Introducing… The Art Lab!

Guess what, guys? Hayley and I are starting an art collab series! It’s called The Art Lab, and we’ll post some new art inspiration every week along with some art we made (usually ATCs or envelopes). The inspiration will be from either art (like today), a photo, or a word. Usually we’ll take turns posting, but today we’re doing an introductory post together. We hope our posts will inspire you to artistic adventures of your own!

*Update: We have created an official Art Lab blog where we archive all of the Art Lab posts.*

This is the lovely inspiration Hayley picked for us:

inspiration 1 (564x562)


I made this ATC called “Hedgie’s Birthday” using the above inspiration. (If you don’t know what ATCs are, go here.) Isn’t the lil’ guy so cute? 😀 I love hedgehogs. ♥ I was inspired by the pretty banner and fun confetti to make a party-themed card. I made this ATC using watercolor crayons, water, and a black pen.

005 (1280x960)

Click here to see Hayley’s beautiful envelope she made! (Her post is much more interesting, I have to say. XD )

Are you excited to see more ArtLab posts? I’m excited to make them!



29 thoughts on “Introducing… The Art Lab!

  1. I’m very excited for the upcoming ArtLabs!! And I’m soooo glad I get to be apart of this super awesome series ;). Thanks for putting up with all my craziness so well ;). No way–this post was fantastic!! And so was your ATC!! I tell you–you’re one of the most creative person I’ve ever met!!


    1. Thanks so much! Well, we’re still figuring out if we’re going to do it on a different blog or not, but we’ve created one just in case: Thanks for asking! If we do decide to do a blog, I’ll announce it more officially later. 🙂

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