Furry Faces

Ohhhh I have some simply adorable pictures for you! I tagged this post with “EXTREME CUTENESS ALERT,” so you have been warned. XD

*Ahem* Violet the barn cat had kittens again! They are the sweetest, cutest things, and very tame too. I only took pictures of two out of the five kittens, but here they are…

kitten 2 (1280x853)
I looove the color of kittens’ eyes.

kitten 3 (1280x854)kitten 4 (1280x853)DSC_1579 (1280x853)

kitten 7 (1280x853)
kitten 8 (1280x853)
HA HA! He was getting tired here which makes him have such a hilarious condescending expression on his face. XD
kitten 11 (1280x853)
And there he goes…

kitten 9 (1280x853)

kitten 10 (1280x853)

kitten 12 (1280x853)kitten 13 (1280x853)

kitten 14 (1280x853)
I looove this picture! It looks like she posed for this shot. XD

kitten 15 (1280x853)

kitten 16 (1280x853)
So sweet. ♥

kitten 17 (1280x854)


Here’s Violet, the mama cat. She doesn’t seem impressed with my photographing abilities… In fact, she looks rather mad at me. XD Maybe she doesn’t like having her picture taken…

kitten 5 (1280x853)

Oh, and we found this sweet kitty in the barn the other day! She seems awfully tame for a barn cat, so we don’t quite know where she came from. Anyway, she is such a nice cat – when I was taking pictures of her she jumped up on my lap and settled right in. ♥ I love it when cats do that!

cat 1 (1280x853)

cat 2 (1280x854)

cat 5 (1280x853)
She looks kinda grumpy in this picture, but she was just about to fall asleep. XD

cat 3 (1280x853)

cat 4 (1280x853)

Are you overloaded with cuteness yet? Maybe I’d better stop before you… oh bother, it’s too late.

Oops. XD XD XD



59 thoughts on “Furry Faces

  1. I LOVE KITTIES AND CATS 😍😍 oh gosh the kittens are just tooo adorable!!! I’m in love with the photos, so well taken Allison! ❤️ The blue eyes are incredible! Aww I love them all! xxx


  2. AWWWWWWWW!!! *melts* I love cats! The gray and white one with the gray eyes reminds me of my friend’s kitten Wednesday. Are you going to name them? (I think they’re a bit too cute to not be named XD)


  3. SO MUCH CUTENESSSS!!!!!!!! AHHHH! *dies* LOL! 😀 Once again, your photography steals the show! 😀

    Megan has my email so I told her to give it to you, if you used the contact form on The King’s Princess, it seems to not have worked. So use the email I gave Megan! Thanks so much! 😀


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