Christmas Light Photoshoot + Traditions

MERRY ALMOST CHRISTMAS, GUYS! 😀 I thought this would be a good opportunity for the Christmas Traditions post I asked you guys about recently, as well as some photos from a little photoshoot Megan and I did a while ago. Megan already had the lights out so I thought we might as well take some pictures. 😉 The lighting was a bit difficult, but I think some of the pictures turned out pretty neat! So here’s a sampling.

Megan took all the pictures of me and I took all the ones of her. I believe the random bokeh/light pictures are mine as well.

1 (853x1280)
This is one of my favorites of the ones of me. 🙂

#1. December is practically a season of traditions for us because we have so many. At the beginning of December we start listening to Christmas music (NOT BEFORE, AHEM), and put up the Christmas decorations. Nativity scenes, snowmen candle holders, poinsettia table runners, handmade “stick” people… all sorts of things. I especially love to gently unwrap the ceramic Nativity pieces from their fragile brown paper wrappings and stand them up on top of the desk. I can see them if I look up right now.

DSC_4141 (1280x853)


#2. We usually get our Christmas tree the first or second weekend in December. We always cut down a live one, and wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉 It’s a great adventure and we usually end up searching the entire tree farm before we find the perfect one. XD But I think the best part is decorating the tree – pulling out each ornament and hearing its story, and sitting back to enjoy the magical end result when we’re done.


#3. Our grandparents take my siblings and cousins and I to their church play every year. It’s quite fun. This year they had more of a Nativity scene thingy with a choir, which was different but beautiful. And the wise men’s costumes were SO funny – the camel was attached to the suit, and had two little wise men legs sticking out the sides so it looked like they were riding the camels… Ah, it’s hard to explain, but trust me, it was super funny. The audience all laughed. XD

DSC_4066 (1280x853)

#4. Most every year we decorate sugar and gingerbread cookies with our friends. I, of course, love to make mine artistic and take a long time on each one, so I’m not very helpful in getting them all decorated. XD We don’t make that many cookies compared to some people, although we still have plenty of Christmas treats at celebrations and such.

DSC_4158 (853x1280)

#5. The Sunday evening before Christmas, our church always has a Lessons and Carols service where different men from church take turns reading parts of the Christmas story in between the congregation singing Christmas hymns together. And we have a little party with refreshments afterward. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to go to it again this year. ♥

3 (1280x853)

#6. On Christmas Eve we have a fancy, delicious dinner by candlelight, and then open our Christmas pajamas for that year. 😉 We all grab some popcorn and hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. Sometimes we find a house that has a light show synchronized to music and other times we just drive around neighborhoods and random roads, exploring.

DSC_4101 (853x1280)

#7. We’ve always had a ton of different family Christmas celebrations with different parts of our family. On Christmas morning we have a delicious special breakfast, and then open presents youngest to oldest, beside the tree. Christmas is obviously not about presents, but I do think it’s a lovely tradition, though it can easily get overdone. It’s so fun to see the expressions and smiles on your family’s faces when they open your presents and see what they picked out for you. 🙂

DSC_4138 (1280x853)

#8. We always like to drive up the hill to our grandparents’ house on Christmas Day too, after we finish our own Christmas celebration. Our cousins come up the road too and we all have a wondrous time. My grandparents are so, so generous and thoughtful with their gifts and their love, and we have so much fun giving them and each other gifts too. After the floor is covered in wrapping paper, we stop for a scrumptious lunch which always includes crab legs for special. We hardly ever have seafood, plus crab is one of my favorite foods, so ’tis extra delicious. 😛 The rest of the day we try out our new gifts and relax and talk and eat leftovers.

Ahh, Christmas Day is probably my favorite (or pretty close to my favorite) day of the year. 🙂

DSC_4121 (853x1280)

#9. My mom’s side of the family also has a Christmas get together which begins with a delectable feast of a brunch. Then Grandpa reads the Christmas story from his Bible and we exchange gifts. 🙂 After that we (at least the older kids and adults) play all sorts of games together for pretty much the rest of the day – it’s so much fun!

2 (1280x853)
BAHAHAHA Megan has such random ideas. XD XD XD


#10. We ALSO have two Christmas get-togethers with extended family. For my Great Grandma’s Christmas we, again, exchange gifts and have a delicious meal together. They’re all starting to sound rather similar, huh? But there’s always something different and special about each celebration – I guess that’s why we have so many. 😉 And lastly (well it’s first this year, but last in this post) we have an extended family get-together which in which we surprisingly do not exchange gifts (which is probably a good thing, heh heh O.o). But we DO continue the theme of amazing food with fried oysters and steamed shrimp that everyone gathers ’round and eats hot off the trays until we barely have room for the rest of the meal. I… prefer the shrimp. XD Once you take a look at the inside of a oyster, it’s a little hard not to think about it. 😛 Which do you prefer?

4 (893x1280)
Megan was frustrated with the lighter, I believe. O.o


Phew, so there you are. I don’t think I wrote down all of our Christmas traditions, but most of them anyway. 🙂 Traditions are great in general, but I think there’s something extra special about Christmas traditions, don’t you?

DSC_4176 (853x1280)
I love this one too. ♥


I hope you enjoyed this post, dears, and hopefully it put you in the Christmas mood. 🙂 Which of these pictures was your favorites? The traditions? Which of YOUR Christmas traditions are your favorite?

IT’S ONLY FIVE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS, GUYS. We can do this. *determined look* XD



78 thoughts on “Christmas Light Photoshoot + Traditions

  1. Eep! This post got me all excited for Christmas. 🙂 Christmas Day really is one of the best days of the year. So much togetherness with family, so many traditions, and so much of the presence of Christ. Beautiful photos, Allison! Merry Christmas.❤️

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  2. The first picture is my favorite. I love the lights in your hair! Your family sounds kind of like ours, with all the Christmas traditions. We “can’t” listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving too. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you have so many traditions!! You’re so lucky to spend Christmas with practically all of your family, sadly I never have, it’s always just been my mum, brother and I! My family all live everywhere around the world, unfortunately I haven’t met the majority of them because of that!
    But hey, at least I’m with my mum and brother! I’m so thankful for that😊

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    But AHAHAHA Megan 😂 Please tell me she didn’t actually chop her nose off. XD A nose-chopping idea is a little TOO random. XD

    Oh my goodness, I love all the amazing pictures! They’re always so beautiful. I could look at them forever!

    Reading about your Christmas traditions was so much fun! You’re sure to have an awesome Christmas this year!!


    Liked by 1 person


      AHAHAHA I KNOW, RIGHT? XD XD Thankfully, no, her nose is still in its original form.

      Aww, thank you dear! ♥ I love your photography too. 🙂

      Yay, I’m so glad! I hope we do – and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you too! YOU’D BETTER BE READY.

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  5. Ah, I love this time of year. Our family has quite a few traditions as well, and that’s one of my favorite parts of this season. 🙂
    I loved the pictures! I really liked the ones with bokeh and the first picture was very pretty. 🙂

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  6. Wow, I loved hearing about all of your traditions, and I loved the pictures! Megan’s were especially humorous, hehe! 😉 Is she really funny all the time? I loved the idea of the photos, I liked them all! 😀

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Livy! HA HA I know, they were rather amusing. XD Well she’s not that funny *all* the time, but when she’s in the right mood she pretty much is. 😛 And thanks again, dear! Merry Christmas!


  7. So nice! That’s a creative photoshoot idea, too! I think my favorite is×1280.jpg?w=656
    Christmas traditions are, indeed, fun! Two of ours are going to my cousin’s (or Grandparent’s) house on Christmas Eve night; Christmas morning I love to get up early, when it’s still dark, and turn on the Christmas tree lights to look at the presents and how pretty it is.
    About three more days ’til Christmas!! :O :O

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  8. duuuuude this is so weird! i was actually going to do a Christmas light photo shoot with my sister this month but we were never able to get around to it. then just two days ago i scheduled a post to post tomorrow morning about my family’s christmas traditions. so i promise when it posts i wasn’t copying you. but idk why i find that so funny. anyways XD



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  9. You guys are so pretty! Ever since I started choir, I’ve been listening to music in September, but I do have to agree with you on the Christmas tree thing — I can’t imagine having a fake tree. That would ruin EVERYTHING. (Well, maybe not everything. I’m not that superficial. XD)

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  10. Beautiful pictures! It’s really hard to pick a favorite tradition, but I think my favorite of my family’s is either looking at lights on Christmas Eve, or when we get together at Grandparents with our cousins. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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  11. Well, I wanted to comment on this post earlier, but didn’t get around to it…better late than never?
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this post, and looking at the photos. I think it’s great that you have special Christmas service the Sunday evening before Christmas. That sounds really special! The past few years my sister has participated in the Festival of Carols at her school, and I think it’s a great way to begin the Christmas season (they have it at the beginning of December). I meant to send you some videos I took of this year’s, but unfortunately, I didn’t. Are you still listening to Christmas music?
    Your Christmas Eve traditions sound very nice, as well.
    I love Christmas traditions, as well, and one of my favorite things to do on Christmas Day is to open presents and watch other people open presents. I think it’s so fun to see people open the presents you gave them, and also to see what other people gave them. I also like when we eat pie and cookies in the evening while watching our Gaither Christmas Homecoming video. What really makes all these traditions so lovely is that I’m spending time with my family. 🙂


    1. Ha ha, DEFINITELY better late than never. 😉 I quite enjoy your long comments. 😀
      Thanks so much! Yes, it’s great, and special indeed. 🙂 Ooh, the Festival of Carols sounds really neat as well! Aww, that’s alright. 😉 If you find some later, though, I’d be happy to see them! Well… not really. I don’t mind hearing Christmas music right now, but I’m pretty much back to normal music. You?
      Thanks! Yes, I LOVE Christmas traditions! And I agree – it’s one of my favorite traditions as well. Hee hee, that sounds great. And I agree, the traditions just wouldn’t be traditions without family. ♥
      Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Happy New Year!

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      1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my long comments. 🙂
        I still enjoy listening to some Christmas music, if it’s on the internet radio. However, I don’t like hearing Christmas Time’s a Comin’ (if you know what that song is) after Christmas. It doesn’t really fit. 😛
        Happy New Year, Allison! 🙂


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