Etcetera #6

Hello, dears!

I’m back with another collection of miscellaneous photos! I’m not too far behind this time, so it will be a little shorter than usual Etcetera posts. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite recent pictures of nature, people, landscapes, etc. šŸ˜‰

Sit back, relax, and start scrolling!

featured image 60


Almost all the pictures in this category were taken on the same day as the photos in this post. Everything was foggy and dripping and silent. It was beautiful. ā¤

etcetera six 24

I love the filter on these two – crisp black and white, but with a cool tint. It goes so well with the fog and bejeweled spiderwebs.

etcetera six 23

Ahh, now for some color. Isn’t it fun to find a few colorful leaves when it’s not fall? Especially if they’re wet and glistening.

etcetera six 25

Anything covered in water drops is beautiful to me, even if it has thorns. šŸ˜‰

etcetera six 27

Back to the black and white… The vulture adds a kinda creepy touch to an otherwise boring picture. I like how the contrast clearly shows the bare structure of each tree.

etcetera six 18

About half a dozen vultures were conspiring in a tall sycamore by the stream. I kept clicking as I walked and managed to get a good picture of some flying away. I think vultures look fascinating from far away and extremely gross close up. So I just take pictures from a distance. XD

etcetera six 19

After my birds had flown, heh heh, I continued on my way to the stream. The air was so heavy with moisture that long, thin rivulets of water ran down the trunks of almost all the beech trees I saw. If you stood at the right angle, it looked like they were crying silver tears.

etcetera six 22

The faded beech leaves provided a nicely coordinating background for this bright amber lichen. I’m not a huge fan of orange as a flat color, but in nature it can be lovely!

etcetera six 20

This stump was covered with boring ol’ gray lichen but also brilliant, shaggy moss that looks like a carpet. Ahh, wouldn’t it be amazing to have an actual moss carpet?

etcetera six 2


Next, some portraits! The first one features my youngest sister, Carmen, in her new pajamas, waiting to open gifts on Christmas day, and wearing a… thing Jeff got in a previous Christmas party. Not sure how to describe it, but it’s kind of like a slinky you can roll up and down your arms? It’s weird but I like it. (Both the picture and the toy. šŸ˜‰ )

etcetera six 9

These next few pictures are also from Christmas day. After we got back from caroling at a nursing home, we didn’t really know what to do… so we went on a walk with Eeyore. šŸ™‚

etcetera six 10

Eeyore is MUCH tamer than when Megan first got her, but she’s still stubborn at times. She’ll follow along for a while and then stop to eat grass about every thirty seconds. šŸ˜›

etcetera six 11

Isn’t this so picture-perfect? Thanks for obliging, Megan and Eeyore. šŸ˜€

etcetera six 12

Guess what? Megan can ride Eeyore! Or at least sit on her. Eeyore doesn’t always want to move, but… XD

etcetera six 14

That’s it for the Christmas walk – now back to the stream! We explored it again when some friends visited. Carmen and her friend had great fun looking for pretty pebbles or places to build fairy houses.

post (13)

The filter is a bit strange, but I like the picture. šŸ™‚

post (14)

And again… The lighting was super harsh so it was hard to get a pretty picture, but at least it’s a cute one!

post (15)

To wrap up this category, here’s a picture of my siblings and cousins playing hockey in Dad’s shop with roller blades, broomsticks, and a crushed water bottle. XD IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, even if my team didn’t win. XD

etcetera six 28


Okay, I just realized that this little category might be better named “moonscapes.” Apparently I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the moon. O.o Sadly I didn’t get a picture of the blood moon, though. *sniff*

etcetera six 1

Ahh, I love this one! It seems like sunsets with a visible moon are always clear and colorful.

etcetera six 32

Isn’t it neat how the sky fades from navy blue to light pink in this one? Seeing the moon through tangled branches usually reminds me of the “moon hammock” poem from this post. šŸ™‚

etcetera six 29

We will end this tiny section with a brighter picture: the view through the old, blurry glass panes of my bedroom window one frosty morning. I love the contrast between the warm yellow sunlight and the icy blue shadows.

etcetera six 30


Now for the really random photos. Let’s start with one of my favorites, shall we? I noticed the rows of birds covering this picturesque windmill at a farmer’s market and immediately ran to the car to grab my camera. XD Isn’t it so neat?

etcetera six 4

We baked and gave a selection of cookies to our neighbors for Christmas. (I almost said, “We baked and gave our neighbors…” but I thought I’d better change the wording. XD ) These tasted as good as they look. Mmm.

etcetera six 3

Yet another Dutch licorice picture, heh. The stuff on the left is basically a pile of slightly-licorice-flavored-salt-bombs that I’m not sure why people like, but the spirals on the right are DELICIOUS! I had a hard time restraining myself from eating some while I edited the picture and wrote this post.

etcetera six 8

We’ve been using our fireplace quite regularly these cold winter days. It’s fun to experiment with different types of fuel, like pine cones. The tips of each scale turn red when they burn, transforming a woody cone into a glowing fire flower. Sadly it doesn’t show up that well in this picture. :/

etcetera six 15

We shall end with this cute little succulent. I love plants in general, but especially succulents. They’re adorable and pretty and so perfectly formed! I think they, along with all nature, show the intelligence of their Designer.

etcetera six 31

Welp, that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed browsing through this assortment of photographs. I’d love to hear…

Which picture was your favorite? Would you try to ride Eeyore? What about playing hockey in roller blades? Did you see the blood moon?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!



49 thoughts on “Etcetera #6

  1. THE MOON!! love all these pictures- probably the licorice one most of all XD And Eeyore! I still can’t believe Megan got a donkey. šŸ˜›


  2. Loved these pictures!!
    The second moon picture was my favorite I think! That’s so neat that you go to the nursing home on Christmas, so do we! šŸ™‚
    And exploring the creek sounds like fun!


    1. Yay, I’m so glad! I love that picture too. ā¤ Aww, really? That's great! We just started doing the tradition this year, since we used to go to our grandparent's on Christmas day.
      Thanks for the comment, dear!


  3. How did you get such amazing pictures of the moon!?! Is Megan still over-the-top thrilled with her donkey? I never thought she would get one, haha.


    1. Aww, well thanks! I usually photograph those pictures with low exposure (so they’re pretty dark and you can see the details on the moon), and then edit everything brighter except the moon.
      HAHA, YES. XD She is still pretty obsessed with Eeyore and donkeys in general, but maybe not quiiiite as much as she used to be. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, I would totally ride Eeyore, and I’ll have to add that to my list of things to do when I visit. XD Eeyore is soooooo cute! ā¤ I've never had roller blades, or used them, so I don't think that I would be good at it, but I'd try!


  5. Really nice!!! Your photography looks so professional! I love the moon photos. I didn’t see the blood moon either *pouts* the sky clouded over. Oh wow, Megan can ride Eeyore, that’s sounds fun!


  6. AHHHH, I LOVED THIS POST! Maybe your etcetera posts are my favorite. Anyway, the first picture was GORGEOUS! And I loved the ones of Megan and Eeyore. I want to ride her. XD Also that one vertical moon picture was REALLY GOOD! And that windmill picture was really good too. EEP, I LOVED THEM ALL.


  7. I would definitely ride Eyore. Actually, when I saw the first picture of the girls leading Eyore I told me sister, “why don’t they ride him? I would.” Then I saw the one of Megan on him.
    Roller blades are a lot of fun! And playing hockey in them sounds grand!!

    Those sun set pictures were so beautiful!!! ā¤ ā¤ I have this thing for sunsets and sunrises; they are just marvelous! I think my favorite was the last one with the moon. ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


  8. Hi!
    Oh, my. I love the picture of the windmill and the first picture of the moon(: I might pat Eeyore’s head, but I may not quite ride her. *ashamed face* šŸ˜œ What was you’re favorite picture?
    Have a very lovely weekend!



    1. Thank you, dear! I love those too. ā¤ Ha ha, well no worries, I don't blame you. šŸ˜‰ My favorite picture might be the windmill one!
      Aww, thanks – you too! Thank you for the lovely comment. šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Yay! I am always so happy when you post a photography post!! šŸ˜€ Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! ā¤ Also, Megan on the donkey is so AWESOME!!! XD Eeyore looks very unimpressed. XD XD YES! I would definitely try to ride Eeyore. ;P Since I do not know how to use roller blades that does not sound very enjoyable. šŸ˜› But if I know how to use them I bet it would be awesome! šŸ˜€ I did see the blood moon! It was pretty cool! But I was REALLY cold. XD XD Yeah, vultures are pretty weird looking close up. ;P Ohh! Now I want a moss rug! XD Yummmm! Those cookies look so good! šŸ˜€ We made some ball of peanut butter covered in chocolate for people working on Christmas day! ( since we don't really know our neighbors. šŸ˜› ) Wow! That was a long comment for me! XD Awesome post! šŸ˜€

    -Laura ā¤ šŸ˜‰


    1. Aww, I’m always so happy it makes you happy! XD THANK YOUUU! Ha ha, Eeyore does look unimpressed. šŸ˜› And yeah, if you didn’t know how to roller blade I’m afraid it wouldn’t be much fun. XD Ooh, neat! Oh my, I’ll BET! Yeah, they are. Ha ha, ME TOO! They were delicious! Your cookies sound SCRUMPTIOUS. Yay, I loved your long comment, Laura! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I love succulents…unfortunately, I’m a terrible at taking care of them. My friend got me one for my birthday. I cherished that little succulent, but I guess I didn’t water it enough, because it died. My mom bought me another one and I was determined to make sure that it would live. It didn’t. My mom bought me a third…it had the same fate as the rest.


  11. This is a very late comment, but AHH THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING. Your etcetera posts are always some of my favorites! I think my favorite photo is this gorgeous moon one. ā¤

    Also, roller skate hockey sounds extremely fun. XD I loved this post!

    -Clara ā¤


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