Bunches of Bunnies

Our bunnies are wondrously fuzzy creatures who also happen to be quite fun to photograph. QUITE fun indeed. XD The other day Megan and Carmen and I took a few of our bunnies on an outing that resulted in many adorable photos. I hope you enjoy the squishableness!

I shall begin with my large but lovable rabbit, Lily. 😀 She might be the most photogenic of all our rabbits, as you can tell by the many pictures.

AWW! I love this picture. XD


Lily’s squishy face. XD


She has beautiful eyes, don’t you think?


Hee hee! Carmen made a “fort” for the bunnies out of an evergreen branch, and Lily actually loved it.
Apparently the fort wasn’t quite big enough. XD



Now we have Clemmie, who is more skittish and preferred to hide under the evergreen trees. But that turned out to be a good photo backdrop!

OH I LOVE THIS PICTURE! I actually erased an annoying branch that was right in front of Clemmie’s face with the clone tool on PicMonkey.



We did manage to put Clemmie in the exercise pen, but apparently she was not impressed…

HA HA! Her expression… XD
Poor thing! Megan put her Washington Nationals bracelet around Clemmie’s ears. 😛

And last but not least, we have my adorable flufferpuff, Willow. Willow is simply irresistible in real life, but unfortunately all that gray fur makes her rather un-photogenic. I got a few photos, though!



Ahhh I just want to squeeze her!
Please excuse the human leg. XD

Oh my goodness I love bunnies so much. ♥ Do you? Which bunny was your favorite? 😉



49 thoughts on “Bunches of Bunnies

  1. I can’t pick a favorite, sorry. XD They’re all adorable! I am very fond of Clemmie, though. She’s just so grumpy. 😛 All the pictures are amazing!
    I’m soooo excited because we’re getting bunnies! 😀 They are Holland Lops. They’re brothers, about a year old. We’re getting them next week! 😀 I can’t wait!!

    -Clara ❤

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  2. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Too Cute!!!!! *dies a gazillion times over*

    P.S. can you do more dust pixies soon? PLEASE 😀


  3. SOOOO CUUUUTTEEE!!! You should have put a cutness overload disclaimer, I’m going to faint!!! 😛 LOL! Anyway, my favorite picture was the one of Lily where her face looks so squishy!!! AHHH! :D:D:D
    Happy ❤ Valentine's ❤ Day!!! 😀


    1. YESSS! Heh heh, well one of my tags was “EXTREME CUTENESS ALERT”, but I guess most of the time people don’t see the tags. XD Hee hee, I know, she looks adorable there, doesn’t she? XD You too, Livy!


  4. They’re so cute! We had a mini rex named Molly, and she was SO soft. We also have a huge dog and he got into her pen and accidentally sat on her 😦 . It was so sad.

    All your rabbits are adorable, but I think the one picture of Clemmie is my favorite.


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