Make Your Own Game! Part 3: Game Pieces and Finishing Touches

Today I will finish up the Make Your Own Game Series with how to make game pieces and a box for your game to live in.  Let’s start with game pieces.

I think the most unique and customizable pieces can be made with polymer clay.  You can make them to go along with your theme, or just make an odd assortment of fun things, like I did.  I would recommend, though, that you make your game pieces more one size than I did, just so they look more uniform.

-Allison(game series 3) 001

There are lots of other options if you don’t want to use clay: use different colors of flat-bottomed clear pebbles, buttons with handles made from beads stacked together, small toys like toy cars or plastic animals, really you can use basically any small item that doesn’t roll off of the board.

It’s important to have a good box that keeps your game from getting bashed up when it’s on the game shelf, but also provides easy access to the game when you want to play it.  (In other words, don’t use a deep, barely big enough box or it will be hard to take your game in and out.)

I found the perfect box for one of my games: it is shallow, easy to open, and sturdy.  Unless the box has no writing or graphics on it, you will want to make a label to put on top.  You could just draw the logo on the label, or take a picture of the actual game and paste it on.  Make sure to draw the logo on all sides so you don’t see a blank side of the box from the shelf.

-Allison(game series 3) 004 -Allison(game series 3) 003

And there you go!  Have your friends and family test it out, and maybe someday you will even publish your game!

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9 thoughts on “Make Your Own Game! Part 3: Game Pieces and Finishing Touches

  1. I know you posted this a whiiile back, but I was really inspired and started making my own game, incorporating some of your ideas along the way (such as shortcuts). Thanks for the tips and tutorial!
    ~Gracie 😉

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  2. I once heard a story about a child who liked to buy games at yard sales and thrift stores, particularly games that didn’t have all the pieces. He amassed a huge collection, and used them to create his own games. I think he liked the idea of having incomplete sets, so that no one could push to play the “original” game they were meant for.


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