A Fairy House – or Not…

A couple weeks ago I had this great idea to put a fairy house in my flower bed.  Well, I made the fairy house, it turned out great, and I was happy.  Unfortunately, Maggie, our dog, thought that a fairy house would be a good snack, so she ate off the top of the fairy house! 😦  Any suggestions for how to fix that?  I can’t find the piece that she broke off, so I can’t just glue the top back on…

Anyway, at least I took some pictures in case of an emergency!  (Good thing I did!)  They were taken in the evening, so some of them aren’t the best quality, but at least you can see what it generally looked like.

-Allison (maple syrup 036 -Allison (maple syrup 037-Allison (maple syrup 048 -Allison (maple syrup 045 -Allison (maple syrup 044 -Allison (maple syrup 042 -Allison (maple syrup 041 -Allison (maple syrup 040 -Allison (maple syrup 039

I got all of the plants and moss from around our farm, and the fairy house and bridge are from Hobby Lobby.

One other thing: I might start a series on how to crochet.  I am definitely not a professional or anything, but I like to crochet and I wondered if any of you would be interested in learning.  You can just say something in the comments if you want me to do the series.

Well, bye for now!




8 thoughts on “A Fairy House – or Not…

  1. Just Wow Allison, this is absolutely beautiful and inspirational. My family and I are in love with your self expression and creativity. You’ve inspired us to create our garden during the holiday season. Best of luck and loads of love from Cape Town – South Africa


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