Honeymoon Pictures Pt. 1 {Palm Trees & Disney Springs}

Hello friends!

Sully and I had a wonderful honeymoon at his family’s favorite Florida vacation spots – Vero Beach for a few nights and Saratoga Springs for a couple more. We had such a fun time enjoying the beach, playing mini golf, eating good food, and exploring Disney Springs. I took so many pictures of the beach when we went to see an ocean sunrise that I’ll have to make a separate post for those. Meanwhile, here are a few of the pictures I took of pretty Florida scenery and some of our vacation adventures. Enjoy!

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Our wedding party decorated Sully’s car before we left the wedding – balloons, streamers, an empty pinata (??), and a LOT of marker-writing on the outside. We kept it on for most of the long drive to Florida, but then Sully washed it off at a gas station because it was starting to get annoying. They had written “honk 4 a kiss” over the windows and some people actually did honk at us, haha!

collage 10

Since Florida was about a 13 hour drive from our house, we stopped at just a normal hotel not too far away the night after the wedding. We drove the rest of the way on Monday and finally reached Vero Beach. Isn’t this so beautiful?


Sully’s family has vacationed here before and loved it, so he was excited to show me around. I was very awed because I’d never been to a resort before and everything was so fancy, help. The hotel we stayed at had a big pool out back with this big water slide, which we sadly didn’t end up trying. :/

collage 1

We did play some mini golf beside the pool though! I had forgotten how fun mini golf was. But Sully beat me. *sigh*


Other than going to the ocean and finding places to eat out occasionally, we also hung out at the resort, enjoying the cafes and hammocks and exploring the place.

collage 2

I was skeptical about Disney Resorts; they sounded annoyingly cartoon-filled. But actually they were mostly pretty subtle with the branding – for instance, these small Mickey Mouses on the fences. I approved of their tastefulness.

collage 6

Some pictures of Sully being cute. 🙂 I got SUPER sunburned at the beach (but of course -_-), so Sully offered to carry my purse and camera around for me because he’s a sweetheart. The second picture is him being very happy as we were waiting for our meal to come.

collage 16

Speaking of meals, we got to try some delicious dishes on the honeymoon. This was one of our favorites, partly because of how aesthetic it looked. Yum, seafood.


After three days in Vero Beach, we drove to another similar resort at Saratoga Springs for about two days. On Friday we explored Disney Springs, which I’d also never been to. We walked from our resort to a ferry that took us over the water. The top picture is a pretty buildings I saw on the way.

collage 8

Sully’s favorite store. 😉 We didn’t go in because the line was ridiculously long, but we enjoyed the impressive Lego statues scattered around outside.

collage 3

I’m not really a Lego person, but these were really neat! It must have taken forever to build them.


There was also a giant statue made out of Tinkertoys – which I did play with as a kid. Another store Sully wanted to show me was a soap and bath bomb store. He’d visited here with his family when we were still dating and brought home some pretty bath bombs as a souveneir for me 🙂

collage 5

We stopped for lunch at a nice burger place with this beautiful little river outside it.


Sully got very into styling the food for pictures whenever it was photograph-worthy. It made me happy. The second picture is from Starbucks where we went to cool down because it was incredibly hot outside.

collage 4

After we were finished looking around Disney Springs, Sully set out on a mission to show me all the free forms of transportation around Disney Springs/Disney World/Disney Resorts. It took a lot of strategy and planning to align all the stops, let me tell you! We started by taking a ferry through the Old Key West resort. So pretty with the pastel pinks and blues.

collage 9

Being an artist, one of my favorite parts of the day was finding so many delicious and unexpected color combinations all around. The buildings were beautifully colorful and beachy on the outside. I was so happy.

collage 11

Sully also showed me the Swan and Dolphin hotels which were… jaw-dropping. (Can you tell my family usually goes on road trips and nature-y vacations instead of places like these??)


Look at this beautiful courtyard in the Swan Hotel! And again with the colors. Why paint something gray or beige when you can do teal and rusty orange?

collage 13

More honeymoon food! The pizza was from Giordano’s, which is not in Disney Springs but was quite tasty. Sully and I shared pretty much every meal we got on the honeymoon. Despite that, we had so many leftovers from the pizza, good grief. Not with the strawberry ice cream cone we got on Boardwalk though! Beaches & Cream ice cream is delicious. *nods*

collage 14

Oh yes, back to the transportation. I think the gondolas/sky lifts were the most fun because (surprise surprise) I’d never been on one before. It was like a mini airplane ride! Happiness. 🙂

collage 15

I loved seeing the various resorts from the gondolas. This Jamaican resort was one of the prettiest in my opinion. I was fascinated by how thoroughly unique and themed each resort was.


We’ll end the post with a cute selfie featuring a power-washer guy photobombing in the background. It made us laugh so hard, but then I blurred the background so he wasn’t as distracting. :’D Anyway, can you tell we were having a good time? So many smiles. ❤


Ah, lots of good memories and fun adventures. I hope you guys enjoyed this travel post of sorts! I can’t wait to post beautiful ocean pictures from the sunrise on the beach, but you’ll have to come back next week for that. 😉

Which pictures were your favorite? Have you ever been to the Disney Springs area?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


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44 thoughts on “Honeymoon Pictures Pt. 1 {Palm Trees & Disney Springs}

  1. All the photos were so beautifully taken, but I like the ones of the resort the best. Especially the ones with the green(cos I’m a very nature~y typa person😁)


  2. So fun!!! All these foodie pics have me feeling hungry! 🙂 I’ve been to Disney YEARS ago, but we’re visiting soon’ish with my kids (for the first time). This all made me that much more excited to go. 🙂
    I cannot wait to see your ocean pictures, as I know they’re going to be BEAUTIFUL!


  3. Wow, I didn’t know Florida was so artistic! 😂 When we were there, we visited the beach (Pensacola) and visited all the free stuff. I love the food pictures! What lens did you use? (I’m trying to find out what lens works best for food photography.) 😀


    1. Haha well thanks! XD Visiting free stuff is a lot of fun, hehe. I used my old Nikon D3400 and a 50mm lens for some of the food pictures (like the burger and fries), and just my phone for the rest, sometimes on Portrait mode (like the ice cream).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I honestly thought that people just ignore requests like that – surprised that people actually honked😂.
    It is beautiful. Especially the greenery🌚.
    Hey, at least you saw the waterslide right? Who knows – God willingly, you might even go there again to celebrate an anniversary or on vacation in the future🌚✨.
    It was quite smart to include that little bit of branding in the fence hey🦋.
    Those Lego statues are really cool. It really is awesome how different things can be made out of those Legos. I’ve even seen a replica of a Ferrari built out of legos! Crazy part – it drove itself!
    The river is stunning – I love the colors in that picture🌚.
    Nature is beautiful yes, but those resorts are indeed jaw dropping 🤩👌🏼.
    I’ve never been on a plane or sky lift, but those sky lift rides look like they’d be fun to try (unlike a plane😂).
    It really is evident that you guys were having a good time. Both the different beautiful sceneries in the post and the selfie at the end gives it away😉🎉.


    1. Haha I know right?? It was so funny.
      Yesss greenery!
      You’re right! I hope we get to go back sometime. And we actually went to another fun waterslide in a different pool so it’s all good. 🙂
      Yeah it was cute!
      It really is crazy what all can be built from Legos. Goodness gracious, that’s amazing!
      I love the colors of the river too.
      Haha yeah, the lifts are less stressful than a plane I bet.
      We really did have a lovely time. ❤️ Thanks for reading about it and leaving such a nice comment, dear!


      1. Oh OK that sounds fun. I’ve given up so many opportunities to go on a waterslide😂. I just couldn’t stand the lines. But one day🌚.
        Right? My brother loves legos and is always coming up with new things to build. It is indeed amazing!
        It’s always a pleasure💖. Thanks for sharing your fun with us🌼.


  5. Thank you for sharing your adventure! I would not survive Disneyworld in the summer! 🥵 I stayed at the Swan hotel for a work seminar a few years back. It was awesome! I stayed 3 extra days and went to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. All on my own. It was strange but wonderful! (Afterwards I think my husband wished he’d flown over to join me 😊). I decided to pay for the photo package, so I got my photo taken with EVERYONE! So I have loads of myself with a variety of Disney characters. 😁 I will say, it’s more fun with a loved one! …but I’m so glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity! …your adventures sound amazing!


    1. Well thank you for reading about it! Haha yeah, it was pretty hot… Whoa really?? That’s so neat! What a memorable and special trip, although yes, I’m sure it would be more fun to go with someone. Yes, we had a lot of fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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