Hidden Pictures Post #2

How was your Christmas? Mine was great!  I’m back with a new post after taking a break for Christmas.

You can see my first hidden pictures post here.  Now for #2! I will give you some pictures, and you can try to find the hidden pictures within the pictures.  If you get stumped, there are answers at the bottom of the post.  Have fun!

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 002

#1. Can you find a stocking, the letter “b”,  a spiky butterfly, and an evergreen tree? (Hey! That even rhymes!)

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 001

#2. Can you find Little Red Riding Hood?

-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 003

#3. This one isn’t exactly hidden, but can you see how this could be a face?

Answers: (Sorry for the sloppy writing – writing freehand on pictures on the computer is hard!)


-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 002 - Copy


-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 001 - Copy


-Allison (Nov. snow, hidden pictures) 003 - Copy

Did you find all the hidden pictures?  Did you find any that I didn’t?





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