Puppy Love

Hello, dears!

I trust you guys will like the post for today because it involves MUCH CUTENESS. And fluff. And… puppies!

My cousins and sister and I recently went to a place called “Puppy City,” which houses a bunch of adorable puppies that you can hold and pet and take pictures of. You can buy them too, of course, but they’re, like, thousands of dollars. O.o So we left them there, although it was hard. XD

Anyway, are you ready for cuteness overload? You’ll probably REALLY want a puppy after this, so please be warned and proceed with proper caution. *nods gravely* 

featured image 54

Okay! The first little guy we requested to play with was the sweetest little dachshund. All the puppies are so friendly and socialized there, but this one was especially cuddly. ❤

puppy 1

Hee hee. ❤

puppy 2

AHH LOOK HOW CUDDLY HE WAS! Megan held him like this and he melted. 

puppy 3

HIS EARS! He looks exhausted… maybe he was. XD

puppy 4

After quite a while, we put the dachshund back and got two fluffy white puppies instead. THEY LOOKED LIKE CLOUDS.

puppy 5

I think this one, the less puffy one, was named Molly, although I don’t remember her brother’s name.

puppy 6


puppy 7

Okay, is this not the cutest little puppy face ever?! He’s so happy!

puppy 8


puppy 9

Molly was Leisha’s favorite of all of them, as you can tell by her grin. 😀

puppy 10

We put Molly and… whatever his name was back and then took a stroll around the very clean cages to see what puppy we wanted next. HOW COULD WE RESIST THIS FACE? I don’t know, but we did. XD

puppy 11

So precious. ❤ I love this color for a dog!

puppy 12

Eventually we picked out this little guy, Rusty. I think he was the cutest of all of them. ❤ ❤ Look at those wistful eyes!

puppy 18

All of the puppies tried to chew on things – purse straps, leather boots, fingers… But it was hard to get too annoyed with them. 😉

puppy 16

“Will you take me home with you… ppplllleeeeassseee?”

puppy 17

Those little floppy ears! ❤ The sad little face! AHHHH.

puppy 19

The last puppies we got were two more siblings. I forget one of their names, but I remember one was Orion. Isn’t that great? XD I only have a couple of pictures of these guys, since they were INCREDIBLY hard to photograph, being black and curly-haired. 😉

puppy 21

How are puppy eyes so irresistibly adorable? 

puppy 20

I will be merciful and end with that. Hopefully everyone survived this post without melting into a puddle? Maybe that’s too much to ask. XD XD

Which puppy was the cutest? Do you think you could make it out of Puppy City with no puppies? 😛 Which are cuter – puppies or kittens? (I’d say that’s a hard choice.)

Thanks for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!



99 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS I WILL TAKE ONE OF EACH, PLEASE. XD XD There’s no way I would have been able to leave that place without sneaking a puppy out with me. XD AHH I WANT A PUPPY NOW. *gazes longingly at the floofy clouds*

    -Clara ❤

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  2. AHHHH! Cuteness OVERLOAD! How in the world did you ever leave?! 🤩 So ADORABLE!
    Now i’ll be dreaming about adorable puppy faces for a few days. *Satisfied sigh* I couldn’t have resisted that one puppy! (Well, any of them XD)
    Oh my.
    Good day, Madam!


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  3. Nooo I didn’t make it *is now a puddle* THE CUTENESS THOUGH ❤
    my fav is rusty i mean just look at the little man <333
    i don't rly have a preference between puppies or kittens…i suppose it depends on their temperaments

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  4. Oh my goodness!!! They are soo adorable, I can’t leave this post XD! I just want to hug them. My favourite is the one Megan’s holding. Thanks for this (too) cute post.


  5. I have no idea how you could go in there and not come back out with a puppy. I would have tried to leave with my arms full! (Much to my parents disgust. I always try to bring home any animal…From a kitten to a goat to a cow. XD) I love the black fluffy ones. 😍

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  6. *Melts into a puddle of happiness* OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! *steals all the puppies* THOSE PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE!!!!! And the way you describe how they look makes the puppies 10000000x cuter. XD XD *tries to find a puppy city near me* Alas, no floofy balls for me! XD Welp! I now know where I need to go if I am having a bad day! XD

    -Laura ❤ 😉

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    1. HAHAHA THANK YOU FOR THAT AMAZING COMMENT. XD EEEP I KNOW THEY ARE ALL PRECIOUS. Well shucks, it’s too bad there aren’t any Puppy Cities where you live. 😦 Anyway, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, dear – thanks for reading!

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  7. AAAAAAH!!!!! Rusty for sure!! Omw, they are all so cuuuuute! (heart attack XD) I’d have to choose puppies. I’ve come to like cats, and kittens ALMOST as I do for dogs. But dogs will Always be my first pick. XD

    Thank Ally (hope you don’t mind me calling you Alley), thank youuuuuuu…


    1. YES YES YESSSS, Rusty is my favorite too! Well I don’t blame you – puppies are pretty amazing. 😉

      You are MOST welcome, dear. (And heh heh, I don’t usually prefer nicknames, but sure, you can call me that if you want to. 😉 )


  8. Those puppies are way too adorable!❤️ We’ve had both a cat and dogs, and I’d have to say I prefer dogs. They are just so much happier!😂 Our cat actually died after a year, so we didn’t have him that long. I guess it’s just part of living on land with coyotes!🤷🏼‍♀️😏

    Do y’all have coyotes?
    Do you prefer large or small dogs? I like big dogs!😉


    1. UGH I KNOW. Ha ha, well I have to agree with you there – dogs generally seem happier than cats. XD I think dogs ARE better, but I prefer a cat’s calm and cuddly love rather than a dog’s sloppy and exuberant kind, most of the time. 😉 Oh shucks, that’s too bad about your cat. :/ Oh, do you have coyotes? We do too, although thankfully we’ve lost none of our pets to them so far. I prefer big dogs too! Our family has pretty much exclusively had mastiffs or St. Bernards until Maggie, our yellow lab. 🙂

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      1. Yes, we do have coyotes! Sometimes we’ll hear them scream their mating call, which is normal for us now. But when we first moved out to the country, we thought it was someone being murdered!😂 Have y’all ever heard them scream? We have English Shepherds, which are kinda like a collie, but I think prettier! I have done posts on them before if you’d like to see pictures.😉 (I think the easiest way to find them would be to type “dog” into my search bar.) And, my grandma had a black lab once named Maggie! She was a wonderful dog!- must’ve been the name.😜


        1. Yikes, that’s lovely. XD Yep, we’ve heard them howl before too – and actually some friends saw coyote pups in the yard at our guest house once. O.o Oh, they sound beautiful! I shall go search for that post. Ha ha, that’s great. It must be the name indeed. 😉

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          1. I’ve had coyotes pups outside my window before, and they sound just like puppies! Half creepy, half adorable…🙈😬😂 English Shepherds are beautiful dogs- and great personalities, as well!


              1. Yeah, it’s so cool being around wildlife like that! Being so close to God’s creation is incredible.- You see His design first hand! That is one thing I would really miss if I moved from the country!


    1. I KNOOOW! Yep, kittens give puppies pretty stiff competition. 😛 HAHA, they DO look tired. Some puppies had a “I’m resting for 1 hour” sign on their cage. XD


    Also photography-wise, the pictures are really great! They’re smooth and soft and – isn’t the 35mm great for indoors? 😉


    1. EEEEEEEPPPP I KNOW HOW COULD YOU NOT, RIGHT?? Aww, thank you! Yeah, it IS! The 50 mm has better light, I think, but you can definitely fit more into the frame, which is amazing.


  10. As cute as all these little guys/gals were, I’d have to resist. We don’t have room for indoor animals and if they’re expensive then that’s a double clincher for not getting one. You did a furtastic job capture these little bundles of fluff! Have an Awwwesome Monday!


    1. Yeah, that’s too bad. :/ Even though we have an outside dog, I don’t think we’re quite ready for two, so we had to resist as well. 😉 Thank you so much for the comment!


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