Art Lab, Episode 19: Galaxy Art


Hi, guys! Welcome back to Art Lab.

I’m so excited for today’s “art lesson” on how to draw galaxies! I learned this from the lovely video down below which was made by a teenage artist named Sydney Nielsen. She is super good at drawing!

Art Inspiration:

Ahh, so pretty. 🙂 I decided to use a slightly different technique but with the same idea for today’s art.

I started with a black paper, so it would blend in with the rest of the drawing better, but you could definitely use white if you want. I also wanted to try using oil pastels instead of colored pencils, and it turned out very well! So just a note: whenever I say “oil pastels” in this tutorial, you can also use colored pencils like she showed in the video.

Let’s get started!

You will need the following:

  • paper, blank envelope, or ATC
  • oil pastels (or colored pencils – the higher quality ones like Prismacolor work best for blending)
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • white gel pen (optional)

1. Like the video showed, I started with light colors and gradually blended in the darker shades. I used the pink and blue combination because 1.) it looked so pretty when Sydney used them and 2.) there were several shades of each in my oil pastel box. XD

Blech, what terrible picture quality. XD


2. Next I drew in the white sparkle stars. I think this is what makes the piece really special and space-y. 🙂


3. Almost done! Just need to finish the stars yet. Get out your white acrylic paint and start splattering. It works best to get your brush a little wet before splattering the paint, but you don’t have to. Do NOT do this step on your mom’s favorite fuzzy rug or in your best Sunday clothes. Trust me, that will not end well. XD

If you want, add a few more sparkle stars with a white gel pen. I like to do this because they stand out more than the pastel or colored pencil stars do. And you’re done!


Isn’t it pretty?
I hope you enjoyed this episode of Art Lab, dear readers. 😀 Have fun! And like always, if you make some art inspired by this post and would like to share it with us, we’d be delighted to see it! Get the details on how to send to us here, over at The Art Lab blog.



53 thoughts on “Art Lab, Episode 19: Galaxy Art

            1. Yeah, it’s really fun! We don’t trade every time, but occasionally, when we all remember to bring our cards. 😉 Have you seen Hayley’s ATC trade? When she does another one, maybe we can trade with each other!

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  1. Hey good job!! 😀 And TYSM for sharing such an awesome video. I always used to think that galaxy artworks were very complex and difficult to do. But it actually is kinda easy. I’ll definitely try to do one for my upcoming posts ^_^


      1. Hahaha yeah I remember coming across TYSM when I was using Deviantart for the first time and googling for its meaning and then I myself started using it to keep things short and simple 😛 Now you can use it too ^_^


  2. Beautiful! I loved it! You did a great job! 😉 I love your art episodes, they’re always so unique and interesting!

    Are you participating in Megan’s BIBPC?? I am! 😀


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it!
      Actually I’m not this time – it was fun the times I did it, but it tends to get a little crazy blog-wise when I do challenges. (Like, I basically only have time to post the challenge entries and not much else. 😉 )


  3. Nice! Thanks for sharing! Have you heard of Professor Clara Lieu is offering free advice and art courses, and basically a great deal of art education, at no charge. She is a very inspiring and talented artist. There’s a link on my blog, the top post or two. I thought I’d let you know. It’s really fun. There are “art dares” every month and the winner receives a prize, I think a critique of their artwork. She is an adjunct art professor in Rhode Island. I just found out about her site and started myself. It just launched last week. Glad I found you! I just imported my old blog and hope to get it revamped soon. I love art, and am sure I could learn from you!

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