Rabbits and Mud Fights

It was gorgeous this afternoon! Even though it’s February, it’s 63 degrees Fahrenheit out there, and boy it feels nice! Isn’t it so funny how 60 degrees feels steaming in winter and freezing in summer? 😀 Anyway, my cousin, my siblings, and I took the bunnies down to our creek (more of a trickle, really) to play with them… and also the mud. My brother Jefferson wheeled some of the bunnies down in a wheelbarrow. XD

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 005 (1280x960)

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 006 (1280x960)
Willow wants a ride!

It was wondrous to lay in the grass and soak up the sun with a couple of warm fluffy bunnies beside you. Ahhhhh! When the bunnies started to get adventurous, we made a little “house” for them from umbrellas and a big bucket. It was so cute to watch them poke their little noses out from under the umbrellas, and hop around in the grass. 🙂

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 016 (1280x960)My sister Megan was trying to keep up with her bunny, Clementine. Clemmy sure had a lot of energy, and she wasn’t going to let a puny ol’ leash stop her from exploring! Doesn’t Clemmy look hilariously smug in the first picture? XD XD XD

We dipped Olaf in the creek to cool him off, and he looked so funny when he shook the water off! (Well, at least in a stop-motion picture.)

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 011 (1024x768)

Lily is still her fat, squishable self. 😀

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 008 (1280x960)

-Allison(at the creek with bunnies, clay table) 012 (1280x960)
A Lily sniff captured. While her nose is really blurry, her dewlap is very clear! 😀

But we didn’t only play with the bunnies – it would be an awful waste if we didn’t play with any of that good mud beside the creek. XD (Sorry, but I only have videos of us playing – no pictures. 😦 ) The mud play ranged from building a waterfall/dam in the creek to having a mud fight. Well, it wasn’t actually a mud fight, it was more like an orderly mud throw. We stood in a pentagon and threw carefully crafted mudballs in unison in a clockwise direction. Orderly, right? Orderly, but not tidy. I am sitting here in rather mud-splattered clothing. XD Not to mention the mud I already washed off…

So yeah, it was fun. But I think a few showers might be in order… 😀


P. S. My mom just said “Those dog treats are really good, Megan! I keep eating them for a snack.” XD XD XD Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it sounds. My sister Megan made dog treats from a recipe K. A. gave her (it’s basically flour, peanut butter, and water), and they taste like nice crunchy crackers. So we’re eating dog treats at our house. XD XD XD


19 thoughts on “Rabbits and Mud Fights

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed the warm weather, too! (we had it where I live except I was inside all day for a swim meet)
    I’ve made dog treats before and tasted them. Mine weren’t that good (at least for me, my dog love them)

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  2. That sounds like so much fun! That’s hilarious about the dog treats! XD XD XD I’m glad you like them! XD The question is, did your DOG like them! XD XD Just kidding, Megan already told me that Maggie did, after she spit out the first one! XD the funny part, was that I told her that Maggie might not like them at first, but then would love them, and she replied and said that that’s what happened! XD XD XD 😛 🙂 😉 XD


      1. I think Olaf (this may sound weird, be prepared! 😛 xD) is a bit…like our…dog!! Really!!! He seems to have character with his ears!! JUst like our dog, Scout!! Am I right?


  3. The weather was SO nice over here too (and it was also really nice today as well)! I was outside all afternoon. 😉
    You all look like you had so much fun yesterday….and the bunnies look like they enjoyed themselves too. 😉 They look so cute in the wheelbarrow. 😀
    P.S. I was thinking the same thing about how warm it felt for 60+ here, too! I thought to myself, ‘From now on, I am never complaining about a 60 degree day again!’ XD


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