Forest Terrarium

I love making terrariums/ fairy houses/ miniature gardens, and I got some cute little forest animals for my birthday from my friends, so I decided to make a forest terrarium with the glass tank we have.  I’ll show you mine so you can get an idea of how to make one, and then you can be creative and make your own!

——- I used ——-

-succulents (which I also got for my birthday)

-a random little bushy plant from the woods

-a stump thingy from a miniatures store

-miniature forest animals (my friends said they were from Target)



-quartz crystals (from around our farm)


-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 009 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 010 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 011 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 012 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 013 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 014 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 015 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 016

I planted the shrubby things along the back of the terrarium.  Most of the succulents I made into little gardens with crystals in the two front corners of the terrarium.  I always think moss adds a nice touch, especially for a woods.  My favorite animals in their habitat are probably the wolf howling from the rock, or the skunk on a log.  Which are your favorites?



4 thoughts on “Forest Terrarium

    1. Hmm… I’m not sure if I could to a good job with life-size materials… but hey! sure! I’ll come right over and see what I can do. ☺☺☺☺


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