BIBPC + Updates

Hey, guys! This post shall have various and random things in it. πŸ˜›


I’m participating in Megan’s photo contest, BIBPC, so here are my entries for the first and second category. (Since I’m her sister I got away with showing her the first one without posting it – so it’s late but it doesn’t matter. πŸ˜‰ )

#1: Fuzzy

Story behind the photo: We went to look at a friend’s Saint Bernard puppies (there were 11!) and I took a gazillion photos of cuteness itself. This picture is a sneak peek of a future post. After playing with the puppies for a while, they were thoroughly exhausted and flopped down to sleep. HE IS ADORABLE, OKAY!

-Allison(puppies, creaming corn) 119.JPG

#2. Dew drops

Story behind the photo: I got this picture when we were on vacation. It was just after a rain, the lighting was perfect, and the picture turned out really well! The daisy looks happy, don’t you think?

-Allison(Vacation) 167 (1280x960)

Art Lab

Art Lab is back, new and improved! We added some new artists to our team, which is now composed of Hayley, me, Megan, Clara, and Anika! We will take turns posting on our personal blogs, and then copy our post to the Art Lab blog (which we’re redesigning). We’re also going to have a gallery page where you can send in pictures of your art inspired by Art Lab!

Swap Shop

Speaking of art, Hayley is doing a really neat art contest – with prizes! Check out her post for details. And if you like my entries, I’d love if you’d vote for them! πŸ˜€

Blog Photos

I know that some of the photos on my blog haven’t been showing up. You know why? I uploaded them from Google Drive, per Clara’s amazing free space tutorial, but unfortunately Google changed Google Drive recently which means that the photos won’t work! BAD GOOGLE! Thankfully I can still have free space by creating another random blog and copying and pastingΒ my pictures from there. Phew!

See ya’ later!



19 thoughts on “BIBPC + Updates

  1. Your BIBPC photos are awesome! I have a question: on your Art Lab blog (which I love, btw!) can you send in pictures of artwork inspired be what you posted that aren’t ATCs?


  2. the ‘story behind the photo’ was gave me an idea : I want to do the same thing on my blog! hohoho. it’s seems to be fun to make story behind the picture we’ve already captured. thanks for inspiring me, Allison πŸ˜€


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