The Bunnies Are Back {Extreme Cuteness Warning}

Hello, my friends!

As promised in my last post, I have a couple of new pets to introduce you to today! We recently got two sweet lionhead rabbits – one buck and one doe – that we’re going to breed. Ahh baby bunnies! I can’t wait! So anyway, I went out and took a bunch of pictures for you guys the other day, including photos of Basil and Lavender because they’re still cute too. πŸ˜‰

I haven’t done a bunny post in ages, so I’m excited for this one! I hope you all enjoy. ❀

featured image 206

We’ll start with the first new bunny, a doe named Peppermint. She is… well, extremely fuzzy.


Lionhead rabbits are so called because they have an extra “mane” of fluff around their ears. SO CUTE.


She looks all squished into a bunny loaf in this one.Β 




I love the black eyeliner and… well we don’t really have ear makeup, do we? Heh, anyway, I like the black accents on her fur! She’s so pretty.


Lavender wanted some camera attention, so here she is. πŸ™‚




For some reason this pose reminds me of a startled meerkat or dog with its ears pricked. She looks most alert and concerned about the clicking black thing I’m pointing at her. Alright, Lavender, I’ll leave you in peace now…


I must say, Basil still seems to be the most photogenic of our rabbits. HER LOPSIDED EARS! Help.Β 


Basil eating hay spaghetti: a series.


“Come ON, you stubborn noodle!”


“Finally.” *munches*


Look very closely and you can spot two tiny rabbit teeth in this one. LOOK SHE’S SMILING.


THIS ONE CRACKS ME UP. Her expression is so serious but the lopsided ears rather nullify any dignity she may otherwise possess. And THE PIECE OF HAY. It looks like she’s smoking a pipe or something. :’D


“Ahem, what are you laughing at?” *munches*


Okay okay, last one. AGGHH.


And last but not least, here’s Parsley, our new buck. (Did you notice that all the names have a common theme? πŸ˜‰ )



Here he obliged with a stretched-out pose so you can see him clearly. :’D



THE FLUFF. I loveee this one!Β 


Bunny noses are definitely some of the cutest things, don’t you agree?


Of course, right when I was almost done taking pictures, the sun actually came out. -_-Β 


At least I got this cute sunny bunny picture to end with! πŸ˜€


Well, that was fun! Perhaps I should start making rabbit posts more often again. I hope these fuzzy bunny photos brightened your day, guys. πŸ™‚

Let’s take a poll: which bunny is the cutest?? Vote in the comments! πŸ˜€

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 50mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


77 thoughts on “The Bunnies Are Back {Extreme Cuteness Warning}

  1. OHHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning and the bunnies are gone….I might have to abduct them for myself XDXD

    Basil is my favorite! Those ears are just…..Agh!! So cute!!!

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  2. They are all so adorable! I especially can’t choose between the one where Basil is jumping at the camera and Peppermint is squashed into a loaf.

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  3. Awww…., dont put me in a tough spot by making me choose just one! All of them are adorable ball of fluff! The white doe looks like a little cloud! You’re so lucky to have them! I love their eyes! Please do post a blog on the baby rabbits when they’re born! This was an overwhelming dose of cuteness! Especially lopsided ear rabbit and the white doe! Thanks!

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  4. Hi there, I enjoyed discovering your blog and looking through your amazing photographs! These bunnies are adorable! 😍 Basil is definitely my favorite with Peppermint and Lavendar competeing for close seconds! They are all so cute! 😍 Also, I love their themed names!

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  5. Aww oh my goodness, definite cuteness overload!!! 😍 I love your rabbits, old and new. YES rabbit noses are the sweetest!! Thank you SO MUCH for making posts like these. ❀ ❀ ❀

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  6. My siblings said Basil is the cutest bunny. One thought her ears resembled a basset hound and another that her coat is beautifully colored.

    On Fri, Jan 29, 2021, 2:00 PM A Farm Girl’s Life wrote:

    > Allison posted: “Hello, my friends! As promised in my last post, I have a > couple of new pets to introduce you to today! We recently got two sweet > lionhead rabbits – one buck and one doe – that we’re going to breed. Ahh > baby bunnies! I can’t wait! So anyway, I went out and” >

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  7. AHHH BUNNIESSSS they’re the bessst. Basil’s coloring is SO pretty! And ahhh lionheads always have the most amazing bedhead heheh.


  8. They are freaking adorable! We just got a Lionhead as well, she is now 3months old. New adventure having a bunny in the house. She’s so cute! We just love her. We were told her color is a torte. 1st time Bun Bun owners, so we don’t know all the coat colors or breed characteristics.
    Ours does not have a mane yet, I assume if she grows one, it will be as she gets older.

    How big do Lionheads get? We read about 4# …?


    1. Oh my goodness, your bunny lives in your house?? THAT IS ADORABLE. I always thought it would be fun to have a house rabbit, but I’ve heard you have to rabbit-proof your house which seems like a pain. I’m not sure either when they get the “lion mane,” but I do assume it grows as they age. I think our lionheads are mostly full-grown and they’re… hmm, I haven’t measured. Just a regular rabbit size, haha! What is your bunny’s name?


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