Sisters Q&A: Part 2

In my last post I did a poll of what post to do next, and you guys chose… Sisters Q&A! So voila! Welcome back to Sisters Q&A part 2.

In case you’re new to this little series, here’s how it works: You guys have asked us questions, and Megan and I are going to answer those questions for the other person. We write our guesses separately, then combine them and see how many we got right. Megan won the first round; let’s see who won this round!




What is your favorite movie soundtrack of all time?

Guess: Maybe Frozen’s.

Answer: Ahh! I don’t know. Frozen has lots of pretty songs… well, they’re pretty until you get them stuck in your head for days. XD




Would you rather have a wardrobe of only neutrals, or only bright colors?

Guess: Bright colors.

Answer: Bright colors. I don’t like black, gray is okay, and I love white, but I wouldn’t want to only wear those colors.


Favorite dessert?

Guess: Coconut cake.

Answer: I love chocolate things! *Slurp* There’s this one chocolate fudge crockpot cake my grandmother makes that is sooo yummy. I also like German Chocolate pie and Lemon Merengue pie… Ooh, and I love egg custard! And chocolate custard! Heh heh.


Cooking or baking?

Guess: Baking.

Answer: Baking, definitely.


Small, cozy house or large, regal mansion?

Guess: Small, cozy house.

Answer: It depends on how small and how large, but probably the small house. For one thing, it would take forever to clean a mansion. XD It just depends on what the houses where like, though.



What picture are you most proud of taking (if you have one)?

Guess: One of the silhouette photos she took of our friends and us on the barn roof.

Answer: I’m really proud of the ones I entered in the fair. Click here to see this year’s fair pictures, and here to see last year’s fair pictures. My favorite ones of all of those are the silhouettes, the snowflake, and the eye. I also really like this one:

Allison(snow, bookmark) 045.JPG
Brr, chilly!





Favorite room in the house?

Guess: Our room.

Answer: Our bedroom is definitely my favorite as far as looks and coziness goes, but I’m usually in the kitchen (it has the computer 😉 ), or the schoolroom.


Favorite book?

Guess: The MBS!




Reading or writing?

Guess: Reading.

Answer: Hmm… I like writing when I’m in the mood, but probably reading.




Have you ever been over seas?

Guess: Nope.

Answer: Nope! But I’ve been to Canada.


What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

Guess: Frog legs.

Answer: Probably canned octopus. 😛 It tasted okay, actually, just kind of like rubbery sardines…


What’s your favorite thing to do?

Guess: Photography, blogging, arts and crafts.

Answer: Blog/be on the computer, draw, or make stuff from polymer clay.


Olivia Bell (aka Livy)


What made you decide to start blogs?

Guess: I think Allison started blogging because I had a blog and my mom had a blog, and probably because it looked like fun. 😛

Answer: I think I started mine because Megan had one and it seemed fun. XD



If you could be an animal for one day, what would it be?

Guess: I don’t know what she’d be. A giraffe? Or perhaps a cat.

Answer: Oh, a bird! Then I could flyeeeee!


Flip flops or boots?

Guess: Boots.

Answer: It all depends on the season. In hot weather, flip-flops, in cold weather, boots.


Who is your favorite singer/band?

Guess: TobyMac… I think.

Answer: TobyMac!




What was your favorite birthday?

Guess: I don’t know. :/ Maybe that year she had the paint-filled balloons that we threw darts at? Or maybe this year when we went hiking in the mountains. Probably this year.

Answer: I honestly don’t know. It was fun when we went fishing that one time…


What is your favorite brand of car?

Guess: She doesn’t really have one, I don’t think. If she had to choose, I think she’d choose Chevy. (But maybe Toyota…)

Answer: Uh… I like Toyota pretty good, but I’m not very learned in the ways of car brands. XD



Would you ever want to swim in an Olympic-sized pool?

Guess: Yep.

Answer: Sure!


Do you browse Amazon/eBay/some other selling website to find things you might like to buy in the future?

Guess: Not often, but maybe occasionally.

Answer: I don’t really browse it for fun, but I do like to look on Amazon when I want to buy a specific thing.


I hope you had as much fun reading that as we had writing it! Wasn’t it hilarious how some of our answers where almost identical? (Well, in a few instances we changed our answer because we saw the other person’s guess after the fact, and agreed with them.)

So… are you ready to see the points? Megan got 15/19 right! She won this round by one point. 😡 XD


Sneak peek of future posts: The Dust Pixies, baby bunny pictures, and Beauty from Ashes!


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