Etcetera #21 {High Bridges, Beach Trips, Sunflowers & Pumpkins}

Hello friends!

It’s time for the last Etcetera post of the year to wrap up all my warm-weather adventures before the Christmas season starts. I have so many pictures to share with you guys! I went on many small adventures these past few months – a fall festival, trips to the art museum and the beach, and beautiful walks through town and country.

Enjoy some of my favorite random unshared photos from the past few months. 🙂

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portrait photography

We’ll start things off with some action photography from our friends’ Fall Fest. The wood-splitting competition was intense. The truck window may or may not have taken a hit… :[] The second picture features some cute spectators.


Megan in her natural habitat: her yellow studio couch and mismatching socks. I took this when we were getting ready for Chessie’s wedding, actually! And the second is from a family drive one summer’s night.


Also from getting ready for Chessie’s wedding. Jianna provided the early morning entertainment.


Sully and I visited an art museum recently (so beautiful!) and when I saw this beautiful passion flower vine outside, I had to make some art of my own. Here’s Sully pretending to be a serious model in a painting like the ones we’d just seen.


Another wedding-related portrait. Sully and I and our friend Lydia went back to the house to collect all the makeup and stuff and… I might have asked Sully if I could test some on him. We laughed so hard; he’s such a good sport. He put that daisy behind his ear himself though, hehe. Second picture is a random selfie with some pretty bedroom light. 🙂


Two adorable photos of “Bean” from the Fall Fest to end this section. He had a good day, haha.


autumn hikes

After visiting the art museum, Sully took me to one of his favorite paths along the river. It was beautiful in the golden hour light with the last fall leaves on the trees.


A random bamboo forest popped up along the path and made for a stunning location for more Sully pictures.


Some siblings + siblings-in-law got together to hike a local trail that crosses a super tall bridge with a beautiful view. The Virginia Creeper vines on the pillars were glowing red.


Looking up at the bridge from the trail below, and down from the bridge at the river running underneath it.


The fall colors were stunning; pictures certainly don’t do this justice. Sully does give a pretty good idea of how big the bridge was though.



The soybean fields at my family’s farm were more brilliantly yellow this fall than I’ve ever seen before. Kinda crazy to see the ground covered in that much color.


I drove to work through the fog one day and the farm was covered in mist. So eerily beautiful. I like the similar hauntingly quiet vibe the second photo has. I just randomly took it out the window of the car as we passed a huge tree hiding a house behind it.


A few nighttime shots of our little town.


A few out-the-car-window landscapes from where I grew up. ❤


The sky and light were striking that day and made everything look lush and gorgeous.


More lovely skies. ❤


The left tree is in our yard and the right is by my Dad’s shop.


a trip to the beach

Back in September we planned a trip to the beach with the Buffalos. To make a long story short, the Buffalo Group refers to a group of my siblings and siblings-in-law who hang out a lot together. See the picture below for reference.


So anyway, we had a good time scouting out a parking spot, trying not to fall down in the cold ocean waves, eating snacks, and playing with sand. Mostly making sandcastles and burying Jeff.


The sandcastles were honestly quite impressive. We split into two teams of boys and girls, and according to the strangers we asked to judge the competition, the boys won. :/ Which was fair. Theirs is on the left and the girls’ is on the right.


By the time we left the sky was getting dark and cloudy, which made for some neat pictures.


nature photography

Dad planted a few sunflowers along the lane again this year. Such cheery flowers!


Other bits of nature found in the sunflower field. Look at the weirdly shiny mushroom!


I know foxtails are such ordinary subjects… but I couldn’t take these shots out. I aways find backlit foxtails really pretty.


A couple of random nature shots from a walk. Weeds are quite interesting, don’t you agree?


I noticed one day that some of my mom’s flowers had interesting little berries on them. I took the second picture as Sully and I were exploring a path through our town the other day at golden hour.


More town nature shots. The gingko trees this year were phenomenal. They always take my breath away. So vividly yellow and such interestingly-shaped leaves!


Some woodsy bits and pieces from the walk through town.


A few phone pictures of raindrops because… you know me! I kept stepping over this leaf on the way outside one rainy week and gasping at the beauty of the silver droplets.



Starting the last category off strong with TWO ADORABLE PUPPIES. Our sweet neighbor (who moved now, sadness) brought over a puppy she was taking care of to brighten our day. And my siblings brought Pepper to a movie night at Chessie and Logan’s so everyone could admire her cuteness.


I smile every time I encounter llamas on hay deliveries. They’re inherently amusing creatures. The little katydid was patiently waiting on the hood of someone’s car at my church’s women’s retreat.


The warm glow of the stove light fascinates me. I had to take a picture of how it looked from outside and from inside. There’s something so cozy and domestic and vintage-aesthetic about it.


A front porch shot from back in summer when my herbs and flowers weren’t dead from the cold. 😦 Also the cute little blue birdhouse on our maple tree.


Sully and I found some unusual masterpieces on our walk after the art museum. Which is your favorite? Garbage can painting or plein air graffiti?


We’ll end with a bunch of cuteness. I entertained one of my nephews by giving him fall leaves which he meticulously arranged on the floor of his playpen. Adorable. ❤ I got this very festive fall shot thanks to Muggy, my sister-in-law’s cat, and the beautiful pumpkins on Sully’s family’s porch.


Phew, that was a lot of photos! And that was after I took a bunch out. Too many photos to keep track of. Ah well, that’s why I like sharing them here instead of on Instagram. I can look back on these long posts as scrapbook pages. And hopefully you guys enjoy browsing the pretty pictures as well. 🙂

Which category was your favorite?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!



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