Bee Tree

So from the poll results in my last post, I should either keep doing my blog the same or do more crafts.  Unfortunately, no craft tutorials can be found currently in my brain, so I’ll stick with “keep doing it how you are” for this post. 🙂  Which means… you get to see pictures of a bee tree!  I was so excited when we saw this fallen tree in a woods on our farm with bees swarming around it – and honeycomb inside!  Here she is!

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 010

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 009-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 008What amazing little creatures God created!  You could almost call them cute, but definitely fascinating.

What is your favorite insect?



10 thoughts on “Bee Tree

  1. My favourite (Canadian spelling) insect is probably a butterfly. Was there honey in the tree and could you eat it?
    Abigail and Clara


    1. I love butterflies too! I don’t know if there was edible honey in the tree, but there was honeycomb. It would be neat to take the bees out and see if there was honey to eat!


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