A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday we had Nature Study with our friends, and we went for a walk in the woods after our lesson. There were so many interesting and pretty things to take pictures of!

We drove to the woods in our truck, and I snapped this funny picture of Maggie while on the ride. It makes her look quite wide, doesn’t it? XD XD XD (You can see that she’s shedding for spring. 😀 )

-Allison(Woods) 001 (1280x960)

There was several lovely mosses that I just had to take pictures of – heh heh. 🙂 (Click on any picture to enlarge it.)

I like these pictures below of moss on a rock.

-Allison(Woods) 012 (1280x960)-Allison(Woods) 011 (1280x960)

A downy feather, stranded in moss…

-Allison(Woods) 013 (1280x960)

I also found a feather by the roadside. Isn’t it amazing how delicate and beautiful  feathers are? Actually, this feather is not exactly as delicate or beautiful as some. 😀 (Click to enlarge, again.)

Megan found a little salamander and put him on a leaf to take a picture of him. I slipped in to get a few pictures too. ;D (Cli… – eh, you already know. XD )

Fungus on a branch…

Henbit… I love looking at the little purple flowerets up close.

And last but not least, here are three galls my sister spotted for me. Another gall necklace, anyone? XD XD XD

-Allison(Woods) 024 (1280x960)-Allison(Woods) 025 (1280x960)


P. S. It feels super warm today – it’s 72 degrees (Fahrenheit)! When it’s warm in summer and spring sometimes our family will eat a meal on the little flat roof just beside our room. We listen to music, or watch the cars go by, and it’s really fun. 🙂 Have you ever done that?


17 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. WOW! I loved this! 🙂 Sounds like LOTS of fun!! OOH! I LOVE the pictures of the salamander! He’s so cool!! Or she.. 😉 😛 NEAT!!!!!!!!!


  2. These pictures were AMAZING, Allison! I loved the ones of the feathers. (And the Maggie picture was hilarious!)
    It’s really warm where I live, too! (Tomorrow it’s getting up to 80!!) And spending time on the flat roof sounds really fun! We eat out on our back porch pretty often in the spring and summer (and sometimes fall!). 🙂


    1. Thank you Sunny!
      XD Yep. 🙂
      Wow! I think it might get close to 80 sometime soon, but I’m not sure if it’s tomorrow. It will feel roasting! 😀
      Yep, it is!


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