Picnics, Bonfires, and Summer Sparks {Fourth Fun, Part 2}

Hello, dears!

I’m back with the second part of our fourth of July adventures! You can read the first part here. This post contains a lot of summer fun, from sparklers and bonfires to picnics and string lights. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

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Let’s start with this lovely July 4th bouquet my sister picked for our picnic table. Isn’t it so bright and cheerful?

July 4th (26).2

My grandparents brought some sweet corn down to have for supper. Yummmm.

July 4th (25).2

My aunt, who is a professional photographer, meandered around our garden, taking beautiful pictures.

July 4th (29).2

My brother, on the other hand, raced around the garden, electrocuting bugs with his electric fly swatter. :’D Oh dear.

July 4th (27).2


July 4th (28).2

Mom and I hung up these lovely string lights especially for the weekend, but they were so pretty we still haven’t taken them down. Aren’t string lights magical?

July 4th (30).2

At last the food was all ready, mostly thanks to my mom and grandmother, and we gathered round for supper.

July 4th (31).2

Mom spent a long time making these kebabs, which we were all very grateful for because they were scrumptious!

July 4th (32).2

Ahhh I love this picture! So aesthetic. 😛

July 4th (33).2

Once the sun went down and we finished our picnic, we moved down to the pond where the boys had heaped up some brush wood for a fire. My cousins and sisters and I lighted Tikki Torches in hopes of keeping away mosquitoes.

July 4th (35).2

And voila – fire!

July 4th (36).2

Bonfires are so fun to photograph, especially if you can capture the movement of the flames.

July 4th (38).2

The sparks made their own galaxy streaming up from the fire. So pretty. ❤

July 4th (39).2

After a bit, we unwrapped some of the sparklers my cousin and sister had picked up. They accidentally got a lot more than they planned too, but that was fun! 😀 Now begins a series of dramatic pictures of playing with fire…

July 4th (41).2

This is definitely one of my favorite photos from the post. ❤

July 4th (42).2

We lit our sparklers at one of the torches. They took a surprisingly long time to catch on fire, but it worked.

July 4th (43).2

Doesn’t this picture look like something from an adventure movie, perhaps set in a cave?

July 4th (44).2

BAHAHA. I saved this photo from a video, which is why it’s so blurry, but isn’t Megan’s expression hilarious?? “What is this strange fire stick?”

July 4th (45).2

Jeff either looks cool, perplexed, or disgusted. I can’t quite decide.

July 4th (46).2

Whoa, it looks like Jeff is squeezing sparks out of his fist!

July 4th (47).2

This looks like an album cover or something. XD I’m not quite sure why blurry photos have become “aesthetic,” but anyway… here you go! 😛

July 4th (49).2

I tried to capture a little light painting, but gave up because I didn’t have a tripod and my aunt later took much better ones, which I participated in. But here’s one of the few I got.

July 4th (50).2

This one actually looks pretty neat! Jeff tried lighting three sparklers at once, which worked except the bottom one fizzled out too soon in this picture. 😛

July 4th (51).2

After much bonfiring and sparklering, we headed up to the house to get some sleep. I love how our house looks at night when it’s all lit up inside. ❤

July 4th (52).2

And that, my friends, covers the second half of our July 4th (technically July 5th) celebration. I hope you enjoyed those photos as much as I did!

Which lights did you like best: the string lights, bonfire, sparklers, or torches? What do you think of Jeff’s bug zapper? XD How was your Independence Day if you live in America?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 35 mm lens. Edited with picmonkey.com.


36 thoughts on “Picnics, Bonfires, and Summer Sparks {Fourth Fun, Part 2}

  1. Oh my goodness, fire! It is so pretty. 🙂 I’ve always been drawn to fire and sparkler photography, so this is right up my alley! Ahaha, Megan’s face is pretty much the face I make when I attempt to make art and it ends up looking like an ungainly mess. XD Ooh, I like the blurry one and the close up of the torch. Fantastic photos! ❤❤


  2. Ahhh, that was lovely! I.LOVE.THE.SPARKLER.PICS! And Megan’s expression with the sparkler is hilarious. ‘It must be some kind of magic!’ XD


  3. I love these! The fire pictures are so cool, I love the little sparks. ❤ I think blurry photos have become aesthetic *because* of album covers, because going through 80's and 90's music, all of the covers are… like… blurry. :p and I guess with some of the 80's being back, it becomes "cool" again.


  4. Literally all of these are SO BEAUTIFUL! Fire is SO cool in photography! I’ve always wanted to have sparklers and tiki torches! They just look so aesthetic. XD I wish I could’ve gone to a party like that this year, but with all the wildfires and dryness they put a burn ban on so we weren’t allowed to have a fire cuz there was just too much risk. 😦 It’s pouring rain now and has been getting only up to the early 70s so I’m glad that heat wave seems to be over. ,:D


  5. Oh, I love all the pictures! The light painting ones are so fun–the second one looks a bit like the American flag. The bug zapper is hilarious. XD
    We had a bonfire for fourth of July, as well, and it was so huge! We could hear people setting off fireworks, as well, but we couldn’t see any. So we watched fireworks on TV. 😉


  6. Aw, I love these types of photo-posts!! Our family had a really good Independence day. We had a lot of delicious food (including homemade deviled-eggs, which I LOVE), and my dad put on quite the show with fireworks. They were huge, and quite fun to watch, even if they were loud. 😛

    Just out of curiosity; what’s happening around your farm right now? On ours we’re mainly harvesting wheat, plus having the straw baled. I think we’ve finished with the peas, and it seems like it’ll be no time at all and we’ll be harvesting onions and corn. Time goes by so fast! 🙂


    1. Well YAY! That sounds like a wonderful July 4th, Kendra! 😀

      Ooh, thanks for asking! Yeah, we’ve been doing some baling too, although hay instead of straw. We’ve had a good bit of rebaling and delivery business recently too – in fact, we’re going on a delivery today! Other than that, not terribly much. But yeah, we’re finally getting things from the garden, like carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, melons, and cucumbers! We haven’t canned a lot yet, but Mom has put up some zucchini relish, green beans, and some refrigerator pickles. 😉 Do you guys preserve your produce?

      Thanks for the lovely comment, dear!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks; it was! 🙂

        My siblings have a garden (of a sort), and my dad has some jalapenos and tomatoes that he’s growing in pots, but other than that it’s my grandma who has the big garden that she will give us produce from, and she’s the one that preserves green beans, etc. So in a manner speaking we do, since my grandma does? 😛

        Oh, and we’re also going to plant carrots soon. Then combine beans and all that jazz. So my dad is EXTREMELY busy. XP


  7. Oh my goodness, both of my brothers have electric fly swatters – I am officially convinced that they would get along wonderfully with Jeff. :’D This comment is sort of for this post and your previous July 4th post – it seems like you guys had such a fun celebration! I looove all the fire/sparkler photos, especially this one:

    I loved seeing all of your July 4th adventures! Holiday celebrations with your family seem like so much fun. 😀

    -Clara ❤


    1. HAHA THAT’S GREAT. I’m sure they would get along splendidly. XD WE MUST MEET. We definitely did have a fun celebration! Ahh, thanks – I like that one too. 🙂 And YES! 😀


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