Golden Hour Spring Photoshoot + Q&A!

Hello friends!

I am super excited for this post: a breathtaking golden hour photoshoot plus a Q&A! I wandered the farm with my camera after I finished hay work a couple days ago and found So. Much. Beauty. The photos reminded me of a similar post I made before I got married.

Several of you guys have requested more marriage-themed posts or a Q&A, so I thought now would be a fitting time to collect questions from you guys. Sully and I will  answer them on our upcoming one-year anniversary on May 22. Enjoy some lush golden green and ask your questions in the comments!

featured image 301

This is my favorite golden hour trail on the farm. Can you see why? It’s a magical glowing path. ❤

golden hour (22)

I found tiny bluets and pussytoes scattered among the moss at the edge of the woods.

golden hour (23)golden hour (24)golden hour (25)

I made it all the way down the hill and took a photo of the view looking up. Green pastures guarded by old hay bales.

golden hour (8)

The creek in the woods wound calm and mirror-like through the sandy banks, reflecting the treetops above.

golden hour (27)

One tree past the creek caught the sun and flamed warm among the surrounding cool shadows.

golden hour (28)

I climbed another hill and looked down into this lush, damp clearing. The light circled the little valley in a line, carving out a cup of shade.

golden hour (30)

Mayflowers carpeted the whole area, their leafy umbrellas hiding modest white flowers. A few stems looked broken (or eaten) off, leaving the flowers exposed.

golden hour (31)extras (14)

The wheatfield looked delicate and aesthetic in the soft evening light.

golden hour (32)golden hour (34)golden hour (35)

I found my favorite golden hour nook – soft, creamy light and beautiful spring green!

golden hour (36)golden hour (7)

I also found a spider who shared my high opinion of this place.

golden hour (6)

I wished I could get proper portraits here but as I was alone and without a tripod, I had to settle for a few hazy selfies.

golden hour (5)

golden hour (1)golden hour (3)

I’m a bit surprised at how decently these pictures came out; I was sweaty and dusty from work and figured it would show more in the photos. You can see some hay dust in my hair in this one though.

golden hour (4)

Walking back along the first path, I found dozens of backlit dandelions.

golden hour (14)

I know dandelions are supposed to be weeds but I’m always mesmerized by their perfectly domed shape and delicate seed parachutes.

golden hour (11)

This is now my phone home screen. Such serenity. 

golden hour (15)

The hay barn always looks prettiest in this time of the afternoon. 

golden hour (16)

As does this small shed.

golden hour (17)

It felt strange, walking alone down this path like I had so many times before I was married. I am extremely grateful I still get to visit my family’s farm often and enjoy the beauty there. It helps me not miss it as much as I expected.

golden hour (18)

Still, evenings like these make me miss living in the country – the solitude, the nature, the beauty… It fills my heart like brick buildings and paved roads never do.

golden hour (19)

Maybe one day I’ll live in the country again. But for now I am overjoyed to live in our sweet little house in this sweet little town, close enough to visit the farm and my family often but removed enough for Sully and I to start our own life together. It’s been a wonderful almost-one-year of marriage. 

golden hour (20)

Ah. I hope this post brought you as much joy to read as it brought me to create. ❤ And I hope you’ve had a beautiful spring so far too.

If you have questions you want Sully and I to answer, drop them in the comments! 

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D7200 and a 35mm lens. Edited with Lightroom.


30 thoughts on “Golden Hour Spring Photoshoot + Q&A!

  1. Questions for the Q&A:
    – What are yours and Sully’s Enneagram types?
    – What’s one or two things that you guys have learned about each other that made you laugh and/or love each other more?
    – Will you guys ever get a pet, if so what kind?


  2. Beautiful photos! I especially like the tree landscape photos.
    Here are some questions for your guys:
    How do some of the biblical instructions regarding marriage and husbands and wives look practically in your marriage?
    What are your love languages?
    Do you listen to podcasts, YouTube videos, etc. together?
    What are some specific ways that your own families/parents have influenced and inspired how you run your own household?

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  3. Wow! What a beautiful property with the creek and trees! It’s so peaceful looking. I’m so glad you live close enough to visit. 🙂
    Here’s the questions for the Q & A: What is something you’ve always wanted to do? And is there a place you’ve long wanted to visit?
    God bless you, Allison!

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  4. Your posts always make me smile. Thank you for sharing!!

    Questions for you & your husband:
    – What is your favorite thing about each other?
    – Favorite supper meal to eat together?
    – What is something you wish you knew before getting married?
    – Your top tip for a newly engaged couple?
    – What is your favorite kind of date? Casual, fancy, out in town, at home, etc.

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  5. questions:

    what are your thoughts on children in the near//distant future?
    how similar are your music tastes?
    what is a highlight of married life from each of the past four months?
    what is a skill Sully would like to steal from Allison and vice versa?
    do y’all do Bible study together or separately?


  6. Questions for your upcoming Q &A.
    1.) What do you each envision your relationship being like in five years from now?
    2.) If you could do anything with your life’s, money being no object, what would it be?
    3.) What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses in your relationship?
    Keep celebrating nature and your wonderful life!


  7. I’d love to hear y’all’s answers to the following:

    1) What has been the thing that has most surprised you about marriage (good or bad)?

    2) Is there anything about your marriage experience so far that seems to go against the common stereotypes or advice about marriage?


  8. I was just hopping onto WordPress for a super quick moment; but when I saw there was a photo post from you, I grabbed my coffee and sat a moment to take in the pretty pictures. 🙂 You have such a beautiful eye when it comes to noticing the little details of God’s creation, and looking at the beauty you capture is so peaceful and calm. What a lovely way for me to start my busy day! 🙂


  9. Hi! I’m a little late to the party and these might be too many questions…but I’ll post this comment anyways. 😂 (Also, I love the forest path picture.)
    1. If you had one song and Bible verse that encapsulates your and Sully’s relationship, what would it be?
    2. What is a phrase that your spouse says the most often without even realizing it?
    3. Do you feel like your family relationships outside of your marriage have changed since your marriage/how do you stay close to extended family?
    4. Who’s more talkative?
    5. Have you ever heard of the five love languages? Do you ever apply it to your marriage or do you think it’s useless?
    And then this next question is just silly…
    6. Dill or sweet pickles? 😉


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