Art Lab, Episode #2: Dewdrops

I’m back with another episode of ArtLab!

If you recall, Hayley and I just recently started a collab series called Art Lab, where we post art inspiration and our art. (Read our first post here.) It’s my turn to post today, so I present… Episode 2: Dewdrops!


I have both a word prompt and a photo prompt for today’s inspiration. Bonus point! XD


The word prompt is *drum roll please* dewdrops! I love dewdrops!

The photo prompt is a picture I took recently of grass bedecked with dew drops. Ahh…. 😀 (See more dew pictures in this post.)

-Allison(arboretum) 007.JPG


This card I made looks sort of like the photo prompt, only I didn’t see the words “Happy Birthday” floating in the grass photo. XD

009 (1280x960)

010 (1280x960)

004 (1280x960)005 (1280x960) (2)

Here are a few tips for making the card:

  • Hang a dewdrop from any curved part of a letter, and if you really want to sprinkled them on, add some to a horizontal line as well (like on the cross of the “H”).
  • Once you’ve colored the grass with different green colored pencils, you may need to trace over some of the grass blades again with a pencil to sharpen their outlines.
  • To make the grass in the front look closer to you, make the dewdrops sharper and darker, and make the ones hanging from the back grass more faded.


I also drew this snail-on-a-leaf ATC which uses the word prompt.


A few tips for drawing this:

  • I drew this using different “levels” of pencils. I used a 5B pencil for some of the darker parts, like the shading of the dewdrops and the leaf stem. The higher up you go in B pencils, the softer and darker they will draw, and the higher up you go in H pencils, the harder and lighter they will draw. (For instance, a 6B pencil has a really soft lead that draws a fuzzy, dark line. A 9H pencil has a really hard lead that draws a sharp, faint line. Normal pencils are usually somewhere in the middle of the two.)
  • Play around with the design inside of the snail’s shell.
  • You don’t have to do this in pencil! Try using markers, watercolors, or colored pencils.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you were inspired to go make some art!




31 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode #2: Dewdrops

    1. Thanks so much! Ha ha – that’s hilarious. XD But I’ll bet you will get better if you practice! Besides, maybe your legless stick people with oddly shaped heads will become famous art someday. You can never tell… XD XD


  1. 😀 WOW! Neat!! 🙂 You inspired ME! I REALLY want to – 1: either go draw a picture with dew in it- 2: design a ‘dewy picture.’, or – 3: post my dewy grass pic -and – 4: ALL THREE! XD XD 😛 I think I’ll do #1 though!!! 🙂 I loved your pics/drawings!! They were very neat!!


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