Q & A: Part 1


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Now presenting the first part of “Q & A with Allison!” You guys asked so many fun and lovely questions that I had to divide the Q & A post into several parts! If you reach down into the far depths of your memory, you might recall that I am doing this question and answer post to celebrate the fact that I have 100 FOLLOWERS! (Oh, yay! 101 now. XD ) If you would still like to ask me questions, feel free to comment on this post, and I will add them in to a later part. I’m going to answer the questions in oldest-to-newest order.

Misty‘s Questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I’m pretty sure I started this blog because my sister Megan was doing one as part of her school program and it looked like fun.
  2. What is your favorite food? Just ONE favorite? I’m sorry but that’s too hard. XD I’ll tell you a few of my favorite foods: crab legs, spinach, chocolate, pretty much any and all fruit, and cheese. Especially BabyBel cheeses! The list could go on and on, but I’ll stop making you hungry. 🙂
  3. Pens or pencils? Hmmm. It depends on what I’m doing. Pencils are probably the wisest choice for math, and they are great for sketching or drawing detailed pictures, but I love how smoothly gel and ballpoint pens write. I usually use a gel pen for Latin and Science – it makes the work more fun. 🙂
  4. What’s your dream career? I’m already doing one of my dream jobs! My dream job is selling things I make, and I’m doing that right now with my Etsy shop. (I know, that was about my 1,000th link to my Etsy shop. Sorry!) It’s extremely fun to make stuff that people will actually buy and use!
  5.  Favorite ice cream flavor? I like Rocky Road and Black Raspberry (and others).
  6. Tea or coffee? I like the smell of coffee better, but the taste of tea better. (Although it depends on the flavor of the tea.)
  7. Would you rather eat gelato or ice cream? Hmm. This is a hard one! We had raspberry sherbet once (sherbet is kind of like gelato, right?) and it was delicious. So I might choose that over raspberry ice cream because the sherbet was much more flavorful and fruity.


Megan (A Barefoot Gal)‘s Questions

  1. Why do you like to eat doughnuts better than excavators? Do you mean why do I like to eat doughnuts more than I like to eat excavators? Then the answer is, “I’d much rather eat excavators than doughnuts, of course.” XD This was a (just slightly) odd question, my dear sister, so it called for a slightly odd answer. XD
  2. Would you rather meet Anne at Green Gables or Mary Lennox in her Secret Garden? I would like Anne better as a friend, and it would be amazing to go to Green Gables, but it also be neat to see Mary’s beautiful Secret Garden. (When it was in bloom, of course.) So maybe Anne in the Secret Garden?
  3. A pet unicorn or a pet pushmi-pullu? If it was a rainbow unicorn, probably a unicorn. 🙂


Christian Homeschooler‘s Questions

  1. What are your favorite board games? Umm… Monopoly, Sorry, Checkers, and Chess are pretty much the only board games that come to mind, and I like those all pretty well. When we play games as a family, we often play card games or party-game type games, but right now my siblings (even my littlest sister) are really into Chess.
  2. Do you like to listen to a lot of music? What genre? I do like music, but I don’t listen to it nearly as much as some of my siblings do. 😀 As for the genre, probably CCM. I really like TobyMac’s songs especially. We went to a TobyMac concert once and he was great!
  3. What is a unique blogging tip you have? Okay, here are two tips:
    • Make your blog format inviting – Your blog’s format makes a huge difference in the initial presentation. If the format clear, easy to get around, and pleasing to look at, readers will enjoy coming to your blog much more than if the format is confusing, hard to get around, or boring.
    • Find your style – Find your own unique style of writing and/or photography. Your style helps you shine through your blog. A blog post is also more fun to read if you add something besides, “Here are some pictures.  ***Allison***.” (Actually, that’s pretty much what I did in my first ever post! XD XD ) Tell the story behind a picture, add funny captions to it… stuff like that will make it more interesting and will draw the reader in. Sometimes, even if I’m not necessarily interested in what a post is about, I still enjoy reading it because I like the bloggers writing/photography style. 🙂
  4. What is your favorite color? Practically my whole life I have loved the color purple. 😀


CutePolarBear’s Questions

  1. Have you ever moved? I have moved once in my life, when I was one year old – and it was only to the house across our lane! XD XD I am really glad for that though – I wouldn’t want to move out of our house or off of our farm. My dad lived in the house we live in now for his whole life except for a couple years in that house across the lane.
  2. Do you play any instruments? Yes, I have been playing piano for… I think 6 years.
  3. What board games do you like to play? See Christian Homeschooler’s first question.
  4. To what music do you listen? See Christian Homeschooler’s second question. XD XD
  5. Do you follow politics at all? Yep. My dad is pretty interested in politics, and we’ve been watching the debates lately. (Although I don’t always watch the whole thing.) It’s funny but rather sad how the candidates fight it out on stage. You’ll have to wait for another part to read which candidate I like the best!
  6. What’s your favorite food that’s not dessert? Sorry about this, CutePolarBear! The first people already asked a lot of your questions. :/ 😀 See my answer to Misty’s second question – minus the chocolate part.


Whew! That was only about 1/4 of the questions! But I’m glad there are more, because that was fun. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me.



21 thoughts on “Q & A: Part 1

  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂 I guess Christian Homeschooler and I think alike! 😉 Yeah, we always watch the debates, too. It’s pretty rude how they always fight and insult each other.



  2. I love learning more about fellow bloggers! I wish I could meet Anne of Greene Gables. I went to a Toby Mac concert a few moths ago and it was awesome!! I loved your blogging tips and I’ll use them:)


    1. I know, it would be so fun to meet Anne! She seems like she would be a great friend.
      I’m really glad you liked my tips – that’s great!


  3. 1. Have you ever moved? // I have moved once in my life, when I was one year old – and it was only to the house across our lane! XD XD I am really glad for that though – I wouldn’t want to move out of our house or off of our farm.

    WOW. Look at what you didn’t know. O.o


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