A Trip to the County Fair

Hello, dears!

We recently went back to where we used to live for some family reunions and a trip to the county fair! Even though I didn’t enter anything this year (see P. S. at end of post), we still had a ton of fun and made some great memories. πŸ™‚ Also I got some good pictures, which is what I’ll be showing you today. πŸ˜‰

Usually we all go with Dad’s side of the family, but this time it was just my brother Jeff, my sister Megan, and I, along with our two cousins, Leisha and Jianna.


The county fair is actually quite large, although thankfully there weren’t that many people or that long of lines when we came. That’s a first! I really like the picture below, except I guess I should have taken off my watch…

fair 8

We only ended up going on two rides since they were so expensive, but they were both super fun! The first ride swung you up and around in a circle, and when you got to the top you could see for miles! Well okay, not REALLY, but you know. Far.


Isn’t the Ferris Wheel so pretty? I love the color!

fair 3

We were pleasantly surprised to meet some friends from our old church after the first ride! It was SO fun to see them again, since we don’t visit our old church that often anymore. 😦 We decided to go on the next ride with them. This one also swung you around, but more in a more relaxing and less frightening way. πŸ˜›

fair 9

My cousins and friends were like, “ALLISON, DON’T DROP YOUR CAMERA!” And I was like, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it around my neck!” XD

fair 13

fair 10

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures from the day! I love the bright colors and the starburst at the top.

fair 1

After the ride, we decided to waste our money. :O *gasp* XD You know those booths where you can supposedly win a prize if you just (fill in the blank)? We tried a couple of those, just for fun. Jeff did pretty good at a shooting range, but of course didn’t get a prize. The slot machine was a lot of fun since we actually did win some quarters, but since we put them back in again we didn’t get any net earnings but good memories. πŸ˜›

fair 4

And THEN, Jianna really wanted to win a goldfish. XD All you had to do was get one ball into a fishbowl to win. She bought 10 balls, and tried 9 with no luck. She was down to her last chance, when she asked one of our church friends if he wanted to try. He said sure, so he threw it and GOT IT IN! IT WAS TOO PERFECT! Oh my word, we were all laughing and shouting so much – it was HILARIOUS. Jianna was so happy that she named the fish after the friend who got it in. :’D OUR BEST COUNTY FAIR STORY EVER.

fair 5

Later on, we were speculating how long the fish would live. I guessed maybe two weeks, and Leisha guessed two days. HA HA. I wonder if it’s still alive…

fair 14

Then Jianna was like, “anyone want to go on the drop tower with me?” And we all said, “NOPE.” XD Jianna kept telling this terrible story of a girl getting her hair caught when she rode this ride, and… I’ll spare you the details. :[] I went on it last year, I think, but it wasn’t my favorite experience. πŸ˜›


Instead, we went to the petting zoo so Megan could see the donkey. πŸ˜› I apologize for the AWFUL picture, but I wanted to post it anyway because it’s a picture of Megan and a donkey, so… XD XD Speaking of which, you might want to check out Megan’s post right here for some exciting news on a new addition to our farm!

fair 6

The lighting was terrible in there, but look at this adorable baby donkey!

fair 7

After that, we bid our friends goodbye. 😦 Then the rest of us walked through the business section where they offered free stuff like candy, pens, toothbrushes, and stickers. πŸ˜› Hee hee, it was fun. (But I didn’t get any pictures.)

Last but not least, Leisha treated us to a funnel cake! It was QUITE good.

fair 12

Oh, and some of us got ice cream too. πŸ˜‰


I took this one last picture as we left the fair. I quite like it, since I love reflections in general. πŸ™‚

fair 11

Ahhh, FUN TIMES. I enjoyed it so much than I expected, even though I didn’t get to enter anything, which is usually my favorite part of the fair. Really the best part was being with our friends and cousins and making great memories on one of the last days of summer. ❀

Do you go to any county fairs? Have you ever won something at a money waster? XD Do you like scary rides or non-scary rides better? Funnel cakes or ice cream? And what was your favorite picture?

Thanks SO much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. I know some of you were looking forward to another post about my fair entries, but since we moved out of the county, I didn’t get to enter anything this year. *sad sigh* BUT, I’m going to do a post about my recent arts and crafts hopefully sometime soon! Ahh, I have SO MANY fun and exciting post ideas and not enough time. This is a continually recurring problem for me… *shakes head* Anyway, stay tuned!


50 thoughts on “A Trip to the County Fair

  1. I LOVED this post! I loved seeing the rides and such, fairs are SO much fun! But *cries* I was so looking forward to seeing your entries… 😦 But I completely understand because that’s kinda how I was with our fair this year, I was so short on time I didn’t enter very much, haha! XD Have I ever won something at the money waster? Well, let me tell ya, I have a story just like yours!!! I wanted a goldfish so bad and had like, one ball left and I let my brother throw it and he got it!!! πŸ˜€ But you know, the goldfish died like the next day so yeah. :/ But still! πŸ™‚ I much prefer non scary rides, although up here the fairs don’t even have rides! But the fairs are free so it’s kinda a trade off…:/ If I had to choose I think funnel cakes are better than ice cream but I love both, haha! My favorite picture was the one of the yoyo ride, I rode one of those once and still remember it I loved it so much. ❀

    I really liked this post, hehe! πŸ˜€


    1. Ahhh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeah, they sure are! *sniff* I KNOW, and I love entering things too… 😦 But yeah, that happens. :/ Ha ha, really? That’s great! XD XD Except for the part about the fish dying… goldfish don’t seem like very hardy pets. :/
      Yeah, I prefer non-scary rides too. Maybe exhilarating, but not scary. XD Huh, that’s interesting. Yeah, this fair is pretty expensive. :/ I agree with you on funnel cakes and ice cream! I’m so glad you liked the pictures, and YES, the ride was great!
      Thanks again for the great comment, and I’m so glad you liked the post!

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  2. Sounds like fun! You were super brave to take your camera on those big rides. XD I like somewhat scary rides, especially if someone I know is going on them with me. The only rides I don’t like are the zipper and this Ferris Wheel thing that you could tip upside down if you rock hard enough. (the last one only because I got stuck on one once. XD)


    1. It was! Heh heh, well thank you. XD Also I didn’t really have anywhere else to put it, so… πŸ˜› Wow, good for you! I don’t know what the zipper is, but yikes, that Ferris Wheel DOES sound scary. And so does getting stuck on it. O.o

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  3. AHHHH I LOVED THIS POST! The pictures were SO PRETTY! And I LOOVE the color of the Ferris wheel. πŸ™‚ This is probably one of my favorites https://allisonsblog2.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/fair-10.jpg?w=656&zoom=2
    Sadly I’ve only ever been on a couple of fair rides, once in my life…I’d like to go with friends and take pictures like you did. Now I just need friends. XD I’ve never had funnel cakes either…sad. Oh well! I can’t WAIT to see your other posts!


    1. THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH, DEAR! Hee hee, I’m not surprised. πŸ˜€
      Ooh yes, I like that one too! It’s so clean and bright. πŸ™‚
      Shucks, that’s too bad. HA HA OH PSHAW, you have friends. But that would be SO fun to go together sometime – and get funnel cakes. ❀ We've actually made funnel cakes before too, though, and they're quite yummy! Also THANK THEE; I can't wait to post them!


  4. Alaska doesn’t have counties, so I’ve never been to a “county” fair, but we do have a giant State Fair which is going on right now. πŸ™‚ I’ve been working in the front office there this summer and they gave me an employee pass so I can get in for free whenever I want! I have already gone 3 times in a row! πŸ˜€ The last time I was there we saw all of the art and photography entries and I definitely thought of you. πŸ˜‰
    I think I have one a few small stuffed animals and toys at those games when I was little. πŸ˜›
    And I love roller coasters and stuff like that, so I guess I like rides that are more on the scary side? But some of them do scare me, but the drop tower looks boring to me so IDK. XD
    Ooooh, DEFINITELY ice cream! πŸ˜› I LOVE ice cream!
    And I love the close up of the little goldfish! He’s so CUTE! XD


    1. Huh, that’s interesting! But wow, that’s great! Woohoo! Aww, did you really? ❀
      Hee hee, good for you. XD
      HA HA! Yeah, there are definitely scarier rides than the drop tower, but I prefer the ones like the YoYo. πŸ™‚
      Mmm, ice cream is quite yummy. *slurps* Hee hee, THANKS. He (or she) IS pretty cute. XD
      Thanks for the lovely comment, dear!


  5. Ooh that’s so fun! I haven’t been to a fair in forever, but good memories! And ahh the goldfish! And donkey! And funnel cake! Hanging out with cousins is a blast. πŸ™‚ hope you can enter something next year.


  6. Looks like you had a great time! And that funnel cake looks amazing. Reminded me of my childhood times spent at the state and county fairs πŸ™‚ Great shots as always


  7. aww, this is soo cute alison!! i love the bright aesthetic πŸ’› lol you didnt waste your mney if you had fun i guess! i went to a county fair when i was little but ended up getting a bloody nose in a house of mirrors πŸ˜‚


  8. How fun! We thought about going to our state fair but its harvest time and my dad wasn’t able to go. 😦 That funnel cake looks delicious!!

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    1. It was! Aww, yeah, that’s too bad. :/ Wait, do you live on a farm? I didn’t know that! (I probably should have, but oops. XD) My Dad is usually pretty busy around this time too, but this year he’s combining the corn instead of chopping it for silage, so he’s harvesting later. πŸ™‚ Also YES, it was!

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      1. Yes, I do! Its such a big part of my life that I often forget to mention it to people in the blogging-universe, but yes, I’m a farm girl and I love reading about a fellow farm-girl’s life. πŸ˜‰

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  9. I love these pictures! They’re interesting, since we doesn’t experience much at fairs (we go to our county fair just for the gospel music night) . This week there is an independent fair near where we live, though, so I think I’ll be entering a fiddle competition in that fair. I’ve never eaten a funnel cake. What does it taste like?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! That’s neat! Ooh, that sounds like a GREAT idea, Sassafras! I hope it goes well for you. πŸ™‚ And funnel cakes taste like sweet, lightly fried dough (a little like a denser, less-sweet doughnut) with confectioner’s sugar on top. πŸ™‚

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  10. I’m very late commenting on this, but THAT LOOKS SO FUUUUN! All of the photos are so colorful and happy and the fish story is hilarious. XD (Is the fish still alive? πŸ˜› ) I loved reading this post, Allison! πŸ˜€

    -Clara ❀

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