A Winter Walk {Pinecones, Sunsets, & String Lights}

Hello friends!

Sully and I took a walk around my family’s farm a couple weeks ago to find greenery for Christmas decorating. The day turned out to be absolutely beautiful, with golden hour light fading into a glorious sunset and ending with the farmhouse wrapped in warm string lights. I wanted to take you guys along with me so you could enjoy the peaceful scenery too!

Let’s take a walk, shall we?

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We first went to a new piece of land my Dad recently purchased to clear and grow crops on. Tons of pines still cover it and I thought maybe we could find a Christmas tree there, or at least some greenery. So we took a maul and pruners. 🙂


Sully chopped off a few limbs for me which I used to decorate my house, as you can see in the last post.


We caught the tail end of golden hour, so of course I had to take some pictures of backlit dead weeds, hehe.


Look at the sun through the pines. ❤


We found this bushy pine thing that possibly could work as a Christmas tree, but later I ended up getting a cedar tree from this same piece of land instead. I still used the Christmas bush for greenery though, so it wasn’t a waste. Sully’s face is supposed to express manly satisfaction at using a maul or something? Not quite sure… :’D


This picture makes me smile. Thanks to Sully for helping me collect greenery. 🙂


After we foraged a bunch of pine, we drove the Mule (like an ATV, not an animal) to another field to find more evergreen treasures. I found tons of pinecones, just as the sun was starting to set.


A view of the sunset from the Mule.


There’s something so striking and clear and pleasing about silhouettes and sunsets, you know?


Ooh I like this one. Tiny moons and sunsets together always make me happy.


Look at the pretty colors and textures in this one!


Ah, now here’s a proper shot of the sunset. The clouds were brilliantly colored but overhung by a calm, peaceful moon and sky.


Couldn’t resist getting a sunset reflection shot with Sully’s glasses. 😛


We made it back with all the newly-collected greenery and found the moon waiting for us right above the barn.


It brings me such joy to walk into my family’s house at night with the string lights on the porches.


I like how you can see Mom through the kitchen window. 🙂


One last shot with a tiny piece of fading sunset in the background. Do these photos make you feel calm and peaceful like they do for me?


That’s it for today’s post. Next week I’ll be back with something more Christmas-y. Possibly another short story to add to my Christmas collection here on the blog… Meanwhile, I hope that you enjoyed these serene winter photos and that you have fun preparing for Christmas!

Which photo did you like best? Do you prefer string lights or Christmas lights?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


38 thoughts on “A Winter Walk {Pinecones, Sunsets, & String Lights}

  1. thank you for taking us along on your beautiful walk!! 🧡 aaah, the cute little moon in the sunset pictures, i love that so much. :,) I’m always looking forward to your pictures and lovely words!


  2. We shall take a walk indeed 🤸‍♀️
    I always enjoy your golden hour nature photography🌚. So beautiful and peaceful✨. I’ve always known that I loved sunset silhouette photo’s but the way you caught them is GORGEOUS 🤩! The colors especially! Honestly, all these sunset pictures make me so, so happy😂! They’re absolutely lovely and you’re so talented🌹. May God continue blessing you man🌺!
    I don’t know if my vision is betraying me or what but those string lights kinda look they’re floating😂 and it’s so pretty✨! Lovely work as always Allison❤


    1. Thanks so much – I always enjoy taking golden hour photos. 🙂
      AH THANKS! I know right? The colors were outstanding!
      You are so sweet. Hehe yeah, the string lights kinda do look like they’re floating since you can’t see their attachments in the dark.
      Lovely comment as always Sabrina. ❤️


  3. Your photo posts are so beautiful. They just make me feel calm and happy after a busy day. Ha, ha! They also inspire me to pull my camera out and take picture of the simple – but spectacular – moments that are too easily overlooked. 🙂


  4. I Enjoyed All the Pictures but I Enjoy Lights and My Favorite Pictures are 4, 13 and 15 Not Counting the Cover Photo. Thank You for Your Share.


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