it made looked neat, so obviously I had to take a picture. 😛


Ooh, I love this one!


This stretch of Little Runny has sand instead of rocks! The riverbed is a mixture of sand and mud, which feels so good to bare feet. There are also random sandbars scattered like tiny beaches by the creek. The first time I saw them I was really surprised that they weren’t manmade.

Anyway, Carmen and I decided to try and build a sandcastle on one of the “beaches.” I think it turned out pretty cute for only having our hands to work with. (Thanks to my mom for taking this picture!)


(Heh heh, once I started using this filter it was hard to stop. Oops.) I love this picture too! Isn’t it so cute and aesthetic? It looks like a summer beach photo instead of a spring creek photo. 😛


Maggie also came along with us. She loves to wade in the streams and puddles, even though she never swims in deep ponds and stuff. Isn’t she so cute?


And now let me end with this cool, refreshing picture. 😀 I love the colors in this one!


And there you have a small sampling of my many spring pictures. Going outside at this time of the year is quite dangerous for me if I intend the pictures for my blog because I JUST CAN’T. KEEP. UP. But you know, I think that’s rather a good problem to have. 😉

Do you always take an excessive amount of pictures in spring too? Which is your most photographed season? And do you have a favorite or favorites of these pictures? I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day! ❤


Random Farm Photography


Hola, mis amigos! 😀

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Tonight is family movie night for us, yippee! And we didn’t have to gather eggs today… yippee again! XD Anyway, today I wanted to show you a collection of photos from around our farm. It’s so beautiful here, even in winter. ♥ 😀 Enjoy!


We call this the Island because it’s an island of trees in the middle of the field. XD


Golden hour. ♥




Mini nature study/farm lesson: all the green stuff in these fields is triticale (pronounced trit-ih-KAY-lee).
So pretty! ♥




There’s a cute little picturesque white church just over the hill from us. I wish it was our church – we could just walk right over on Sundays! 😀 But sadly, it isn’t.
The rest of these pictures are from a hidden, rather muddy pond in one of the fields. 😀
It is quite hard to get into because it’s surrounded by brush and thorns and cedar trees. But it’s so secluded and neat once you get in.





I have no idea what these are, but they’re so cute!



I also found this weird gall on a cedar tree. Mini nature study lesson again: galls are made by certain insects that secrete a sort of chemical or irritant that makes the branch or leaf puff up into a gall. This protects the larva or insect inside. Doesn’t this one look kind of like a brain? XD


Ahhh, I love moss so much!



The boys were throwing rocks in the pond, and I had fun getting pictures of the splashes. XD



And thus we come to the end. 🙂 Which picture was your favorite? I hope you enjoyed them! 😀

P. S. The girls and I over at The Art Lab decided to put on a little contest for you guys. 🙂 Your goal is to create an imaginary creature named the “Wuzzing,” and whoever’s Wuzzing gets the most votes becomes Art Lab’s official mascot! 😀 Click here for more details. I can’t wait to see all your wonderful Wuzzings, and show you mine too. XD

A Little Winter Walk {the Second}

I took my camera along today for our nature study walk and got some pretty pictures of moss and farm scenery and sister’s eyes and such to show you guys. 🙂 Enjoy!

Note: I don’t always edit my pictures, but I did edit most of them this time – and it was a lot of fun!


Doesn’t this look a little like a city skyline?

I’m kinda fascinated with eyes. They’re so beautiful and unique! This is my sister Megan’s eye:


I love this picture so much! The angle makes her eye look especially large and dramatic – and pretty. 😀
What do you think this thing is? Believe it or not, it’s actually a praying mantis nest! Come springtime a bunch of little babies should hatch out. 🙂
Heh heh, Maggie. XD


I love our farm. ♥
My friend kindly allowed me to take a picture of her!
I used the miniature effect on PicMonkey for this photo.

I loooove moss. The vibrant, cheery color just makes my heart happy. ♥




My friend found quite a large mushroom. O.o


I hope that brought some sunshine into your day! 😀 Which picture was your favorite?

As always, thank you so much for reading, and have a lovely day (or night). ♥


P. S. WordCrafters 2 is underway once again! Bella, (from Many Marigolds) it’s your turn to write a chapter! 😀

Birthday Hike

Hey guys! I took gobs of pictures on the hike I went on for my birthday. Lots. Of. Pictures. I’m going to be showing you only some, but still a ginormous amount. 😀 Are you ready for this? Okay. Blastoff in 3… 2… 1… 1/2… 1/4… 1/187,990… okay, okay. XD Now!

When we went on the first trail, it was really foggy and rainy. We decided to come back to it later when it was sunny, but I got some neat pictures before we left.

hike (2) (1024x768)
Ooh, spooky. Just kidding! 😀

Doesn’t the next one seem sort of like a writing prompt? (I edited it.)

picture prompt 1

Next we went on a hike that was lovely and beautiful on the way down, but exhausting on the way up.

Flower pictures. 🙂

hike (9) (1024x768)hike (12) (1024x768)hike (5) (1024x768)

hike (33) (1024x768)

hike (48) (1024x768)

I love this dewdrop picture:

hike (11) (1024x768)

hike (16) (1024x768)hike (17) (1024x768)hike (18) (1024x768)

I have no idea what these weird corncobby fungi things are, but they’re neat looking!

hike (13) (1024x768)

One tree had all kinds of different fungi on it.

hike (22) (1024x768)hike (21) (1024x768)hike (24) (1024x768)


hike (36) (1024x768)hike (35) (1024x768)hike (34) (1024x768)

hike (28) (1024x768)hike (29) (1024x768)

The next trail was really rocky and mossy. I love rocks and moss! 😀

hike (65) (1024x768)

hike (53) (1024x768)
This looks like an action shot even though it isn’t.

Sometimes you had to climb over boulders like this:

hike (74) (1024x768)

I made collages of the many pictures of moss and fungus I took, because otherwise you would be here all day. XD

collage 1 (930x1024)

collage 2 (1024x1024)

Aren’t they so pretty? (And sometimes weird?)

Views from an overlook beside the path:

hike (57) (1024x768)

I really like the rocky ones.hike (58) (1024x768)hike (59) (1024x768)

hike (61) (1024x768)hike (62) (1024x768)hike (67) (1024x768)hike (68) (1024x768)

At the top it was kind of scary because there were drop-offs on every side of you, and the path was really narrow. You had to climb over boulders that were less than two feet away from the edge to get to the top! *Shiver* 😛 But the view was amazing!

hike (78) (1024x768)hike (86) (1024x768)hike (85) (1024x768)hike (82) (1024x768)

On the way down we made a little fairy house, or rather fairy bedroom.

hike (90) (1024x768)

My friend spotted these perfect, tiny spiderwebs. She got way better pictures than me. 😉

hike (93) (1024x768)hike (92) (1024x768)

Are you photo-weary yet? XD Did you have a favorite picture?



A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday we had Nature Study with our friends, and we went for a walk in the woods after our lesson. There were so many interesting and pretty things to take pictures of!

We drove to the woods in our truck, and I snapped this funny picture of Maggie while on the ride. It makes her look quite wide, doesn’t it? XD XD XD (You can see that she’s shedding for spring. 😀 )

-Allison(Woods) 001 (1280x960)

There was several lovely mosses that I just had to take pictures of – heh heh. 🙂 (Click on any picture to enlarge it.)

I like these pictures below of moss on a rock.

-Allison(Woods) 012 (1280x960)-Allison(Woods) 011 (1280x960)

A downy feather, stranded in moss…

-Allison(Woods) 013 (1280x960)

I also found a feather by the roadside. Isn’t it amazing how delicate and beautiful  feathers are? Actually, this feather is not exactly as delicate or beautiful as some. 😀 (Click to enlarge, again.)

Megan found a little salamander and put him on a leaf to take a picture of him. I slipped in to get a few pictures too. ;D (Cli… – eh, you already know. XD )

Fungus on a branch…

Henbit… I love looking at the little purple flowerets up close.

And last but not least, here are three galls my sister spotted for me. Another gall necklace, anyone? XD XD XD

-Allison(Woods) 024 (1280x960)-Allison(Woods) 025 (1280x960)


P. S. It feels super warm today – it’s 72 degrees (Fahrenheit)! When it’s warm in summer and spring sometimes our family will eat a meal on the little flat roof just beside our room. We listen to music, or watch the cars go by, and it’s really fun. 🙂 Have you ever done that?

Crystal Pond, and Treasures Found There

Somewhere on a farm, hidden away in its own little secret world of trees and brush, there is a pond whose shores are littered with millions of sparkling quartz crystals… Well, OK, Crystal Pond isn’t quite as romantic and fairy-tale-like as all that, but it is still one of my favorite places on our farm.

Don’t get confused by the name – the water in the pond isn’t crystal clear, but rather the land around the pond has pretty quartz crystals scattered on it. Sometimes there are a bunch of crystals, sometimes… not so much, especially when the pond is high. The bad thing is, the pond is kind of surrounded by a defense wall of thorns, prickly evergreens, and brush. Yeah, it’s just a tad hard to get to. But once you get inside, it’s nice and quiet and peaceful. There is always some treasure waiting to be found along the shores or in the scrubby woods beside the pond. Crystal Pond has several of my favorite things around it: water, moss, rocks, and mushrooms!

Here are, um… a LOT of photos.


-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 022

A beautiful quartz crystal!

-Allison (Tassel doll) 003

This rock looks like it has a heart in it.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 023

And… lots of mushrooms!

Aren’t these such cute little mushrooms? They look like they are made of playdough or something.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 031 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 030 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 029

And some close-ups:

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 045 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 047

I also found a strange, lonely, frilly mushroom with no identity tag. Does anyone know what it is?

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 039 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 040

And some other things:

A pill bug going busily about his day (I edited this picture),

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 037

An interesting plant (I think maybe a Chinese lantern?),

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 051

Some bright red berries,

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 044

An ivy vine with berries,

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 050 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 048

And a beautiful pine tree.

-Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 041 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 043 -Allison(Yoshi, Crystal Pond) 042

And that’s it! Are you still awake? 😛 If so, what was one of your favorite pictures from this post?

Bye ’til later!


Fall Hiking: Part 1

I went on two beautiful hikes recently, and took lots of pictures (is that surprising or what? ☺). So many pictures, in fact that they won’t fit into one post. So… I’ll do two fall hike posts, starting with this one! (Except the first two pictures kind of look like spring. ☺)

039 032 030 028 025 023 021 014 011 010 009 008

005 002

Ahhhh… isn’t fall gorgeous? Which picture was your favorite?


Creation Series: Day 7

After all that he had done, God rested. Not that he needed the rest – he NEVER needs rest – but to set an example for us, to show us how we should set aside a day of rest, a day to worship him.

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.

Here’s a nice little (uh… big) collage of most of the pictures. In fact, I think I got all the pictures that I used on there except for two. If you’re up for a challenge, which two pictures from the series didn’t I include in this collage?

Days of Creation Collage

I had a lot of fun making this series and I hope you had a lot of fun reading it. Thanks for following along!