Our Wedding Day!

Hello friends!

The long-awaited post about our wedding is finally here! I can’t wait to show you guys pictures of the whole beautiful day, from getting ready with my bridesmaids to the ceremony to the first dance to the sparkler exit. Everything was so so gorgeous and special – probably because we had it on my family’s farm and got to celebrate with almost 300 friends and family members. ❀

You ready for an overwhelming amount of joy? Read on!

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featured image 275

I don’t have all the pictures back from our photographers yet, so I’ll be supplementing with phone pictures and then making another post when I get the full gallery back.

Anyway. The wedding festivities began around 9:00 when my bridesmaids came for hair and makeup and all that fun stuff. We had SO much makeup – mostly courtesy of Aria, my MOH. My sister Megan made a cute letterboard sign to decorate our room, which was where we all got ready.

6 (1)

We didn’t have to hire any hair or makeup artists because I had so many talented bridesmaids!


Aria did my makeup and Chessie did my hair. Here I’m putting on mascara while my hair dries – Chessie used the “curly girl” method to give me heatless curls since my hair is naturally wavy. (Photo credit to Megan.)

Megan (1)

Hair is still drying, but here’s my makeup look! I wanted something very simple and natural, and I’m super pleased with how it turned out!

5 (1)

We built in plenty of getting ready time so that it was a very chill morning with music, chatting, and a few happy tears. πŸ™‚ I was banned from leaving my room in case Sully saw me (the guys got ready in my brothers’ room down the hall), so my bridesmaids brought me lunch from downstairs.


Meanwhile, Sully and the groomsmen were getting ready in Logan and Jeff’s room. They came a lot later than we did since of course it takes girls much longer to get dressed up than guys. πŸ˜› I love these photos from @fredericksphotoandfilms! (The next several photos are from them as well.) Aren’t they so classy with the dark colors and dramatic lighting? My brothers conveniently had a lot of navy things in their room which matched perfectly.


The photographers also got flat lay detail shots, incorporating our rings and the stationery I designed.


I am so pleased with the colors of the bridesmaids dresses from azazie.com. They’re just what I was hoping for! And I absolutely adored my wedding dress too, which I got from Etsy here. I ordered it with custom measurements and it fit perfectly! :O You can see my shoes (from Amazon here) and my bridal bouquet (on the little table) in the right picture.


Even though most of the bridesmaids had seen me in my dress before that day, they wanted to do a “first look,” so we did. Lots of shrieking. XD It was fun! Then Mom came up to do all the maaaany buttons on the back of the dress. I love this picture. ❀

Allison & Sullivan

Some of my favorite girls. ❀ I hardly ever wear heels since I’m already 5’11”, but I kinda had to so I didn’t trip on my dress and honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Still, I don’t think I’ll wear them often.

Allison & Sullivan

Then a first look with Dad. ❀ I could tell both of my parents were kinda like “whoa… this is happening this is happening ah” when they saw me in my dress for the first time. It was really sweet. I didn’t cry at all until after the ceremony though, kind of surprisingly.


Probably my favorite memory from the wedding morning was singing hymns with my bridesmaids. We were all ready and waiting and had to do something with our nervous energy, so someone turned on the speaker and picked out music. Sully could hear us singing from the room where he was waiting with the groomsmen. He texted me some song suggestions, along with “I love you so much… You sound so beautiful…” It was an almost sacred moment of rest and connection and prayer before the ceremony. (Video credit to Sully’s sister Sheridan.)

Then the ceremony! Woohoo! I don’t have many photos from it yet, but it was beautiful. It nearly took my breath away to walk down the aisle with Dad and see almost 300 faces beaming back at me – and Sully, waiting at the front and trying not cry (he succeeded and just smiled instead). Sully’s pastor gave an excellent message and we did all the official wedding-y stuff like exchanging vows and rings. And a kiss, of course!Β 


WE’RE MARRIED! HAPPINESS! Also look how pretty the tent is with the string lights and all the beautiful people in it. ❀


When we got inside and our families came to congratulate us…Β that’s when I cried. I think that made it feel real, ah. The guests moved their chairs to the barns behind the house for appetizers, 4-Square, cornhole, and visiting, while the family + wedding party went back outside for pictures. This is one of my favorite photos from the entire day; looking at it makes me happy every time. What wonderful, beautiful friends and family God has put into the lives of Sully and I!

Allison & Sullivan

After the bride and groom portraits (more on that in the next post), we went back to join the party! This picture by my brother Jeff captures the string lights and barns so well. Aren’t they beautiful?


It was supposed to thunderstorm that afternoon but guys, God answered so many prayers and it was like He put a bubble around us – you could see a tiny patch on the map where the rain didn’t hit, and that was us. It was amazing. ❀ It did sprinkle just a tiny bit, though, so after supper we moved the schedule up and did the dancing first. Here’s a picture by Megan.

megan 2 (1)

And here’s a video of the whole thing by Sully’s aunt! We’re dancing to “Annie’s Song” by John Denver. We took dance lessons from a friend for this and it turned out beautifully. We had a lot of fun and the guests seemed to really enjoy it too.

We also did a father/daughter dance and mother/son dance. (Photos from my cousin Jianna and Sully’s sister Meredith). I love the smiles in these pictures! Also you can see the back of my dress a bit on the left. Isn’t it gorgeous? A friend from church bustled it for me so I could dance without tripping.


Now some cake-cutting pictures by Sully’s grandma. I can’t wait to show you more close-up pictures of this part, but for now… the doughnut board! Isn’t it beautiful?


The rest of the reception was a ton of fun too. There were the sweetest toasts or speeches by the parents and best man/matron of honor, open dancing in between the barns, talking to our friends, more bride and groom portraits, a rainbow (it was so special!), and last but not least, a sparkler exit. I changed into the dress from my bridal shower since it was much easier to ride in a car with this one, haha.Β 

Allison & Sullivan

Of course Sully had to kiss me at the end. πŸ™‚ We used my Dad’s vintage Chevy truck as a getaway car, but more on that (and how decorated Sully’s actual car was) in later posts. Sully finally got it to start, and we drove away as husband and wife! Ah, what an amazing day.

Allison & Sullivan

And that, my friends, is a very small peek into the best day ever. Sully and I have so many good memories from our wedding – I’m glad I get to share a few of them with you guys! Coming up next: some beautiful bride and groom portraits from the day. Until then, let’s chat in the comments!

Which photo(s) did you like best? Have you ever been part of a wedding?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


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68 thoughts on “Our Wedding Day!

  1. It’s gorgeous!!!!!!
    Love it!!!!!!!!
    I waited for this the entire weeeeeekkkkk


    I love the fact that it was In your families farm!!!!


  2. The doughnut pegboard is so cool! How did you do that? I don’t have a favorite picture–all of them are so good! I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures. And nope, I’ve never been in a wedding. The only wedding I will probably be in is my own.


    1. Thank you! My brother Jeff built it for us out of plywood and wooden dowels. He made the dowels long enough that we could stack two doughnuts on each!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures. ❀ I've only been in one wedding before, but yeah, I guess now I've technically been in two counting my own.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah, that was so beautiful! And you looked absolutely STUNNING, Allison!!! 😍 I know that God has many wonderful things in-store for you and your now husband…keep seeking Him. ❀


    1. To be moh comes from a very special bond between 2 people & it was a very special moment between some very close women & God, so I’m not surprised you found it emotional. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for sharing the joy of your day. There’s nothing like seeing a radiant bride and handsome groom celebrating their joy of being together. Much happiness in your marriage always.


  5. My goodness, how lovely!!!πŸ₯Ή You two are SO PRECIOUS. Congratulations!!!!!πŸŽ‰ Your dress is so PRETTY, and your HAIR is so pretty, and…gah. May God bless you two in your marriage! And once again, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. What a joy!😍✨


  6. Wow such a beautiful day! β™₯ Thank you for sharing this with us. You both look amazing, as does the venue and all the guests… Wishing you, once more, all the best πŸ₯‚


  7. Ahhhh… the wedding! These pics bring back so many good memories. I especially love the pictures of you coming down inbetween the sparkelers, (sooo pretty!!!!) and I also really loved the picture of the wedding party, but of course, they’re all amazing!


  8. Congratulations to you & your husband Allison. Such beautiful photos, I don’t have a favourite, although, I do love the one of you & your mum. I was a bridesmaid twice as a child for both of my sisters, I don’t remember it but I have seen lots of photos…between them, it was lots of lace & odd colour combinations! I got married myself last year & I too had numerous colours for bridesmaid dresses, we got married in our church & had our reception in our church hall, we had to be a little stricked with numbers, due to limits still being present at the time but we didn’t want to put it off another year (we had originally planned to get married in 2020) but it was a fabulous, emotional, funny & exhausting day, I felt Gods presence a lot that day. Xx


    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I love the one of Mom and I too. How neat that you got to be bridesmaid for both your sisters! Congratulations on getting married last year – I loved hearing about it. ❀ Phew, it sounds stressful to have to plan a wedding during pandemic times. I'm glad it was still a fabulous day full of God's blessings. We definitely felt that on our day as well.


  9. Okay, these might be the most amazing wedding pics I’ve ever seen… and they’re not even the ‘professional’ ones yet??? I could just feel the love coming through, and the backdrop was just perfection! I love absolutely everything about it! So beautiful!!!
    Congratulations! You were a GORGEOUS bride!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AGH. That made me so happy, Nicole! I’m so glad you liked the pictures because I mean I’m biased but ME TOO – and for the same reasons you said!
      Aww thank youuu. ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you for sharing the wedding pictures. Allison,You are a beautiful bride. Wishing you and Sullivan a life of love,happiness and peace. God Bless.
    Marilyn and Marion


  11. Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. It meant a lot. The pictures turned out great it looks like! Also, I found the “hugging the family” part right after the ceremony to be one of the most special parts of our wedding as well. There was just something so beautiful about it.


    1. It meant a lot to have you there, Graham! Yes, the pictures turned out wonderfully! I remember how sweet that part of your wedding was too. ❀️


  12. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your special day. I am so happy that you had such a wonderful day. All the best wishes to you and Sully!


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