Etcetera #10

Hello, dears!

Yayyy, I’m so excited for this etcetera post! I made the last one in September, so I have a BUNCH of random photos to catch up on, with subjects ranging from flowers and fall leaves to self-portraits and donkeys. πŸ™‚

A heap of random pretty photos coming your way in 3… 2… 1!

Let’s go!

featured image 141


We shall begin with one of my favorite types of photography. Somehow I always find myself drawn to the small details of nature like flowers and leaves; the colors and textures and intricacies of nature fascinate me.

Ahem. So, we planted a bunch of lavender in the front of our house this year, and it started blooming! Lavender is one of my favorite flowers/herbs because 1) it’s purple, my favorite color, 2) it smells amazing 3) I love the way the foliage looks minty and soft from far away.

etcetera 10 (6)

Did you know magnolia trees grow these beautiful red berries? The flowers turn to seed pods which grow berries which eventually fall off and the cycle starts over. I never realized magnolia trees were so complex until we had one in our yard!

etcetera 10 (7)

OOOH THE BOKEH. I’m pleased that this photo conveys something of the crisp, glitteringly cold morning I took it on.

etcetera 10 (5)

There’s something so awe-inspiring about staring up at a tree from this angle, don’t you think? Especially in the fall.

etcetera 10 (9)

I picked up this perfect fall leaf outside a Cracker Barrel. πŸ™‚ Fall colors and rain go well together.

etcetera 10 (34)

Ahhh, I love the warm glow of this one! It is now my desktop background. The colors look like late fall to me.

etcetera 10 (45)

Now, rewind for a moment and let’s go back to September, before we got frost and when we still had flowers. πŸ™‚ Morning glories tried their hardest to overtake our garden this year and were partially successful. But… I must admit, they are GORGEOUS in the early morning, especially this patch, which in real life looked like a carpet of purple from the right angle.

etcetera 10 (43)

I like this picture quite a lot. The muted blacks and brilliant purples and greens… ahh, so pretty.

etcetera 10 (4)

Light, or the way it interacts with subjects, is one of my favorite things to capture with my camera. How can a glowing morning glory not brighten your day??

etcetera 10 (15)

Portraits & Pets

EEEYOREEEE! Megan’s donkey is still doing well! And her ears are as cute as ever. πŸ™‚

etcetera 10 (40)

So fuzzyyyy! I’m going to take more pictures of Eeyore soon, so stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

etcetera 10 (42)

Jinx does not look impressed, but that’s normal for him. XD I like casual slice-of-life photography like this where the background isn’t stylized or fixed up.

etcetera 10 (32)

Now for some self-portraits! I took these first few months ago, but the photoshoot wasn’t overly successful so I didn’t do a whole post about it. Here are a few decent ones. πŸ™‚

This is one of my favorite photography spots on our farm – the lighting is so pretty and you get such a sense of size and grandeur when the subject stands on the path under this big oak tree.

etcetera 10 (20)

One of my favorite types of self-portraits are the ones where I’m inhabiting a landscape. You can’t see many details of my face or clothes, but the “tiny human” aspect adds interest to the landscape while the landscape gives purpose and atmosphere to the subject.

etcetera 10 (21)

I really like this idea, but GAHHH it was so, so hard to get it to work! I had my camera set up on a tripod quite a ways away, so I had to race up the hill to this fallen tree which was higher off the ground than it looks. So… yeah, I didn’t get a lot of good ones, even thoughΒ IΒ look relaxed here. πŸ˜‰

etcetera 10 (16)

Lastly, a picture in the soybean field. I couldn’t shield the camera with my hand so everything was a bit hazier than I wished, but I still love the golden glow of the picture!

etcetera 10 (17)

Farm Landscapes

Aha, the soybean field makes a good transition into the next category. Ordinarily, mature soybeans look rather ugly and dead, but I love the way they look at golden hour!

etcetera 10 (39)

LOOK! A rainbow sunflare in the corner!

etcetera 10 (18)

While we’re on the subject of sunflares, have another one. So prettyyy.

etcetera 10 (38)

Fun fact: I took this picture with the “auto” setting on my DSLR instead of the manual mode! O.o I NEVER use Auto, but I found it works better for complicated lighting where half of the picture is dark and half is light, like the sky vs. the ground here. I took some shots in both modes just in case. πŸ˜‰

etcetera 10 (44)

This was on Manual Mode, I think. See how the sky is washed out? I’ll have to experiment with it again. But other than a few exceptions like this, I truly do recommend using manual because you have SO much more control and, well, you’re smarter than a camera, so you can override its opinions this way.

etcetera 10 (1)

I forget why I had my camera in the car, but… OH YEAH. This was after a church event which I’ll refer to again in the “Etcetera” section. Anyway, I had to get a picture of the fall light! Now the leaves are almost gone… *sniff*

etcetera 10 (12)

*choir sings* AHHH I LOVE THIS. The mix of a common, weathered barn, organically shaped walnut tree, and ethereal lighting makes for a magical photo, in my opinion. Like I said, I get excited about light. XD

etcetera 10 (13)

This isn’t really a landscape, but it IS a farm picture! πŸ˜‰ Meet our old Allis Chalmers tractor. I always liked it when I was little because “Allis” sounded like Allison. πŸ˜›

etcetera 10 (41)

Oooohh I like this one. I kind of have a weakness for moon pictures – almost any photo with a moon in it is bound to be pretty to me. XD

etcetera 10 (19)


Now for more moon pictures! I cropped the above photo into this one since I really liked the composition of the tree with the moon.

etcetera 10 (19).2

Alright, so I spent WAY too long editing this one but I love how it turned out! XD I think I’m going to make this my phone wallpaper now since my current one is too busy. You guys are welcome to use my photos as wallpapers – just don’t, like, pass them off as your own or repost them without giving me credit, ‘kay? No plagiarizing allowed. *wags finger*


etcetera 10 (3).2

So much for the moon. Now for a bunch of sunset pictures!Β Look at all those pink fluffs! Also, I edited these photos in a similar style to Clara’s amazing daily sunset photos on Instagram. *heart eyes* Definitely give her a follow @claraandcophoto and check out her stories for the latest sunset! πŸ˜€

etcetera 10 (22)

A more pastel version… You can’t tell super well in the photos, but the special part of this sunset was all the fog below it! It was breathtaking in real life.

etcetera 10 (30)

We’ll end this section with one of my favorites from that sunset. So. Beautiful.

etcetera 10 (29)


Yayyy, time for my favorite category! I’ll start with this rainy windshield picture because ahh, I just love the aesthetic of these photos, don’t you? They convey the feeling of a rainy day so well.

etcetera 10 (36)

Now for some Reformation Day pictures! I go to a PCA church, which means we believe the reformed Protestant doctrines are the best interpretation of Scripture. I’d be more than happy to talk theology in comments or emails later, but it would take too long to talk about in a paragraph, so… yeah. πŸ˜‰ We celebrated the 502nd anniversary of Reformation Day by having kind of a mini VBS with our church, full of fun activities where kids could experience the life of Martin Luther.


Part of the booth for “nailing” the 95 theses to a door:


BAHAHA. Okay, so I was the “portrait painter,” a.k.a photographer, for the photo booth and the event in general and OH MY. I had SO much fun getting pictures of cute kids in adorable costumes – and some of the bigger kids (and our pastor!) dressed up too! XD XD I wish I could show you all the adorable/hilarious/fun pictures I got from that day, but since they involve lots of people I didn’t ask photo-posting permission of, I’m just going to leave you with my brother modeling a smashing dragon costume. :’D


Oh dear. :’D Ahem. Now for another photo I really like: an icy bucket from the housesitting weekend. I adore all the textures in this photo! Also I really like how I edited it, with a faded sort of filter that makes things look soft and serene.

etcetera 10 (11)

I kept this photo more bright and contrast-y so you could see the ice patterns clearly. Aren’t they INCREDIBLE? :O And which editing style do you like better – this one or the last?

etcetera 10 (46)

IT’S A FUZZY BLOB. This leaf gall was one of the weirdest things ever. The colors of the original picture were kind of bleh so I made it B&W, but the gall was light orange and super soft. I’m not sure if was a cocoon or larvae shell or what, but it was STRANGE.

etcetera 10 (10)

Heh heh, just for fun: FOOD. I got to go on a women’s retreat hosted by my church in October, and it was AMAZING. I had such a good time learning and worshiping with my sisters in Christ; singing, dancing, playing games, and eating WAY too much food. They served delicious buffet-style meals at the retreat center, plus all the ladies brought snacks. And this isn’t even all of them – they overflowed the table onto the windowsills, an armchair, and the piano to the left of the picture. *shakes head* Good times. πŸ™‚

etcetera 10 (33)

Last picture for the day! How are colored pencils so photogenic? I mean, put them on a white background by a window and voila! You have a beautiful picture. Pictures of colorful art supplies make me happy. πŸ™‚ (Also another art post is coming soon!)

etcetera 10 (2)

*happy sigh* That was quite fun to make. I hope you enjoyed reading it as well, my friends!

What photo/category was your favorite? Do you prefer more natural photos or aesthetically edited ones? Are you a night sky or day sky person?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Photos taken with my Nikon D3400. Edited with


25 thoughts on “Etcetera #10

  1. YAYAYAYAY!!!! These are all AWESOME! That lavender is gorgeous!! ❀ Man. Y'all's trees are so fall-is!! *heart eyes* Our tree's are still green! XD Ahhh! Morning glories are SO. PRETTY. EEYORE!!! I would LOVE more Eeyore pictures. πŸ˜› She is just so adorable! ❀ Those portraits are SO COOL!!! πŸ˜€ I love the one were you are laying on the tree!! Those sun flare pictures are so warm and cozy and well amazing!! ❀ That edited moon picture is SO COOL!! I may need to steal it for my phone background! I really love those ice in the bucket pictures! They are so crisp and winter-y!! THAT SNACK TABLE LOOKS AMAZING. *heart eyes* Awesome post!! πŸ˜€

    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚


    1. THANK YOUUU! Ahh, isn’t it, though? Hee hee! WHAT? Your trees are still green? O.o Wow, most of the leaves are off of ours by now! I knooow, I AGREE. Aww, thanks! I love sun flare pictures too. πŸ™‚ Hee hee, well SURE. Me toooo! YES THE SNACKS WERE AMAZING. Ahh, thank you so so much for the lovely comment!

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