Sisters Q&A: Part 1

I’m so excited to present this Sisters Q&A! Megan and I are going to answer your questions – but for the other person. So I wrote out my answers on a separate page from Megan’s guesses, and then we combined them like this…

Let’s see how well Megan knows me. 😉 XD


Why do you blog?

Guess: Because I like meeting new bloggers and writing about my life.

Answer: One of my favorite parts of blogging is interacting with other bloggers and meeting new friends. I also blog because I love sharing my photos, thoughts, writings, etc.!


What is your favorite number?

Guess: Three.

Answer: 3

You’re going to a costume party; what would you rather wear?: A bear suit or a lion suit?😄

Guess: Bear suit.

Answer: Uh… a bear suit probably?

What is one of your favorite books?


Answer. THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY SERIES! Guys, you have to read that.

What is your favorite (outside/non-board) game?

Guess: Umm… Refrigerator tag? Well, maybe Psychiatrist.

Answer: Psychiatrist is fun! Have you ever played that?

What is one of your favorite words?

Guess: Fluzzy?

Answer: Uh… maybe fluzzy? (K. A. made it up – it’s a cross between fluffy and fuzzy, and is very helpful when describing ADORABLE FLUZZY BABY BUNNIES!)

What is a superpower you wished you had?

Guess: Flying.

Answer: Flying! Or else being able to transmit thoughts and feelings to someone else and vice versa.


What color will you dye your hair?

Guess: Red maybe?

Answer: I’m not thinking of dyeing my hair any time soon, but if I did, I might do some purple highlights. (‘Cause PURPLE is amazing.)


If your sister could eat one thing for the rest of her life what would it be?

Guess: Fruit!

Answer: FRUIT!

What is your sister’s favorite thing to do?

Guess: Allison likes art, photography, and blogging.

Answer: Probably blog or be on the computer. 😉 Or else photography, crafts, or reading.

What is your sisters favorite subject in school?

Guess: Nature study.

Answer: Nature Study. I love learning about God’s amazing creation, and drawing the things we learn about in my nature notebook

Does your sister prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?

Guess: Well, inside, barefeet. Outside (at this time of year) she’d wear flip-flops or barefeet.

Answer: Do you mean outside the house or inside? Inside I prefer bare feet (at least when it’s warm), and outside I prefer shoes.


What do you want to do with your life (AKA a job)?

Guess: Maybe sell things on Etsy?

Answer: Keep selling stuff on my Etsy shop! (But make it into a real business). It would also be fun to be a professional photographer. Or an interior decorator! 😀


Donuts or ice cream?

Guess: Donuts!

Answer: Donuts.

What is your least favorite thing to do?

Guess: Gather eggs.

Answer: I don’t particularly like gathering eggs. :/

Hoodies or cardigans?

Guess: Cardigans.

Answer: Cardigans.

What is your favorite type of cookie?

Guess: Jeff’s kind of cookies? 😛 I forget what they are called. They are like chocolate peanut butter cookies.

Answer: I love molasses crinkles!

Sneakers or boots?

Guess: Boots.

Answer: Boots. (Well, I wouldn’t want to wear them everywhere, but in general I like boots.)

Megan got 15 out of 18 questions right! To see my guesses for Megan, check out her post here.

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1, guys!


P. S. I made a Facebook account! You can see it here.


23 thoughts on “Sisters Q&A: Part 1

  1. I really enjoyed this! It’s super cool when you both give the same answers! I can’t wait till part two, and when you answer my questions! ;D


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