BIBPC #3: Doggie Nose

I know we were supposed to post our BIBPC pictures by yesterday, but Megan gave us a sort of bonus day because she thought the deadline was the 27th instead of the 26th. 😀 Yesss!

In case you’re wondering what BIBPC is, it’s a fun photo contest that my sister Megan is doing. BIBPC stands for Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest. (Read about it here.)

The theme this time was Textures. Here’s my picture:

-Allison(arboretum) 050 (2) (1280x960).jpg

Story behind the picture: This is a photo of our friends’ dog, Snoopy. They recently got an ADORABLE Miniature Schnauzer puppy! I took this picture while he was resting on my friend’s lap during an Arboretum trip. This picture kind of has two textures: his nose and his fur. Such a cute wittle nosy-wosy, yes it is! XD XD Dogs’ noses have a really neat texture, don’t they?

Sorry this was such a short post. 😦 I have an AAWC post, Flower Overload Part 2, and a craft post planned for later. Until then!



23 thoughts on “BIBPC #3: Doggie Nose

  1. NICE PICTURE!!!! 😀 Love it! 😀 I’m glad there’s a bonus day…but there are so many things in the way of me getting mine up..I think I might have to skip it…even though I have a REALLY neat picture!!! 😦 😥 😉


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