An Updated House Tour + Cottagecore DIYs

Hello friends!

In the months since my first house tour, I’ve been slowly changing and updating the decorations. These past two months especially I’ve made a lot of cottagecore crafts and DIYs that I wanted to show you guys. Think clay mushrooms, painted furniture, and lots of plants and books. I hope you enjoy this updated house tour!

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We’ll start in the kitchen. (The window’s open because it was so nice outside.) I transplanted some ivy from outside into a hanging pot, displayed this cute recipe box more prominently, and made a moss and mushroom terrarium. I sculpted the mushrooms from air-dry clay and painted them with acrylic paint. I’d recommend sealing them if you do this because otherwise the bottoms get soft again when wet.


I updated our breakfast nook to look more cohesive. Do you like the color-coordinating water bottles under the table? πŸ˜› I store them there so they’re (mostly) out of sight but still easily accessible.


I love this little collection. ❀ The frog candle is named Wesley and was a White Elephant gift. I don’t have many flowers in my yard right now so I mostly filled these vases with greenery.


And here’s my new painting! I had so much fun making this. I used a cut-up old debit card instead of a palette knife to add texture to the acrylic paint. I really like the effect.


Moving on to the dining room now, which has gone through probably the biggest transformation. Mostly because our parents gave us new chairs since you saw it last – beautiful wooden ones to go with Granddaddy’s handmade wooden table.


Here’s one of my favorite cottage-y DIYs: a moss bowl centerpiece. I thrifted the white bowl, filled it with soil and moss from my yard, and sculpted another clay mushroom to hold small thrifted candles.


My granddaddy also made us these beautiful wooden stands which I used to brighten the corner of the dining room. I thrifted the candleholders and vase, received the beautiful pressed flower taper candles as a gift, and picked the violets from my yard. The wooden stool (also from Granddaddy) serves as a second shelf to hold pretty books and cute quail candles.


So basically this dining room is sponsored by Granddaddy because he ALSO made this amazing bookshelf. I updated the decorations with things like old books, a pretty notecard, a pothos leaf, and another flowerpot of moss and mushroom. Megan found the dried roses (second to top shelf) in her closet the other day and I realized they were the bouquet Sully gave me on our first date. ❀ I had to display it too.


I learned how to make macrame plant holders, yay! This tiny plant is a baby from the huge pothos on my fridge.


I switched a few things around in my living room too – blankets, pillows, and a photo canvas from my aunt. Sully acquired a bass guitar and is getting pretty good at playing it. He’s actually practicing it as I write this, haha.


Another of my favorite updates: I painted a chair! This used to be at our breakfast nook but it wasn’t needed there when we got more chairs. It was kinda boring though so I decorated it with acrylic paint. In the background of the first picture you can also see more thrifted candlesticks + candles and a book box hiding game console stuff.


I updated my gallery wall since you last saw it too. About half of the artwork is my own, including the portrait of Sully and I in the middle. ❀ The rest either came from old books or from Megan’s Cut+Paste magazines. All the frames but one were thrifted.


One of my favorite non-homemade updates are these fairy lights! They bring me an incredible amount of joy and make the bedroom feel soooo cozy. The phone picture on the right doesn’t do it justice. Here’s a link (affiliate) to the kind I bought. I had to bunch them up to fit the curtain perfectly but I just adore how it turned out!


I also switched up the pillows + throw to make things more soft and cottagecore and less contrast-y and modern.


Another happy bedroom update: my plant corner! I upgraded Carmen’s avocado tree to a bigger pot and placed it in a classy basket I bought at Hobby Lobby. The wood stand is another from my granddaddy; I use it as a little “propagating station” to grow more pothos plants since they root so easily. I also made this macrame plant hanger.


The studio remained mostly the same but there were a few touches I wanted to show you. I collected some stuffed animals on the bookshelf, accompanied by aesthetic old books we found on our Wytheville trip and topped by a succulent I got for Christmas.


I didn’t expect to like these paint swatches so much! They really brighten up the blank wall between Sully’s desk and mine. I’m always making more colorful scraps when I do paintings for my Etsy shop so I’ll probably hang up another row here soon.


That’s pretty much it for the new touches in my house, other than some reorganizing in the basement. Obviously that wasn’t an exhaustive tour so check out my first post here to see more of my house as well as links to some of my favorite home decor items.

Which DIY was your favorite? Do you like the cottagecore style of home decorating?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!



31 thoughts on “An Updated House Tour + Cottagecore DIYs

  1. I love how you painted the chair! You may have inspired me to try it myself.
    I also love the violets–they won’t grow here in the Arizona desert, but I grew up in New Jersey, where they bloomed every year around this time in our backyard.


    1. Yes it was such a fun project! Totally recommend.
      Violets are such a sign of spring. Glad I could bring back good memories with the pictures. ❀️


  2. Allison your house is lovely and cozy welcoming. The dining room furniture is what we like. The flowered chairs would light up any room/ Wonderful job.
    Marilyn,Joan and marion


  3. Your home is so bright and beautiful! I love the way you decorate. ❀️ I’ve always liked the cottagecore aesthetic. Your diys are very cute n creative! πŸ„ Thanks for sharing all the coziness with us.


  4. Hi Allison! You decorated your house into a beautiful, cozy home! I just love all the touches you’ve done. You’re so talented, not only in that but in painting! The artwork you do is amazing!
    Wow! Your granddaddy is also talented- lovely furniture.
    Thank you for showing us!
    God bless,


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the house tour – I enjoyed giving it! Aww thank you. It’s so fun to decorate my house with art I make to fit it. And yes, Grandaddy is SUPER talented. Thanks for reading!


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