I have lots of little things to post about, so I thought I’d just post them all together.  Here goes!

*************************************************************                                                                                             Sunset

Several days ago we saw this GORGEOUS sunset.  I seriously think this was the prettiest sunset I have ever seen.  The colors were so bright, and the clouds were all swirly.

-Allison(sunset) 005

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

-Allison(sunset) 003                                                                                              Scents

If you haven’t tried this, you should!  Put orange or clementine peels in a small pot.  Put some water in the pot, and add some cinnamon and whole cloves.  This makes your house smell amazing! -Allison(sunset) 024                                                                                         Surprise!

This is a gross but true story: We got our Christmas tree a couple of days ago, and the kids insisted that we move the furniture so we could put the Christmas tree in its customary spot by the window.  Since we moved the couch, we had to sweep all the dust up. My brother was trying to vacuum up a dust bunny, but it wasn’t going too well.  You’ll never guess why.  Do you give up? Ok: it didn’t sweep up well because it wasn’t dust at all – it was a dead frog!!  Yep, a really-truly dead frog.  Actually, it was more like a petrified frog chip, it was so dry and hard.  Why this is so funny is because that frog was the one that had hopped out of its cage months before, and we never knew what happened to it.  We thought maybe the cat got it, but nope!  My mom said that maybe the dead frog was what we had been smelling a while ago.  Gross!!

Oh, and one other little thing: Complete-the-Set game

This is just a little game I made up that’s fun to play while traveling or waiting for something.

1.  Choose one person to be “it” for the first round.

2.  The “it” person thinks of a set (primary colors, initials, etc.)

3.  “It” tells the other players all but one of the items in that set. (For example, if the set was “primary colors”, the “it” person could say “blue, red, and…”, or “red, yellow, and…”, but they couldn’t say “blue, red, yellow,” because there wouldn’t be any part of the set left to complete!)

4.  The other players take turns trying to complete the set.

5.  Whoever guesses correctly first gets to be the new “it”.

Have fun!


Happy Holidays!



12 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. These were great tidbits! The sunset speaks of a GLORIOUS Creator! Everything looked aglow! Also, I like NATURAL scents, much better than Scensy candles, I hope to try that orange peel idea! And, we all hooted about your dead frog, poor thing!

    Love game ideas for our tine in the van!

    Aunt Luci


  2. This is really nice! I loved the sunset, but the orange peel recipe looked kinda…gross, but I should try it!
    The frog story was gross, too…but that doesn’t mean I don’t like this post! 🙂


  3. Uh, I know this is a very OLD post, but I just wanted to say that those sunset pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve seen a sunset that pretty before!


    1. Thank you so much, Natasha! Ha ha, I don’t mind in the least that it’s an old post. 🙂 I know! It probably was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!


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