Photography Challenge {My Entries}

Hello, dears!

A little while ago, the marvelous Amanda came up with a 12-day photography challenge for her photographer friends and herself. I was one of the aforementioned, and it was a lot of fun! Several of us contributed prompts and then posted our photos from each day on a Google Doc, so all the other participants could see them as well. I enjoyed intentionally creating photos instead of just snapping a picture of whatever was already there, like I usually do.

So, as you might guess, today I’ll be showing you the photos I took for this challenge! Well… at least some of them. Sometimes I’ll be showing you fewer than I entered, and sometimes more, since there were days when I took several pictures for the prompt.

Anyway! The first prompt was the following: “Go somewhere outside and sit in one spot for at least five minutes. Without getting up, take pictures of anything and everything in your camera’s reach.” This was a fun one to start with! I chose a pretty easy spot – Megan’s flower garden. 😛 I LOVE this first one! ❤

5 minute challenge (11)

The poor flower was overrun with ants… But it still looked pretty. 🙂

5 minute challenge (3)

I know this one is blurry, but I kind of like it that way.

5 minute challenge (8)

Ahhh, look at that bokeh! It was just the beginning of September, but the bokeh looks fall-ish, don’t you think?


5 minute challenge (24)

Unfurling buds are so pretty. ❤

5 minute challenge (16)

Maggie had accompanied me outside, and since she was right beside me, I got a picture of her too. 🙂 And that’s the last picture from the first prompt! Don’t worry, I didn’t take as many for the other ones. XD


5 minute challenge (15)

The prompt for the second day was “yellow.” I had a lot of fun with this one. 😛 I (gently) grabbed some double yolk eggs, my yellow-striped shirt, a plate, and some turmeric; played around with the ingredients; and ta-daa! This is what I came up with. Isn’t it fun?


The third prompt was “take a picture of hair.” I spent waaaaaayyy too long on this one since I’m pretty terrible at styling my own hair… which is why I usually don’t. XD Anyway, I like how the picture turned out! 


For the fourth day, we were supposed to “Take a picture of the same thing using three different settings or filters on your camera.” Unfortunately I think I deleted the pictures that I entered for some reason… possibly because they were pretty boring. I have this edited picture I used for another post, so I suppose it will have to do. For the challenge, I used these books and took pictures with different filters on my camera – miniature effect, night vision, and… maybe vivid? I forget. Yeah, that one kind of failed. XD Oops!

summer 2018 15

Day #5 was much more successful:”take a picture of something most people see as ugly and show the beauty in it.” I love this prompt, since that’s something I try to do a lot, and not just with photography. I took pictures of a wilted bouquet that had been setting on the mantel for ages for some reason. XD

ugly 2

I love the overlapping pattern here at the base of the blossom. It looks like fish scales!

ugly 3

After a few pictures, I decided they were too boring. So I got out my sequin pillow and made background bokeh! Can you tell I like bokeh? XD

ugly 5

Since we cut down several trees in our yard on Day 6, I knew I wanted to enter a picture of the enormous old tree for the prompt, “ancient.” My youngest sister, Carmen, was happy to pose for me. 🙂 The rings were so many and so close that we couldn’t count them, but MAN, can you imagine how long it had lived?


The seventh prompt was “hidden.” GUYS, WARNING: SOME OF THESE PICTURES ARE RATHER CREEPY. XD XD They weren’t that creepy until I edited them and then… yikes. O.o XD Other than their strangeness, I actually really like them! Let’s start with a not-so-creepy one, okay? For all of these I was trying to hide part of my face or one eye.

hidden 2

WOW THIS IS CREEPY. :[] It doesn’t even look like me. XD But I love how the small areas of color stand out so much, even though I don’t think I made them that much more vivid when I was editing.

hidden 3

This one looks odd (mostly because of my oddly long fingers) but the black and white helps it look more traditional. 😛

hidden 4

Lastly, we have another not-so-creepy one with the same dried flowers I used for my hair previously.


Alright, back to normal pictures again. 😉 For day 8, “take a picture of something full of memories,” I did a very unoriginal photographer-in-the-mirror picture. I wanted to take a picture of my camera, though, because it’s almost always full of memories. Capturing memories is kind of the main point of having one, right? 


Day #9’s prompt was “your hobby.” This was HARD, since I have a large collection of hobbies. However, I decided to go with one of my lesser-photographed hobbies: writing letters to my pen pals. 🙂 (Which I am currently VERY behind on doing… :[] )


For day 10, we were supposed to “Take a picture captioned ‘music.’” Rather un-creatively, I took a picture of a piano. XD BUT, I do like how I edited it! I used this picture in my sketches post

birds & balloons

The 11th prompt was, “Take a picture of a reflection.” It had recently rained, so I thought there would be puddles everywhere. Unfortunately that wasn’t true. It took me longer than I hoped to finally find a good puddle, but then I got some decent (if none too original) pictures. 😉

reflection 2

Those are power lines, in case you were confused. 😉

reflection 3

I think this one turned out pretty neat! It’s almost like the puddle is an entry to another world, like in The Magician’s Nephew.

reflection 4

The last prompt was, “Take a picture that represents someone in your family without having their face in the picture.” That was a lot harder than I expected. I ended up using a picture of Eeyore, since pretty much anyone who knows Megan is likely to think of her when they see a donkey – she is obsessed with donkeys. XD

DSC_0324 (2)

So yeah, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. 🙂 If you have a chance, I encourage you to start your own challenge with some friends – it’s a great way to stretch your creativity and learn new things!

Before you go, I’d love to hear… Which picture was your favorite? Have you ever participated in a photography challenge? Do prefer creating photos, like with Day #2, or just taking them, like with Day #1?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and please have a lovely day! ❤



57 thoughts on “Photography Challenge {My Entries}

  1. Wow! What neat pictures! I think I like a little of both. 🙂 My favorite pictures are the donkey noes and the yellow picture! 😀 Geougous photography! 🙂

    -Laura ❤ 😉


  2. Ooh, those are all so pretty. I think my favorites were the first ones – although I loved all of them. I’m glad you posted the creepyish ones, because they were neat to look at. 🙂


  3. Aw, these were lovely! ❤️ Especially the ones of Carmen, yourself, and Eeyore! (I still can’t believe Megan has a real donkey! 😛 )


  4. Ooh, lots of lovely pictures! I love the wilted flower pictures. They’re so beautiful! But all of them were so cool, and pretty. Eeyore is adorable!


  5. AHHH, I LOVE THESE. Also I’m currently writing this while YOU’RE AT MY HOUSE. Just so you know when you go to approve it, back home. Hi from the past! Anyway, WOW THOSE ARE CREEPY. But I love the Eyeore picture, and I really like the ones of the wilted bouquet – probably because of the way you edited, too – it seriously looks like art.


    1. WHY THANK YOU. Hee hee, I wondered if you did. FUN TIMES, FUN TIMES. ❤ (And for all the readers of this comment, don't worry – more pictures and posts about this later!) I KNOW, AREN'T THEY?! XD But aww, thanks, dear! Yeah, I love the filter I made + used on the wilted flower pictures. 🙂


  6. These pictures are all sooooo beautiful!
    Megan’s flower garden… Ahhhhh…
    The yellow themed photo is all staged perfectly (do you guys have an egg farm? How do you know if it’s a double yolked egg?)!
    Your hair is soo lovely! I love the flowers in your hair for that hairstyle!
    You really did make the wilted flowers look beautiful!
    Wowowow! That’s a HUGE tree! Was it on your property?
    I love the picture of the reflection of the sky! It really does look like a entry to a new world!

    You have wonderful photography skills! I love seeing all the pictures you take! 🙂


    1. Ahhh, THANK YOU!
      Isn’t it pretty?
      Aww, why thanks! It took a little while. XD (We previously lived on a farm with three poultry houses which we have not yet sold, so we still bring back some eggs to our new place for eating. 😉 You can tell it’s double yolk because they’re about twice the size of normal eggs! Neat, huh?)
      Aww, thanks so much! ❤
      It WAS, wasn't it? Yep, it was right beside our house! Which is why we cut it down…
      Thank you SO much for the amazing comment, Grace! I'm happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂


      1. Ahh, nice! We have some chickens too, and we get some double yolked eggs occasionally, and I was wondering if there were other ways to tell. xD Usually we can, by the size, but it isn’t huge, just larger than most. 😉
        Ohh, that’s right. 🙂
        Aww, thanks! 🙂
        (Btw, I love your new profile pic!)


        1. Ooh, fun! Heh heh, well… you can tell by cracking them, but that’s about it. XD Yeah, that’s true – sometimes the double yolks are huge for us and sometimes they’re just big. 😉
          Also thank you, I’m glad you like my profile picture! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Ooh, this is so neat! I love photography challenges, and I thought you did a great job taking photos that went with each prompt. 😀 I think the sky reflection in the puddle is my favorite photo – it really does look like a portal to another world! And of course I love the picture of Eeyore – it was a great idea to use that to represent Megan. XD

    -Clara ❤


          1. Ooh, really? Yay for me! XD Also I love your updated About page – has it been updated for a while? I just now noticed it so I’m not sure. 😛 All of the photos that you chose to use are so beautiful!


  8. Nice photography, Allison! My favorites are the ones of the wilted flowers. You created such dreamy compositions, and the last one looks like an mythical underwater picture!
    I like taking photos and creating photos, but I think a lot of times I better results when I put a lot of effort into a particular composition. 🙂


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