A Snowy Sunday Photoshoot

Hello, my friends!

Guess what? (I think you probably already have.) It finally snowed here! After not getting a decent snow at all last winter, I was delighted to wake up and to white outside. There’s just something so magical about the first snow day of the year, isn’t there?

Knowing me, you guys won’t be surprised that the main thing I did with the snow was photograph it. XD I did also enjoy eating snow cream and walking around our farm to see how different everything appeared.

Anyway, this post is about the photography part. Enjoy falling snowflakes, a happy dog, and generally a lot of white space. πŸ™‚

featured image 207

I first went outside to take photos while it was still snowing. As will become obvious, heh. I loooove the way falling snow looks in photos! And well, in real life. πŸ™‚

I accidentally left my 50mm lens on with a low aperture, so I got several unintentionally blurry pictures. However, I actually love the way the focus is on the snowflakes instead of the barn here!

It was interesting taking these pictures because I’ve photographed a lot of the spots around our house so often that some photos ended up looking an awful lot like ones I’ve taken before… Sometime I should make a collage of different pictures of the same location! That would be neat.

We all know that Maggie is a most photogenic dog, but I’d say especially so in the snow. More pictures of her coming up!

Another blurry snowflake one! I could have deleted this, but there’s something I love about the simplicity of form and color here. (Don’t I sound professional? Hehe.)

Ooh, I love this one! Crepe myrtle bushes still make good photography subjects in winter.

A depiction of how the snow made me feel.

Another of the “same location, different time” pictures. It reminds me of the sunny version in this post!

The huge cedar guarding the graveyard behind the barns…

Do you think graveyards are creepy or neat? I lean toward the “neat” side, especially for the small, 200+ year old one that was here when we moved. My favorite part of this picture is the peace of it. It’s hard to find a quieter spot than a snowy graveyard.

Dad and Logan were out snowplowing from 7:00 a.m. to 4 or 5 in the evening, having signed up with our state’s department of transportation. Jeff rode along with Dad because how could you miss such an opportunity?? πŸ˜› So that left Megan, Carmen, Mom, and I to go for a walk once the snow stopped falling and we’d attended church service via Zoom.

All the fence posts had charming little snow caps. (Side note: my dad and brothers finally fenced in this pasture behind the barn so Nellie the goat has space to run. She is pleased.)

Maggie looks quite serious here, but trust me, she was thrilled to accompany us on our excursion. As always. πŸ™‚

The rest of the girls got tired of walking pretty quickly, so I just wandered into the woods myself and found this stream.

Although I usually prefer deciduous trees to evergreens, I must admit that evergreens look extra lovely in the snow. Plus they’re easier to paint, so I give them bonus points.

Here’s a serious black and white that seems like it should have some story or meaning behind it, but… *shrugs* It’s just my hand and a tree branch. Enjoy. πŸ˜€

Footprints in the snow.

I peeked inside this birdhouse and it’s almost filled with grass and fluff and nesting material. And spilling over with vines.Β 

Another Maggie picture! This one makes me smile. πŸ™‚

I’m contemplating whether this photo would be better if I cropped the bottom out… The old Christmas tree, out-of-place ladder, and compost bin Dad made Mom kind of ruins the mood… Oh well, too late now!

I love the way the big Great Room windows look in the back of our house. And usually the vine-prints (is that a word?) look ugly, but somehow I liked them in this photo. πŸ™‚

Ahh, so clean and white.Β 

I hope you guys aren’t tired of house pictures yet, because I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the front in the snow! I think our house in the snow will always remind me of the first time we stayed there before we moved (see this post).

Some pictures are rather disappointing to post because on a computer, at least, you can’t see the whole thing at once and thus you lose some of the composition. So here’s a half-blank picture to scroll through. πŸ˜€

We shall end with the beloved Narnia lamppost. πŸ˜€

Ahh, those photos were so fun to take. I hope you enjoyed looking through them too, whether you’ve already gotten enough snow for the winter or it doesn’t snow at all where you live.

Do you like snow or not really? Which photo was your favorite?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400 and a 50mm + 35mm lens. Edited in Lightroom.


63 thoughts on “A Snowy Sunday Photoshoot

  1. As it does not snow here, I’ve never really experienced snow other than the ‘ imagica snowland!’ But, I’d like to experience it even though I’ve heard people complaining how chilly and annoying it is! You are an awesome photographer and person! I’m so glad you posted this! I’d love to hear more about the snow there! πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. Aww, it’s sad that it doesn’t snow where you live! Yeah, it can definitely be annoying (and is always cold), but I love one or two good snows a season. πŸ™‚ Also that is so nice of you to say! I’m super happy you enjoyed it. If you want to see more of my snow posts, just search “snow” on my blog’s search bar!

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  2. I’ve heard plenty of stories from my family on what it’s like to live in snow and that’s how we ended up in S Florida lol. I was fortunate enough to experience being in snow a few years ago and I loved it! Thought it was absolutely magical! But it was super cold πŸ₯Ά I love all of your photos, they are spectacular! The Maggie photos are my favorite, followed by the crepe myrtle one. Thank you so much for sharing these! 😘

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    1. HAHA. That’s hilarious. I know, I think snow is magical too! And true, it’s always cold… I’m so happy you like the pictures, Maria! I love the Maggie and crepe myrtle ones too. Thank you for reading! ❀

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  3. Wonderful pictures! My favorite was the one with Maggie standing in the middle of all the fresh snow. I love fresh snowfalls! Being from Minnesota, you’d think we have a lot of snow right now, but it’s just below zero temperatures. We did get one snowfall on Christmas Eve and a fresh snowfall yesterday though. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I love that one too. πŸ™‚ Wow, really? I’m surprised indeed! But… WAIT WHAT? Subzero temperatures? Yikes. That doesn’t sound like much fun.


      1. Yup, there’s subzero temperatures in the forecast for everyday next week. We’ll be lucky if it at least gets to zero…only in Minnesota. XD It’s not too bad, but I’ve lived here my whole life (and I was born in January during the cold) so I’m pretty used to it by now.


  4. I tend to take a rather Anne-ish view of graveyards (I suppose this would fall in the ‘neat’ category, but I am not sure I would use that particular word…). Country graveyards are so quiet and peaceful and I have been in some overseas in Europe where they are especially beautiful.

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  5. Ah, Allison, these are beautiful! I love all of them, but I especially like the one that shows the falling snow…somehow I can never figure out how to capture that? (Maybe it’s because when it snows where I live, the flakes are always really small…)

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    1. THANK YOUU! Yes, those are so fun to take! So, to show the falling snow you’re probably going to need a camera + lens with low aperture (mine was probably f 1.8-2.8), which means you’ll get a blurred background. But it DOES help to have big or fast flakes! It was snowing pretty hard when I took those photos.

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  6. I love cemeteries! They are so peaceful and really pretty in ALL seasons. We have a giant cemetery here in Cleveland called Lakeview Cemetery that has a lot of really unique monuments and large mausoleums. Great for taking pictures. You could spend the whole day there.
    Lisbon has Bowman’s Cemetery which is very creepy. Its kind of off the beaten path in the middle of some woods. Sometimes you find weird stuff there. Creepy.
    Mater Delorosa Cemetery in Penninsula is kind of cool.
    One time I went to Tinker’s Creek Cemetery and there was fog JUST OVER THE GRAVESTONES. It looked really cool. I will have to find the picture.
    Anyway! Loved the pics. And your dog is adorable. My dog LOVES the snow so we always try to go out in the woods so he can enjoy it. πŸ™‚


    1. Wow, that sounds amazing! I honestly haven’t visited many cemeteries but now I kind of want to. XD WHOA, the foggy one sounds amazing! I’d love to see the pictures!
      I’m so glad you liked the pictures! Hehe, aww, that’s so cute. Dogs in the snow are extra adorable, aren’t they? πŸ™‚


  7. Eep, such beautiful snow! ❀ I love seeing it! I kinda miss getting snow, haha! My favorite pictures naturally were of Maggie, hehehe. xD She's such a good doggo ❀ πŸ˜€


    1. Well shucks. Rain can be beautiful but there is something about snow. To be honest, snow doesn’t usually last long here either! At least not in a very pristine state. I quite like that one too – thanks!


  8. I really, really love snow. It never snows where I live though, because I live in a desert- UAE. My favourite pic was the one where the camera was only focusing on the snowflakes. It looked like there was glass in between and someone had dropped splashes of paint on it.


  9. I love that photo of your house in the snow… and I love your house, period! It’s absolutely beautiful! The kind of house I’d drive by and say “hey that’s my dream house” (although admittedly, I do that with a lot of houses XD)


  10. Ah-h-h-h-h, these pictures are all so lovely! ❀ Where we're living currently we don't get enough snow to amount to anything, so I enjoyed seeing your pictures!


  11. I think you should put your rights on the photos because they are really good! Well, i love winter and snow but i can’t bear the cold that comes with it! Also it doesn’t snow where i live so it just mean i’m a weak creature lol thank you for sharing dear~πŸ’•


    1. That’s really considerate of you! ❀ I've thought about adding watermarks, but the reality is that if people want to steal a photo, they can just crop off the watermark anyway. :/ But yes, I do own the rights to all photos on my blog unless otherwise mentioned!
      Yessss I feel you, Yiena! I hate cold too, maybe because I get cold so easily. XD HAHA well that's too bad. I am a weak creature too, hehe; you are not alone. πŸ˜› Glad you enjoyed!

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      1. I hope there will be a more secure way to creative people like maybe imbedding the picture itself with a code or sth, i dnt know but something smart that would quickly alert the owner that sth is going on~
        Well, glad to hear that but also sad like i dnt live in a snowy land but you do and it has it’s downsides but i’m sure you enjoy it regardless and as much as cold can be painful at times, the joy that comes while watching snowflakes and playing around chases all the hardships away…


  12. It is soooo pretty when it snows! I think you got some good photos.
    It’s kinda sad, because where I live it almost never snows. But…I’m currently at my grandma’s house and we’re in the middle of a snowstorm. So it’s been fun! I’ve gotten some nice photos too.


  13. I love all you photos of the snow on the farm! It takes me right back to where I grew up in Pennsylvania! The photos of the snow falling are gorgeous. I really liked the bluebird box on the barn. That is a classic!


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