Fun with Dry-Erase Markers

There are lots of fun things to do with dry-erase markers besides draw on a whiteboard.  These things make good boredom-busters, and are good things to do on a rainy day.  Some of these things are good for parties too.

The first two things are “painting” your nails, and drawing your own temporary tattoos.

2014-8-23-Allison (moth) 008 2014-8-23-Allison (moth) 010

Drawing on your fingernails with dry-erase markers is fun for those who love to paint their nails, or those who aren’t ready for “the real thing” yet.  When your ready to “paint” a new design, just wipe off the marker with your finger or the whiteboard eraser.

2014-8-23-Allison (moth) 013

To completely clean off your nails, wash them with soap and water, and, if you need to, a damp washcloth.


Now for the temporary tattoos: Just draw anything you like onto your skin.  (My nails are “painted” with dry erase marker in this picture, and I have a dry-erase marker “tattoo”)

2014-2 001

Just wash skin like you did for your nails, and voila! a clean slate.

2014-2 002


2014-8-23-Allison (moth) 0172014-8-23-Allison (moth) 018

This can be used as a party or group game.  Draw or print out several sets of doodles beforehand.  Give each player a paper with the same doodle on it.  Each player makes it into a drawing, then compares it to the other players’ drawings.  Every drawing will turn out differently.


The last thing to do with dry-erase markers is fun and simple: just draw with the markers on a mirror or window.  It wipes off easily with a damp paper towel.


Note: Test out your markers in a small spot before you try any of these activities, in case the markers don’t erase for some reason.

I hope you try some of these ideas out, and have fun!



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