Easter Walks & Green Truck Rides

Hello friends!

This post is full of happy memories from this Easter weekend. Christ’s resurrection is such a joy-filled, awe-inspiring thing, and I got to experience more of that wonder just being out in God’s beautiful creation with my friends and family. ❤

Read on for a hilarious and memorable green truck ride with cousins, fluffy spring trees, and peaceful golden hour mountainscapes. Enjoy!

featured image 269

We celebrated Easter with Dad’s side of the family on Saturday. After a delicious supper, we all went outside to look at new baby bunnies (post coming soon!) and Nellie the goat. Then the cousins, siblings, and fiancés decided to go on a ride around the farm in Dad’s vintage Chevy truck. IT WAS AMAZING. And very, very windy, as you can tell.


This picture takes my breath away. The fields were so gorgeous at golden hour!


Maggie started out riding in the back with us, but then she got off and raced behind. The poor pup is getting on in years so she can’t keep up as well as she used to. We shouted encouragement and praise to help her out. 🙂

collage 8

AHH. SO PRETTY. And so fun! Bare feet (or flip flops), tailgates, rye fields, and spring breeze. ❤ Also occasional truck stalling. We had to all push the truck to get it started the first time, but it started itself the rest of the times, phew.

collage 9

One more warm farm landscape. The rye is getting so tall!


We started out with Jeff driving and all the rest of us in the back. Then we realized that all of us except Carmen are 16+ and could legally ride into town on the back of the truck. 😀 So Logan drove along with Chessie (his fiancee) and Carmen, while everyone else got their flip-flops, hair ties, purses, or jackets and rode in the back.

collage 4

GUYS, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. Seriously one of my favorite memories from this year! Sully belted out an Easter hymn/song for us, Jianna produced a box of fruit snacks out of thin air, we waved at everyone we passed, howled at the full moon, and decided to stop at Dollar Tree in the little town nearby. There happened to be a sheriff sitting outside which made us all rather nervous, even though we’d looked it up and it was indeed legal for us to be riding in the back of the truck. But he didn’t arrest us, so yay! Sully bought Klondike bars and Chick-O-Sticks candy for everyone to share, Megan bought bubbles for us to blow on the way back, and we all laughed quite a lot. Good times.


We celebrated Easter with my mom’s side of the family on Sunday after church. My aunt and uncle had two beauteous spring trees in their front yard. The trees are mostly done blooming here and are getting green, so it was a treat to still find blooms like this.

collage 6

These fluffy cherry blossoms brought back memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s cherry tree we used to climb in the spring. The blooms are so delightfully soft and delicate!


I wasn’t the only one taking pictures, hehe.

collage 5

After another extremely delicious meal, some of us went on a walk out to a covered bridge on the neighbors’ land. But first we had to stop by a turkey statue where Megan made a new friend. 😀

collage 1

It was rather chilly, but otherwise another beautiful day for a walk.


The mountains! Ah, every time we go back, they make my heart happy. ❤

collage 7

What serene, beautiful scenery. ❤

collage 2

I love this picture! It looks like a painting, doesn’t it?


AND THIS ONE. Ah, I made it my laptop homescreen background because it’s just so prettyyyyyy.


We finally made it to the covered bridge! It’s a neat place. We wandered around, inspected the old wood, and headed back.


On the walk back, I made sure to take pictures of a little creek and cows for Sully, who was spending Easter with his family and couldn’t come. Look at the pretty sunset! ❤ My ears were about numb with cold by the time we got back, but it was worth it. What a lovely walk!

collage 3

Ah, I hope this post made you as happy to read as it made me to write. I’m starting to kinda like phone photography. In the past I would never have made a post with only phone photos, but put them through Lightroom mobile and hey, they’re not bad! I’m glad I got to share them with you guys. 🙂

Did you do anything for Easter? Which of these photos were your favorite? 

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Google Pixel phone and edited with Lightroom.

28 thoughts on “Easter Walks & Green Truck Rides

  1. Reading your recap of that country truck drive just made me feel so content. The pictures are gorgeous, and you wrote about it so well. I love how the simple moments of life are the absolute best!!


  2. So beautiful! I loved the vintage-looking truck ride pictures, and the magnolia photos reminded me of a tree where we used to live. Magnolia trees are just so gorgeous!
    Also, I don’t know if you ever do photography blog tags/would be interested in doing one, but I just posted one on my blog and tagged you. 😀 (I figured I should stick that here because you will probably never see it otherwise. XD) I love your photography!


    1. Thanks so much! Ah yes, magnolia trees are indeed gorgeous.
      Aww, thanks! I don’t really do tags on my blog but I always feel honored when people tag me, so thank you. I appreciate it. 🙂


  3. Yeah it does look like it eas very windy but everyone looks like they had fun. All the pictures of the fields look very gorgeous with the rays of sunlight✨. Logan and Chessie are engaged😯!!! Congratulations to them🎉🎉.
    The blooms are so, so, so pretty 🤩!!!! Especially the white ones✨. Beautiful scenery indeed. It does look like a very well done painting🌚. I celebrated easter with my family at church then at home. It was realky chilly here too🌨.
    As always all these pictures are really pretty✨.


    1. Yes, we still had fun despite the wind. YESSS, I’m so happy for Chessie and Logan!
      Indeed, it was all so beautiful. That sounds like you had a lovely Easter! Too bad it was chilly though…
      Thanks for the comment, Sabrina!


      1. That’s good. Please pass my congratulations and well wishes to them🌈.
        Yeah but then again, staying indoors with the heater warming up the whole house was nice🌚.
        It was and always is a pleasure Allison🌼.


  4. Nice photos from your outing, It looks like the spring weather is more advanced in your neck of the woods than it is here. I really like your Apple Blossoms photos, and the Covered Bridge. Western Quebec has quite a few Covered Bridges left. I haven’t seen too many of them, but the town of Wakefield, north of Ottawa, has a very famous one.


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