Doodle Fun: Heartstrings

-Allison(Heart doodle) 016

I like this technique of doodling.  I’m sure other people have already thought of it, but I found it out myself one day and liked it.  I decided to show you how to doodle it so you could have fun with it too.  Here we go!

First, make any shape you like (it doesn’t have to be a heart).

-Allison(Heart doodle) 010

Next, start drawing columns within the borders of your shape.

-Allison(Heart doodle) 011  Don’t draw the columns over top of each other, just let the go under each other.

-Allison(Heart doodle) 012

It looks neat to make the columns different sizes too.

-Allison(Heart doodle) 013

Now for the coloring part! (Yaay!)  I just chose three main colors, but you can choose more if you like – try it with rainbow colors! You can also use different shades of each color, especially if you don’t have very many colors.

-Allison(Heart doodle) 014-Allison(Heart doodle) 015

I left the background behind the columns white so the columns would stand out a little more.

Ta-daa!  Can you tell why I called it “heartstrings”?

-Allison(Heart doodle) 016

There you go! Have fun with it, customize it, change it how you like.  This technique would be good for cards, bookmarks, etc.

Hope you enjoy!



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